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Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #17: We found 10 more items to get rid of!

Every week day in May, I’m challenging my readers to try to find at least 7 things to get rid of. These can be big or small things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you actually throw them out, sell them, donate them, recycle them, or find someone else who can use them. Think you’re up for the challenge?

I’m still digging over here and still finding things every day — even though it seems like I’m getting to the bottom of the barrel. One of my friends jokingly offered to drop some of her items off on my driveway if I run out of things to get rid of. 🙂

Today I found some lids in the garage that we no longer had the bottoms to, two kids’ books, a pair of shoes that Silas outgrew, and a part of a broken hanger.

How did your clutter-busting go today? Link up your blog post and/or Instagram pictures below. Or, leave a comment telling us how many things you got rid of. Let’s clear our homes of clutter so we can be more productive and efficient!

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  • Anna says:

    I threw out a whole garbage bag of junk today. All sorts of odds and ends, GONE. Yay!

  • Maia says:

    Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who ends up with bin tops and no bins. How does that keep happening!? I managed to clear 7 things from the basement today, it’s starting to look ok down there!

  • Jessica says:

    May 22:

    Compost- bag of trail mix from grandma & grandpa that my kids didn’t like… tossed it out for the squirrels

    Donate- 2 bags of sewing notions, including about 200 spools of thread; crochet hook; bag of beads; bag of buttons; pair of scissors; 3-drawer craft supply storage unit of about 1 cubic foot

    Toss- small bits of things from a craft drawer

    Give away- bag of embroidery supplies for sister-in-law, 2 boxes of granola bars we didn’t like

    Recycle- packaging from 3 crochet hooks

  • I amazingly am still finding things to get rid of too. I do not know where all this stuff comes from but I feel so light knowing that everything in my house is something we use.

  • Challice says:

    I LOVE Madeline.

    “In an old house in Paris, that was covered in vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines. In two straight lines they broke their bread and brushed their teeth and went to bed. They smiled at the good and frowned at the bad and sometimes they were very sad. They left the house at half past nine, in two straight lines. In rain or shine. The smallest one was Madeline. She was not afraid of mice, she loved winter snow and ice. To the Tiger in the zoo, Madeline just said, “Oh you!” (Mommy edited ;)) and no one knew so well how to frighten Miss Clevel until the day she slipped and fell. Poor Madeline would soon be dead but for a dog that kept its head.”

    And I can’t remember anymore. LOL

  • I have a large trash bag of stuff on its way to Goodwill. 🙂 Last week I took a truck load of stuff! I mean toss it into hubby’s truck and he has to tie it down. AWESOME! I am enjoying the challenge. I doubt I will EVER get to your status Crystal. I have way too much stuff. I think I could get rid of HALF my stuff and still need to get rid of MORE.

  • My bins and your lids should get together 🙂

  • cheranne says:

    Today I donated 2 pair of shoes, 2 baby blankets, a pair of capris, and a decorative pillow. I threw out some packaging from items I had purchased online (saved since Christmas “just in case” i had to return them!) I definitely have the pack rat gene, but hoping to change it to a recessive one soon!

    • Linda says:

      I, too, discovered packaging (flattened boxes & bags) from online purchases over 2 years old, which I’d also been saving just in case I needed to return them… :0 Soo embarrassing!

      Obviously, I need to check those hidden spaces (behind the dresser, sofa, etc.) a lot more often.

  • Victoria says:

    Ah yes the pile of tops with no bins. We have one like that in our attic now that I think of it..hmm… might be part of my weekend 21 items.

  • Carla says:

    2 sachets that completely lost their scents- trash
    Top to a disposable plastic container- trash
    Magazine- recycle bin
    2 chairs from the garage that had mouse droppings on them- trash – Gross!
    Pair of work gloves from the garage with mouse droppings on them- Gross!

    I am not done yet!

  • marie says:

    I am having a garage sale today and it’s been a huge success. It feels so good to generate some income while purging years of children’s stuff!!! And reclaiming our basement.

  • Shelly says:

    For today’s clutter busting, we continued working on my daughter’s dresser. We found two pairs of jean, two pairs of shorts and lots of socks with holes in them.

  • jennifer says:

    I got rid of a handmade glass button and bead that had been sitting in my makeup drawer for four years. Someone gave them to me as a thank you but I’m not a crafter and didn’t know what to do with them so I gave them to a lady I work with who is a serious crafter who has a booth at fairs and such.
    I got rid of another baby boy dress shirt, a half used jar of body scrub that had been sitting for a long time and smelled funny (I can’t believe I’m sharing this), two caps for bottles of perfume that have long since disappeared and a couple bagfuls of paperbacks, donated to the library.

  • FMR says:

    I would have to get rid of way more than 7 items a day to have to actually search for items to eliminate!
    Today’s list:
    Pair of shorts that are way too big (Thank you Weight Watchers)
    3 sheets that do not have matches and are so full of pills that they are uncomfortable
    the remains of neon orange T shirts I cut up for costumes for a school play
    plastic bags for make-up brushes that are now stored upright in a pretty, antique jar

  • Brenda Privett says:

    I have been in a funk recently due to my husbands health issues. My young neighbor wanted to know what she could do to help. I advised that I needed help de-cluttering my bedroom. She was up for the challenge. Needless to say she was good at it. Hours later I found 14 bags were ready for amvets to pick up. Word to the wise…be careful what you ask for!!! Actually I feel liberated!!

  • Jennifer M. says:

    We use the larger extra bin lids to as slides to store my husband’s shoes under the bed. Many of his shoes are bigger and bulkier than shoe racks accomodate well. He can get two to three pairs on each and slide them out easily to get what he wants, with no digging and stretching to hunt for things.

  • I actually finally got back to the challenge yesterday but forgot to post. I got rid of a lot of stuff including some old Halloween candy from last year – yuck!

  • It’s amazing how much clutter-busting happens when you only have an hour to get it ready! My friend found out a company that pays 15-cents a pound for donations of shoes, clothes and stuffed animals. So anything that doesn’t sell at the yard sale will go here for a little more extra money. Hence, I went a little crazy and pulled out more donation items. We filled the back of our Jeep full of donations!

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