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An update on The Company Store offer

If you were one of the thousands of people who got in the great deal from The Company Store yesterday, I just wanted to post a quick update and encourage everyone to double-check how much were charged. Unfortunately, it appears a number of folks were over-charged and have had to call in to get the extra charges taken off their account.

I’m so sorry about this and hope you are able to get any issues resolved in a quick and easy manner.

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  • The same thing happened to me and they told me that once the charge clears it will be the amount it’s supposed to be… that’s the only answer I could get out of them.

  • Tricia Suba says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Just got off the phone w/Customer Service and basically she told me the Slumber code was not authorized to go viral and therefore my (all clearance) order is being completely cancelled. Due to the items being on backorder and the discount code was not supposed to be used on Clearance items. She said it was a glitch in their on-line system. So apparently the charges I incurred (which I was overcharged) will be returned in full within 24 hours.

    Frustrating that this is another Company that issued a coupon code and expected it not to get to everyone on the Internet. Uggh.. Anyway definitely make sure to check your order and amounts.

  • Kendra says:

    So glad you pointed this out! I checked this morning and was charged $22.92 but my total should have been $7.91. This was a great deal; I got 2 outfits for my daughter for less than $8. Can’t beat that!

  • angela says:

    Just went to my order status and it says “in process”. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled! My item was a t-shirt for 18.00 with free delivery which worked out to completely free with the promo code!

  • Gina says:

    I don’t see any of the charges on my CC, but when I log into their website all the orders say “in process.” Hope they go through!

  • Carrie says:

    I’ve been overcharged by exactly $4.00 and one of my items isn’t even included in that since it hasn’t shipped yet. I may wait to call until i receive my items, so they don’t cancel my order…

  • LG says:

    I called my CC company and they told me i have a few 2.00 charges – all my orders should have been zero dollars – he said it was only a hold and within 48 hrs i will be able to see actual charges – he also told me i can dispute all of them show up on my acct. – i hope i can!

  • Sarah B. says:

    Was charged more than should have been and was told by customer service that they could not honor the original price or the promo code. I let them know that I needed to cancel my order and was disappointed that they were not honoring the price I was given BY their company yesterday. I understand they made the code “expired”, which is fine, but feel as if they should have still honored the orders that were placed before they did this.

  • Lisa Dawson says:

    Not sure why we are getting charged anyway. It says that you are not charged until items are shipped. I heard on another site anyone that ordered using the SLUMBER code would void the order. Hmmm…

  • Sarah B says:

    I didn’t really need any clothes for our kiddos last night. Especially since it was taking so long to load everything. So, I tried to get a $20.00 gift certificate instead. We have tons of friends that are preggers now and that would have made a great extra gift to put with their packages. It WAS going to let me. But then when it got to the payment part, it said I owed $0.00, but wanted me to enter our card info. I thought about it for a second, asked my hubby and we decided it was probably going to be too good to be true. I am glad that I decided not to get it, because I am guessing I would have had problems. Thank you anyway. : )

  • Sandye Steighner says:

    You may even want to look into this a little further. I had a charge from HDI*COMPANY. I did a search on this name and came up with this.

  • Samantha says:

    I just called to cancel my order as well. At first, she told me that the order could not possibly be canceled despite the price difference. Eventually she canceled it, but what a joke!

  • Sarah says:

    When I called they told me that the cc authorization was only “pending” and would correct itself once it was posted. Hope she was right! Otherwise I got overcharged by $20!

  • My items were back ordered, and it says I won’t be charged until they ship (in one month). But the invoice I received states a total of $5.95 (only shipping) with a $19.96 discount, so it looks right.

  • Rachel says:

    I never even got an email confirmation on my order . . . I’m starting to hope they just cancelled it.

  • Emily says:

    I called about the charges on my account and she assured me it would be corrected once it went through. I then e-mailed them and they told me my order has been cancelled due to a promotion code used too many times. I am confused as to what is going on with it. I guess I’ll just wait until the items come or until I get charged.

  • Ashley says:

    I checked my credit card online just now & saw that I had a pending charge from “” for $17.93, but the total on my invoice was $7.91.

    When I called customer service, they told me the code was viral and invalid therefore the price on my invoice was wrong, which changed my total.

    When I questenioned why I was never notified of the change in total prior to my card being charged, the service rep said that I hadn’t actually been charged yet & that it was just pending. However, I pointed out to her that if I had not called the store would have processed the “pending” charge which was for the wrong amount.

