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Category: From My Kitchen

The Two-Week Grocery Experiment: Menu

After determining to try a two-week shopping trip, planning a rough menu based upon the store sales and what I already had on hand, and then taking a few hours to make the big (or so it seemed to me!) $76 shopping trip, I then sat down and made out a detailed two-week menu. I decided to plan a little more than we usually would eat each week, just to be sure we had plenty since this whole two-week shopping thing is completely new territory for me.

Here’s the menu:

BREAKFASTS (I try to shoot for a combination of two servings of whole-grains, one serving of protein, and one to two servings of fruit for all of our breakfast menus.)

Cereal, fruit
Strawberry/banana/pineapple/flaxseed smoothie, toast
Blueberry cream muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit
Bagels, yogurt, fruit
Banana bread, yogurt, fruit
Blueberry/pineapple/flaxseed smoothies, toast
English muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit
Orange/carrot/pineapple juice (made in our juicer), toast, yogurt
Cereal, fruit
Whole-wheat waffles, yogurt, fruit
Banana bread, yogurt, fruit
French toast, scrambled eggs, fruit
Oatmeal in the crockpot, fruit
Strawberry/banana/flaxseed smoothie, whole wheat waffles

LUNCHES (I try to have a combination of a serving of protein, one to two servings of whole grain/complex carbohydrates, and two servings of veggies/fruit for our lunch menus.)

Chicken fingers, apple slices, peas, whole-wheat toast
Vegetable stirfry over brown rice with flaxseeds
Split peas, brown rice, fruit
PB&J, oranges, broccoli
Turkey/cheese sandwiches, mixed vegetables
Quesadillas, carrots
Salad, homemade bread
Split peas, brown rice, fruit salad
PB&J, apples, carrots
Turkey/cheese sandwiches, mixed veggies
Burritos, carrots, apples
Chicken fingers, bananas, mixed veggies, whole-wheat toast

DINNERS (Dinners are similar to lunches in that I try to have a combination of one to two servings of protein, one to two servings of whole grains/complex carbohydrates, and at least two servings of fruit/veggies.)

Build-your-own burritos, wild rice mix, southwest corn, fruit salad
French toast, scrambled eggs, strawberry/pineapple/banana smoothies
Taco salad, homemade bread, fruit
Beef hot dogs, corn on the cob, pasta salad, fruit
Homemade BBQ beef pizza, fruit, veggies
Hamburgers, wild rice mix, green beans, corn on the cob 
Dinner out
Homemade mac and cheese with veggies, peas, fruit salad
Baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese sauce, homemade bread, fruit
Homemade BBQ beef pizza, fruit, veggies
Haystacks (build-your-own Mexican platter: Mexican beans, lettuce, tomato, corn chips, cheese, sour cream, salsa), corn
Spaghetti casserole, Italian cheese bread, green beans, grapefruit,
Chicken broccoli rice casserole, homemade bread, fruit,
Dinner out

SNACKS (We usually have at least two snacks per day–the fact that I’m still nursing Kaitlynn means I’m often hungry and three meals per day just doesn’t cut it for me! I try to serve at least one healthy snack a day and then one snack is usually something less healthy like Chex Mix or cookies.)

Fruit (apples/bananas)
Raw veggies (carrot sticks)
Cheese slices
Chex Mix
Animal crackers
Blueberry muffins
Homemade bread
Banana bread

See more menus for this week here.

This week’s $40 grocery trip and menu

We shopped at Hen House and Aldi for  groceries week, in addition to CVS. We went on Thursday night, not realizing that the Hen House 3-day sale didn’t start until Friday. So we waited to buy some of our groceries because I couldn’t bear to spend the non-sale prices. Above is pictured our first trip.

[For those of you in the Kansas City area, through tomorrow the LiveActive cereals are on sale for $2.99 at Hen House. Use the $3/1 coupons and get them free!]

And here’s the second trip when the 3-day sale prices were in effect! Since we were already going to be right there and waiting would save us around $5-$8, we decided it was worth it.

All totaled, we spent just under $38–with enough change to spare for two trips to CVS.

CVS transaction #1: I somehow ended up with a total of $0.00 after the coupons and ECBs!

CVS transaction #2: Total after coupons and ECBs: $0.93! And we got around $15 ECBs back! Yay!

Here’s what’s on the menu for this week:

Banana bread, cottage cheese, strawberries
Oatmeal in the crockpot with bananas
Waffles, grapefruit, cottage cheese
Cold cereal, fruit
Potato pancakes, fruit, eggs with cheese

Sweet potatoes, homemade bread, cottage cheese
Beans/rice, guacamole
PB&J, carrot sticks
Baked potatoes, cheese, broccoli

"Haystacks" (Build-your-own type of meal we had often growing up–I just set out corn chips, shredded lettuce, Mexican beans, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, etc. and everyone makes their own taco salad of sorts.), corn on the cob
Italian chicken over brown rice, banana muffins, green beans
Lasagna casserole, homemade breadsticks, broccoli, strawberries
Barbecue chicken pizza, corn on the cob, grapefruit
Italian beans and brown rice, chips and guacamole, fruit
Meatballs, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, homemade bread

See more menus for this week here.

This week’s shopping trip and $40 menu

Because we had a little bit more time on Saturday, we hit more stores than normal: Aldi, CVS, Price Chopper, Hen House, and Wal-Mart. Our total was right around $39.80!

This week’s menu:

Whole-wheat pancakes, freshly-made juice
Oatmeal, fresh juice
Cereal, carrot/orange/banana/flax seed smoothie
Baked oatmeal, fruit
Homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit

Split peas, brown rice, carrots
PB&J, pears
Mixed green salad, hard boiled eggs, toast
Baked potatoes, broccoli, cheese

Chicken broccoli rice casserole, homemade whole-wheat bread, salad, green beans, grapefruit
Chili, apple slices, homemade bread, cheese slices (We’re likely going to be having this twice this week since I made such a big pot of it! If so, we’ll serve it over rice with cheese sprinkled on top the second night!)
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, mixed green salad
Broccoli and cheddar crepes, homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit salad
Barbecue beef pizza, corn on the cob, grapefruit