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Large Table Top Christmas Coloring Banner for just $5.99!

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Jane has these Large Table Top Christmas Coloring Banners for just $5.99 right now! Choose from 9 fun designs!

Shipping is $3.75 for the first banner, and then $0.99 for each additional banner shipped within the same order.

These are great as a frugal holiday activity for kids! They’re also perfect for the kid’s dining table on Christmas Day!

Free 12-Day Christmas Planning eCourse

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When you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail each day for 12 days on topics like: getting your home ready, gathering Christmas wishlists, budgeting, creating new holiday traditions, self-care, shopping, and so much more. You’ll also receive several free printables to help you with the planning process.

My #1 Tip to Have Stress-Free Afternoons & Evenings

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One of the best ways I’ve discovered to feel more organized and less frazzled in the afternoons and evenings is to have a plan for dinner and have it already made before the kids come home from school.

That way, when they come home, I can just be present with them instead of trying to fix dinner and oversee homework and help kids with projects and get ready for whatever activities we have in the evening. Plus, it also saves us money because we’re not running to the store or through the drive-thru at 5:30 p.m. at night!

I’ve found that the best way to make this happen is to either have dinner already made and just needing to be heated up or to put dinner in the crockpot in the morning. I look for quick and easy meals that only take minutes to make in the morning or can be pulled out of the freezer and heated up in the Instant Pot or Crockpot or oven.

Want to Try Prepping Your Dinners in the Morning?

I want to challenge you to try implementing this habit of having dinner prepped in the morning in your home and see how it works for you. And to help you out, I’m going to do a fun Eat at Home challenge on my blog and on Facebook Live and Instagram Stories for the next 6 days — where I’ll be prepping our dinners on live video before we head to school in the mornings (I’ll be on live around 6:50-7:10 a.m.).

I’ll likely be in my workout clothes with no makeup on and the kids will be doing last-minute prep for school. It’s going to be real and raw and unedited… and I can guarantee there will likely be some mishaps or real-life scenes that take place. But I want to bring you into our morning and our kitchen to encourage you that you don’t have to do it perfectly for it to still make a big difference!

By the way, I’ll be using the Eat at Home Menu Planning Service for all of my recipes. If you wish you could simplify dinners and plan ahead but you feel like you just don’t know what to make or you don’t have time to plan meals, I highly recommend this Menu Planning Service. I tried them out for the first time last year and promptly fell in love!

And I’m going to show you how it works in real-time on my videos and in my blog posts! (And I’ve got a special discount for you at the bottom of this post!)

How This Challenge Will Work

The challenge will run for 6 days — September 13-18, 2018. Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday morning around 6:50 a.m. to 7:10 a.m. CT, I’ll be on Facebook Live prepping our dinner to throw in the slow cooker for the day so that when 6 p.m. rolls around dinner is READY!

(I’m taking the weekend off since we’ll be camping with our Community Group on Saturday morning and running the Tough Mudder on Sunday morning.)

Every day, in addition to doing a Facebook Live video on my Facebook Page, I’ll be posting here on the blog what I made that day, along with a link to my video (in case you missed it).

My hope is that this will inspire you with some new recipe ideas, encourage you to not wait until the last minute to think about what you’re having for dinner, and motivate you to eat at home more (even on busy nights!) so you can save money.

I’d love for you to join me in this challenge! To participate, go join the Facebook Page here so you can share what you are making every night and see what readers all over the country (and world!) are making for dinner each night, too!

(You can see all of the recipes I made in a recent Eat at Home Challenge + all of my videos by clicking here.)

Need Some Quick & Easy Recipe Ideas?

Like I said, I’ll be following the Eat at Home Cooks Slow Cooker Menu Plan. I love this menu planning service and I think you’ll see why after you watch my videos! It’s the best menu planning service I’ve ever tried — and I’ve tried quite a few different ones!

Here’s what you get when you subscribe:

  • An entire month of Traditional Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • An entire month of Slow Cooker Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • An entire month of Whole Food Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • An entire month of No Sugar, No Flour Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • Each menu plan comes with recipes created for small family (3-4 servings) and large family (6-8 servings)
  • Color-coded grocery lists make it easy to swap out ingredients or whole meals
  • Printable Menus to hang on the fridge or near your calendar, so you can easily see what’s for dinner that week and your family can too
  • Access to the entire month at once!
  • 1 Hour Freezer Stash Plans – a new plan each month to stock your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour!

You can choose to stick with just the traditional menu plan or just the slow cooker menu plan or just the whole foods menu plan or just the No Flour, No Sugar plan. Or, you can rotate different menu plans on different weeks, depending upon what you feel like cooking or how much time you have!

And as a special offer for my followers, you can get 30% off the price of the Eat at Home menu plan subscription when you use coupon code FALL at checkout. That makes the monthly subscription $9.80 or the annual subscription just $58.80 ($1.13 per week!!)

If you struggle to make menu plans and would love for someone to make them for you + make a grocery list for you, it’s well worth spending a few dollars every week to let Eat at Home Cooks do the work for you.

Go read more about this incredible menu-planning service here. 

(Oh and they have a fantastic money-back guarantee if you think you want to try it out but aren’t sure whether it will work for you or not!)

I know that many of you are in the middle of getting back into rhythms and routines after summer break so I hope this Eat At Home Challenge will inspire you with simple and easy meals that you can make in the morning before your kids head out the door to school or before you head to work or before you start your day and then you won’t have to think about dinner the rest of the day!

Are you joining us for the Eat at Home Challenge? If so, leave a comment and let us know!

Slow Day: Week 23

Welcome to my weekly Slow Day post, inspired by Monica from The Homespun Heart. My Word for 2018 is Slow and, in the spirit of that word, I’m taking one day each week (Wednesday) off — I’ll be unplugged and offline and plan to move at a slower pace, take time to do things that refresh me, and just really focus on being present and savoring the moment.

Each week, I’ll be sharing a photographic peek into my Slow Day. Enjoy a little peek into our lives!

(Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through our links. Read our disclosure policy here.)

I did my hair in a Dutch braid and blob today. I was happy with how it turned how — not sure that I could recreate it, though! 🙂

Here’s what it looked like from the front.

And I wore my favorite yellow sandals!

Since I had more time today, I decided to do a little leisurely shopping. I went to Dollar Tree to pick up lemon juice for my gallon of lemon water that I drink every day.

I was also excited to find Brown Rice and Pinto Beans for just a dollar per bag!

And then I picked up a few markdowns at Kroger.

I also headed to Big Lots to check out the deals there.

Other than the bread deal I found, I wasn’t super impressed with their other prices.

But they do have great prices on oil, I discovered!

And of course I went to Aldi to pick up some cheap strawberries and corn on the cob.

Since our neighborhood doesn’t have a pool, we bought a membership to a rec pool in a nearby town and we are looking forward to getting to spend lots of time there this summer!

We convinced some friends of ours to also buy a membership, so we met them there to close down the pool on Wednesday night (it closes at 7 p.m.)

It was the perfect evening for swimming. Hot but not too hot!

And this pool is perfect for kids of many different ages!

We came home and made breakfast for dinner — sausage and waffles.

While the waffles were cooking, we played some Dutch Blitz.

We love this game!

This is our favorite waffle recipe.

We made a double batch and we froze half of it.

(She had just washed her hair!)

The kids love to help make waffles!

And then we stayed up a little too late playing round after round of Dutch Blitz!