    I also made sure to point out that it is illegal for their store to charge more than the agreed upon sale price. So if the they changed the total after I completed my transaction they were suppose to cancel the order not illegally charge my credit card whatever amount they wanted.

  • Kimberly says:

    My invoice said one thing and my bank account had a pending charge that was another! Instead of the $5.whatever for just shipping, it was charging me shipping and the price for the item I ordered that was not backordered. I called, got on the phone with them right away, and they cancelled it without a problem. I decided not to deal with it and fight it as other deals and great coupons will come around!

  • Jessica says:

    What a bummer! I was looking forward to my products! Also, I am very fearful of the “HDI Connections” scam going on… I’ve had to deal with scams like these before, and most of the time, the bank will not refund the amount charged. They only say they can stop future charges. If anyone knows how to PREVENT these unwanted charges can you please share in the comments? Thanks!

  • Jenna J. says:

    I just got off the phone with their service rep. who told me that the code SLUMBER was only good on non-clearance items through the Company Store. And not Company Kids or some of their other brands. I had ordered 2 dresses for my daughter at $9.99 each. After the code I only had to pay $5.95 for shipping. And that is exactly what price was on the page when I clicked “confirm”. He said that since their system shouldn’t have allowed me to use the coupon, they took the price of one dress off of my total. Making my new total (and what I was charged) $15.94. Even my confirmation email stated my total as $5.95. So I told him that I either wanted my original total or to cancel the order. They opted for the later and I am praying the refund goes through okay. Thank goodness I used my Paypal debit card and not my bank card! That way Paypal protects me from stuff like this.

  • Lisa H says:

    I had ordered four of the children’s clearance items, and was initially charged $7.91 for the shipping. Then my bank balance (thanks Crystal for alerting me to look this morning!) said $17.94.
    I just received my second email from customer service, and was told that my order was canceled and “no charges have been made to my credit card,” but authorizations can remain for 7-10 days. Hopefully that is the case!
    My first email to them asked about the overcharge, and their response was that one of the items was discontinued and sold out, but didn’t mention the rest of my order or the overcharge. So I wrote back asking for clarification on that, and just now received the response about the whole order being canceled.

  • NMK says:


    I have an order that says “Shipped Complete” and has a tracking number.. and was charged the agreed upon price. So… there may be hope for some of you who didn’t get cancelled:) Also, the deal of the day items I had to add to get the code to work- those were backordered, and now say “item discontinued” in my order details. Fine for me.. didn’t actually want them. LOL

  • shari says:

    This is interesting….it says on my order status, “Customer cancelled 4-21-2010”. Interesting, SINCE I NEVER CALLED/CANCELLED!!! Oh well, we tried, right?

  • Lara says:

    I got overcharged too. Customer service said it was an invalid promo that got leaked and would not by honored for the thousands of orders placed. So I cancelled my order. The charges are just “pending” from my checking account, so hopefully they get it cancelled before it ships. They said if I happen to get the items shipped, I should just refuse them and return to sender and they would refund any charges. Just crossing my fingers that this ends well.

  • Beth says:

    Just cancelled my order. The whole thing seems shady to me…. I don’t understand how they can just decide to charge an amount different than the amount you agreed to as you clicked “confirm order’… that is just not right. Doesn’t seem legal. Thank you Crystal for suggesting we look to see what we were charged – the order confirmation I got in an email had the correct amount on it, $5.95, and when I checked my bank account today it had a hold for $12.97. Not a huge difference, but still – I didn’t agree to pay that amount. When I called, the guy told me that the code I’d used was not a “correct” code, and then he told me it had gone viral, and then he told me that it was not the Company Store’s code. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t have gone through at all. I don’t like getting the run around and I don’t like shady companies, and this seems shady.
    Thanks for the heads up, Crystal! Such a shame – I was looking forward to the cute shirts for my daughter. Oh well.

  • Lilly says:

    Same problems here.
    Just a word of advice to everyone, never use your debit card on an online purchase unless you 100% trust the company. Your debit card is only protected against theft of the card and fraud. Unfortunately these types of situations are not fraud, they are services disputes. Fraud is defined as use of your card without your knowledge. Just want everyone to be safe with their online purchases.

  • Laura says:

    My amount total is still correct on their website so I guess we’ll see…

  • Rei says:

    I got overcharged and when I called, the CS actually yelled at me asking where I got the code from! Then he proceeded to say that the order already shipped and that they will still overcharge my CC unless I return the item. Sounds like CC fraud to me! Off to complain to the BBB!

