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Category: Online Deals

Get a free $10 bonus when you open a Kid’s Savings Account this weekend!

Here’s a really, really simple way to make $10 — for doing almost no work! Hurry, though, as this offer is only good through tomorrow (Sunday, November 26, 2012)!

Get a free $10 credit just for opening up a Kids’ Savings Account this weekend. Here’s how to get it:

::Go to ING and click on the Black Friday Sale logo on the lefthand sidebar.

::Click on the Kid’s Savings Account logo and follow the steps to open up a free Kid’s Savings Account through ING.

::Get a $10 bonus immediately that you can withdraw in 30 days.

::There is no minimum deposit, so you an literally put $1 in the account and then withdraw the $1 plus $10 plus interest in 30 days.

::You can open up one account per child in your household.

These offers are available through Sunday, November 25, 2012 at midnight EST.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Get Everyday Emmanuel & the Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD for just $10 shipped through Monday!

A bunch of you couldn’t get the special What’s In the Bible offer to work when I posted it yesterday, so I contacted them and they fixed the code and they lowered the price by $4.99 just for you all! How’s that for customer service? I told you I loved this company!

So through Monday only, What’s In the Bible is offering my readers a package deal to get both the Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD plus the Everyday Emmanuel ebook for just $10 total (with free shipping on the DVD) when you use coupon code ChristmasMSM at checkout.

Just add both items to your cart, use the coupon code ChristmasMSM, and your total should be just $10!

This is likely the lowest price you’re going to see on both of these products this entire season!

If you’re unfamiliar with these products, be sure to check out my review and thoughts on What’s In the Bible? here.

Get the Grocery University Downloadable Course for just $1.99 through Monday!

Are you feeling like you’d love to reduce your grocery bill but you’re overwhelmed at where to start? Do you wish an experienced couponer could come to your house and walk you through all the steps to seeing significant savings?

Grocery University by Carrie Isaac is exactly what you need! In simple, straightforward and short step-by-step chapters, Carrie will teach you all the basics to saving money with coupons, how to get the best bang for your buck and how to do it in an organized and streamlined manner.

I listened to the Grocery University course and went through the course manual and was very impressed with how well-done and comprehensive it was. I’d highly recommend it for beginners or those of you who have been trying to clip coupons but feel you spinning their wheels and getting no traction in actually reducing your grocery bill.

Grocery University includes 19 audio MP3 files and a 40+ page printable student workbook. Plus, it includes a bonus 10-page Rock Bottom Price Database.

Through Monday, November 26, 2012, Grocery University is just $1.99 (retails for $24.95!). Get your instantly-downloadable copy here.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Get 28 Days to Timeliness for just $0.99 through Monday!

Davonne Parks is offering her wonderful ebook, 28 Days to Timeliness, for just $0.99 through Monday. This price is available for both the PDF and Amazon Kindle downloads, no coupon needed!

Here’s my review of this ebooks:

Do you feel like you’re always behind and late? I know the feeling. As I’ve often alluded to here, I’ve struggled with getting places on time all of my life.

Some of you don’t have any issue with this — and I try not to envy you. ;) Others of you can likely commiserate with me in the always-behind-and-barely-making-it-out-the-door issue.

By the grace of God, I’ve made some huge strides over the past year in getting places at least almost on time (we’ve even gotten some places early recently!). I’ve also been working diligently on getting things done early so I’m doing a better job at not waiting until the last minute for projects and deadlines.

I’m so encouraged at the progress I’m seeing and the fruits I’m reaping of various habits I’ve been working on putting in place. But I still have a long way to go! That’s why I so appreciated reading 28 Days to Timeliness.

28 Days to Timeliness was written by a Davonne Parks, a “semi-reformed late person” (as she calls herself) who wants to help others figure out how to streamline their routines so they can get out the door faster and stop being late. Each chapter is broken down into 28 short, easy-to-read segments that will take just a few minutes to go over each day. The beginning of each segment contains an inspirational quote, and included at the end of every chapter is a practical course of action that can be taken to really initiate the discipline of being on time.

Davonne and I might as well be two peas in a pod. She gets me.

I laughed at her stories (I even shared her hilarious wearing PJs to church story with my husband — who thought it was so funny that he shared it at a recent family gathering!). I nodded my head in agreement with so many of her points. And I picked up new practical ideas for overcoming lateness.

I also was so inspired to keep working on implementing many of the habits I’ve been developing… things like planning to get places early, prepping the night before to get out the door in the morning, letting go of my perfectionism to get places in tip-top shape (I showed up at an appointment with wet hair today. I may not have looked fantastic, but at least I was a few minutes early — instead of taking 10 minutes to dry my hair and being five minutes late!), and not rushing around the house trying to finish five things before I leave.

Special Offer! Get 28 Days to Timeliness for just $0.99 Through Monday!

If you struggle with getting places on time, I’d highly recommend purchasing a copy of 28 Days to Timeliness. Plus, through Monday (November 26, 2012), you can get the ebook for just $0.99. Buy the PDF here or get the Amazon Kindle download here.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Avodah Coffee: Free shipping through Monday (November 26, 2012)!

I just found out that my new favorite coffee company is running free shipping through Monday night (November 26, 2012) when you use coupon code FREE at checkout!

If you’ve not heard of Avodah Coffee, let me be the first to introduce you. Here’s their intro from their About Page:


It’s more than a groovy name.

The word Avodah is Hebrew, and describes action that is simultaneously work, worship and service. It means that the work we do is more than a job – that bringing the awesome to our customers is about serving you, the farmers who grow the coffee, and those who benefit from the organizations we support. All this combines under a lifestyle of Avodah, through which all we do becomes an offering.  When you see Avodah, you know you’re getting great coffee with a great purpose.

I bought some Avodah coffee awhile back because I had some extra money left in my “blow” budget and loved the mission of this family’s company and wanted to support them in it. Truth be told, since I’m kind of fussy about coffee, I didn’t expect that Avodah coffee would really hold a candle to my beloved Breakfast Blend or Pike Roast from Starbucks.

But the coffee came and I discovered that Starbucks has found its rival. The Mocha Java coffee is absolutely fantastic — especially freshly-ground and made in a French Press! In fact, I just took advantage of their free shipping special to buy five more bags of coffee so that we’re stocked up for awhile. 🙂

In addition to the Mocha Java, we enjoyed the Pumpkin Space and the Java coffees best, of the others I ordered. And they just added Ultimate Chocolate to their line-up, so of course I had to buy some of that tonight to try, too. 😉

If you’d like to try some Avodah coffee and you aren’t sure which kind to go with, they have a Sample Pack you can purchase that allows you to try five different kinds! And don’t forget to use coupon code FREE to get free shipping!