    • NMK says:

      @Rei, WOW!! 🙁 Talk about illegal, and harsh. I can’t believe how customer service is not all on the same page- some say add the code in comments and it will get taken care of, some say CANCEL! and treat you like a scammer, some adjust the order to go through properly and say nothing, etc.. I can see how that can be frustrating for many!

  • sarah says:

    sounds vaguely familiar- i believe we all went through this right before christmas with fannie may candy didnt we? ugh, i hate all of you are having such issues with the company. i also hate that yet another not-supposed-to-be-circulated code went viral. companies are going to stop giving out these codes to any of us if this keeps happening.

  • Chelsea says:

    Mrs. Paine- Thank you for making a point to look out for your readers. You always tell us not to go with something that doesn’t feel right, and last night as I was placing my order, I noticed there wasn’t a lock in the URL bar to indicate protection when I was entering in my debit card information, and I went against my better judgment bc I didn’t want to pass us a good deal. Lesson learned.

    As far as my experience- I noticed people commenting that once the order was processed, they were refusing or making a fuss about canceling the order, so I canceled my order right away before the process completed. It hadn’t even posted to my card yet. The man told me it would indeed charge me the extra 20 dollars. He said he would cancel it for me, but did not do it over the phone. That alone, made me nervous. Also- I received no apologies for the hassle. I will definitely not buy in the future, and will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

  • Brittaney Murphy says:

    I had Eight orders and one says cancelled. I didn’t cancel it. Jerks. I will call and complain. Just not in front of my husband… he already thinks I’m mean! Wait til they get an earfull from me!

    • NMK says:

      @Brittaney Murphy, Jeez.. thats definitely an abusive amount of orders:/ Maybe you should just let that dropped order be.. its not like you don’t have seven others you can enjoy.

      • Brittaney Murphy says:

        It’s not abusive. They were 8 shirts… alot of people did two orders with 4 shirts, which is the same amount. And you could use the code as many times as you wanted. Gee. Rudeness. Don’t judge a situation unless you really know it. my husband and I make minimum wage and have a toddler. It’s very hard to afford clothes that are stylish. SOO yes, I will jump at an oppertunity like this. If the company is offering it, there’s no reason not to.

        • Crystal says:

          @Brittaney Murphy, Um, please don’t use low income to justify your actions.

          my husband and I support our 2 children on his meager salary (I am a SAHM). We teach our children, and maintain ourselves, that

        • Brittaney Murphy says:

          @Crystal, Justify my actions? I did nothing wrong. You all are pathetic. I love this blog, but some of the followers are so rude, and rude to one another. What I do is none of your business, I was just providing feedback to help other people out. I will never do it again.

        • Crystal says:

          @Brittaney Murphy, I can’t believe that you are talking about readers being rude while you’re talking about “giving an earfull” and being so rude to the CS rep that you have to wait for your husband to be gone so he doesn’t hear you! Apparently it’s okay for you to be rude to the CS rep but not okay for someone to call you on y0ur own actions?

          All I can say is that I feel REALLY sorry for the poor CS reps who have to talk to most of you deal seekers. That is what I think is pathetic–people who will do anything in the name of saving a few bucks and will call and “give an earful” to a CS rep because of only getting, apparently, only 7 free shirts instead of 8. Seriously?!

        • Brittaney Murphy says:

          @Crystal, Think what you want. CSR’s have been so rude about the whole situation.

  • amity says:

    While im still waiting to see what I am going to get charged I looked up my order and 2 of the 3 items were backordered and now have been discontinued. My charge is the same, but guess i will see what happens when it actually goes through.

    Crystal…kind of funny cause i was just at the main page of your site and there was a nice size ad for The Company Store with a coupon code on it. I dont think I will be checking it out 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on the situation.

  • Amanda says:

    did anybody else notice they had three difference sustomer service phone numbers? I decided to send an email asking them to cancel mine because it still says in process and no charges have hit the bank yet. I ordered an $18 shirt with free shipping so there should not have been a charge at all.

  • Caroline says:

    My order says “in process” and my bank account shows a pending charge from HDI Company Store of $0.00 (which is correct). I’m not sure why it would show a pending charge of $0.00 though, so I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this. Thanks for the heads up!

  • MamaMikaC says:

    The man that I just spoke with at The Company Store said that all transactions with the promo code SLUMBER have been cancelled. I’m really bummed because I was looking forward to two really cute outfits for my little girl. So you may want to check especially if you are waiting to receive an order. Dang…

  • Jessica says:

    I didn’t see any charges on my CC last night, so I decided to look first thing this morning. Sure enough, my CC balance is higher than last night, however, there are no extra charges (I guess this is the CC version of ‘holding’ an amount).

    I called their 800-number and listened to their automated system tell me my order status: one item shipped, one item cancelled. I listened for the amount charged: $15 more than the amount on my order confirmation page/email.

    I contacted a CSR and asked if I may cancel my order or get the price I agreed to pay. She apologized for the inconvenience but said all I could do is (like another reader commented above) refuse the package and wait to be refunded because the code I used was ‘invalid.’ I asked her if manually changing an amount charged without any consent from the customer is legal. She paused and said she honestly didn’t know, but that it was a corporate decision so she thinks it must be. I told her had I was okay with them not honoring the coupon (or the order confirmation), but had I known I would have saved them the hassle of having to pay for the box to be sent right back.

    **Does anyone know the legality of this situation? **

  • Jessica says:

    Indeed not all orders are cancelled…I didn’t see any charges on my CC last night, so I decided to look first thing this morning. Sure enough, my CC balance is higher than last night, however, there are no extra charges (I guess this is the CC version of ‘holding’ an amount).

    I called their 800-number and listened to their automated system tell me my order status: one item shipped, one item cancelled. I listened for the amount charged: $15 more than the amount on my order confirmation page/email.

    I contacted a CSR and asked if I may cancel my order or get the price I agreed to pay. She apologized for the inconvenience but said all I could do is (like another reader commented above) refuse the package and wait to be refunded because the code I used was ‘invalid.’ I asked her if manually changing an amount charged without any consent from the customer is legal. She paused and said she honestly didn’t know, but that it was a corporate decision so she thinks it must be. I told her had I was okay with them not honoring the coupon (or the order confirmation), but had I known I would have saved them the hassle of having to pay for the box to be sent right back.

    **Does anyone know the legality of this situation? **

  • Ashley says:

    Yes, mine shipped too. Just got the confirmation this morning

    Thank you for your recent order from The Company Store 10857292.

    The following item(s) was shipped on 04/21/2010:

    Qty. Style#
    Size/Color Description Unit Price Total

    Shipment Summary:
    Product Total: $0.98
    Delivery Total: $5.95
    Tax Total: $0.00
    Shipment Total: $6.93

    What a bummer that they screwed this up so bad. Seriously, they are a big company and it’s ridiculous that they wouldn’t expect a code to go viral. I’m sure they are protected regarding cancelling the orders but the charges without authorization are shocking! I feel bad for their customer service people right now. Having worked in CS for I know how something like this can be such a pain for the people working the phones who have no authority to give you what you want and who had no part in the whole ordeal in the first place.

  • Beth says:

    Update – I called yesterday afternoon and talked to someone in customer service after seeing that I was way overcharged. I was told the code was viral and I coud either pay the new price or cancel my order – I chose to cancel. I was told my order was completely cancelled, and I would see the hold on my card disappear within 48 hrs.
    This morning – I got an email from The Company Store saying the cancelled my two clearance items, but my other item was being shipped, and I was being charged the full amount for it (way more than I authorized). The note said if I didn’t want the item I could refuse it, the post office would return it, and I would be credited once they got the item back. What!?!? So I called again – the rep I spoke to was very rude, told me that he could do nothing for me, the item was too far gone to retrieve. He couldn’t explain why I was told my order was cancelled. He couldn’t explain anything really. Finally, he said he’d send me a return label to return the item, and that I would be credited once my item shipped. Hold up – credit me when it ships? He’d just told me it had already shipped, which is why they couldn’t cancel it! When I brought that up, he admitted it HADN’T actually shipped yet, but was in the process of being shipped and he couldn’t help me by stopping it. Totally unbelievable. So – the charge is still on my card, and I will be surprised if I ever see that credit, no matter if I send the merchandise back or not. I too will be calling the BBB.

  • Shelly says:

    I ordered a shirt and my mom ordered a dress. My mom’s order shows shipped with no charge (it was a free delivery item under $20), and mine shows backordered, still $0 charge, with a supposed ship date of 5/6. It’s interesting what an array of different experiences there are with this. We’ll see how my order turns out.

  • sierra says:

    I made a complaint to the BBB online. It says the company has only 3 complaints, which I was very surprised.

    Basically, if they want to take a discount away, I believe they are entitled, but I don’t think they are entitled to fix a mistake by overcharging their customers without approval. That’s my main complaint. If you are going to change something, both parties should be able to contest it. Otherwise it’s a deceitful contract.

    Hope that helps someone. 🙂

  • sierra says:

    they have two listings on there, sorry.. this is a better one.. with 112 complaints in 3 years.. that sounds about right.

  • Lara says:

    I called yesterday and supposedly cancelled my order, kept checking today and the higher charges are still on my account. Called CS again and got the run around that it was too late in the process to cancel everything! I was told yesterday it was cancelled! I have to receive the items, refuse them, take them to the post office and return to sender. Then wait for TCS to get them and then they will refund my money. I am guessing this will take weeks, if it happens at all. I will definately not be ordering from TCS again. What a headache!

  • April says:

    I checked on the status of my order today and it said it was shipped! I ordered a $16 shirt with free shipping and there is no charge on my credit card yet.

    For those of you who are charged more than the amount in the confirmation email, I strongly advise you to dispute the charge with your credit card company. I had to do this when decided to void a promo code and charge me full price for my order without notifying me prior to it being shipped. My credit card company requested the copy of the confirmation I had showing the amount I had agreed to pay and they refunded the amount I was overcharged within 2 business days. It was a very simple process.

  • angela says:

    Just checked the status of my order which was $18.00 plus free shipping, used the code making it $0.00! NO pending charges on my credit card and the status shows shipped ground delivery. All worked for me 🙂 🙂

  • angela says:

    My order of a t-shirt which was 18.00 with free shipping making it zero dollars with promo code was shipped out today! no charges on my credit card either. 🙂 🙂

  • Meg says:

    I ordered one of the boys t’s at $18 with free ship and it says that it went through and I’m not seeing any charges. Same for friend’s order who got the girls coverup at $20 with free shipping. It seems at least some of us might end up ok out of this… so sorry for everyone who is having trouble!

  • Rei says:

    Update –

    So the company store went through and officially charged my CC for $20.94! I called my CC this morning to file a dispute…they immediately took care of the whole thing and issued a $14.99 credit over the phone. They said stores are not allowed to overcharge without customer authorization, but with that said, some places do it anyway. My credit card rep reassured me that they will receive a full refund with a quick call to the store…I hope that is the case!! I will NEVER purchase anything from that horrible place again! They truly have poor customer service and IMO, participate in an unethical and illegal business practice!
    Thanks, Sierra for the BBB link – I will definitely put in a complaint so others do not have this same experience! And yes, they can remove a discount but cannot overcharge without PRIOR customer authorization!

  • amity says:

    After emailing back and forth a couple of times they told me I would get the shipping credited to my account and that if I refused the order I would eventually get the credit for the item. Since I actually think what I ordered is neat and would be a great present for my kids or someone else I might just keep it. That is if they actually do give me credit for the shipping. I hope TCS gets a lot of hits with the BBB on this cause charging over what “we” as consumers agree upon at checkout is unethical and just wrong.

  • jennifer says:

    I don’t own a credit card, but I have a visa gift card with less than a buck on it, for deals just like this. I ordered a girls dress that was clearanced to $18, and it had free shipping. My order now says shipped. With my gift card, I don’t have to worry about getting charged more. Will update later! Thanks money saving mom! Sorry it didn’t work out for everyone- but hey, my order isn’t here yet, so you never know! For those of you that were overcharged- I would report this company to the BBB for sure!

  • jennifer says:

    ooh… now the status changed from shipped.. back to in process… uh oh.

  • Mindy says:

    I called and cancelled mine immediately. Got an email last night is has shipped? What . No overcharges yet.

  • Noah says:

    I ordered 2 girl’s clearance dresses at $9.99 each. They shipped and my card was only charged for shipping. It probably depends on who handled your order I guess.

  • Tiffany M. says:

    I just received my third email from them . Email 1 was an order confirmation for one shirt and two shorts, email 2 was saying the shirt had been discontinued and the third said item shipped and cc charged 13.94 (only 5.95 was authorized by me). I sent them an email stating I was not permitting a charge of over 5.95. They sent me one back with the coupon viral stuff. I sent one right back saying I was contacting the BBB and the CC company. They sent one back within the hour saying that the CC was still being charged the 13.94 and I could refuse the package. I called the CC company and they immediately said they were crediting my account for 7.99- that was easy! Then I went to the BBB and (after looking at the BBB info on the company stores site which referenced the address Hanover, PA) pulled up their BBB rating (an A+ btw) filed a complaint.
    A company should either cancel the order or call the customer if there is a change in payment not charge their cc without their authorization. Honestly paying 5.95 for one pair of shorts isn’t that great of a deal- I do better at a good sale at Children’s Place but I agreed to the order so that would have been fine- but 13.94???? I could buy at least 3 prs for that price! I def will not be using the company store ever again!

  • Summer says:

    For some reason, my order went through fine. I ordered 4 shirts (2 of each of the deal of the day shirts). The butterfly ones were cancelled, of course, but the other 2 were shipped and my card has only been charged $5.95. Still not pleased that I lost out on 2 of my shirts, but at least they didn’t try overcharging. Phew!

  • ModernMama says:

    I was overcharged too. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB. It’s highly illegal for them to charge anything beyond what the customer agrees to at check out.

    And the terms and conditions of the coupon code should’ve been announced too. Else, stuff like this will happen again and again. And it’s a hassle for us to fix it. A lot more than the savings is worth.

  • Emma says:

    Very Irritated at the Company Store! I got an email stating that my order had been shipped & that I was charged $19 when I should have only paid $5.95! I called immediately & they will not change it! said the code wasn’t supposed to work on clearance..but it did so they shouldn’t be my fault right??! So now I have to pay shipping to have the stuff returned. I ended up loosing money:(

  • Vicki says:

    Mine got shipped with a $23 and some odd cents charge, instead of the $7 and some odd cents that I approved. They tell me that I can refuse the receive the order when it comes, but that I will NOT be refunded the shipping charge to get it to me ($5.95). I e-mailed them that it’s illegal to charge a customer more than what they approved at checkout. They should have let me know there was a change and given me a choice as to whether or not to cancel. I told them that my next step would be to take it up with the BBB. We’ll see if I get a response!

  • Junanne says:

    We need to report them to the BBB AND the Attorney General in their state & the state you live in!!!!

  • Melissa Viss says:

    Yeah, one of my items got canceled right off, and then I got an e-mail saying I was going to be charged $15 more than it said when I ordered. Ooooh, I’m mad. I canceled, and will not be doing business with them again.

  • Lindsay Marchant says:

    It is illegal! I think this is how the company profits. I called my credit card company to dispute the charges and since it was a small amount ($20), they just credited it back to my card instead of going after The Company Store with a dispute (at least one company has some customer service…thanks credit card company!). It would cost more to the credit card company than it is worth to try and get the $ from a dispute. The Company Store has charged so many people such a little amount that they are not afraid of any retribution. They know that credit card companies won’t take the time to go after them for such small amounts. Maybe with enough people filing complaints to the DA and these practices will cease or…someone will go to jail for the fraud!

  • me says:

    At first I was upset because my acct showed a pending amount of 17.00 and the item that I ordered was suppost to be free. I checked my account was not debited and they released the 17.00. I even received my free item!!

  • Tammy L says:

    So glad I didn’t cancel after reading about what has happened to so many here… I placed my order on Friday April 20 and it has finally shipped, with the proper charge to my credit card! I wonder how many orders went through properly before they stopped honoring the coupon code?

  • Linda in FL says:

    Same issue as everyone. My cart said the total was $6.91, the confirmation email said $6.91, and the actual charge on the invoice and my credit card was $16.93. I emailed them and got the following reply:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the coupon that was used has since been discontinued due to it going viral. The sites that were promoting this discount are not affiliated with The Company Store. When it did go viral not all of the terms and conditions of the discount were included, and we will only be honoring the official discount that includes all of the terms and conditions. The promotion did not apply to past purchases, as payment on any credit card account, Charisma products, clearance, Company Kids merchandise, gift cards, custom shop, club memberships and could not be combined with any other offer. When your order downloaded into our system, it recognized the items that were clearance on your order and did not apply the promotion for the discount. That is why you are seeing a difference from your email and the charge on your credit card. Your credit card will be charged $16.93. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    It was bordering on rude in my opinion. We are also contacting the credit company to dispute the charge. Bummer! I will NEVER do business with them again.

  • Ashley says:

    Just wanted to update that I got my curtain rod and curtain tie backs in the mail today. Regularly $100 for both items, clearanced out and then used the $20 coupon and paid only $6.93 (including shipping)! I just hung it all up today and am so very happy!!

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