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A Peek Into Our Week

Kathrynne, Kaitlynn, and Silas started ice skating lessons last week. None of them have had ice-skating lessons before and the girls have only been ice-skating once before, so it was fun to watch them go and do something new and learn lots of great character in the process (persevering even when you’ve fallen down multiple times, etc.)

Silas is still working on facing his fears :), but they all had a great time and are looking forward to their Saturday classes for the next few weeks.

Kaitlynn and I flew to Naples, Florida, for a retreat with all of the writers of MomLife. FamilyLife paid for the entire trip and put us up in an amazing resort (that’s the view from our resort balcony above!), fed us delicious food, and provided lots of time for us to enjoy the beach in between our planning meetings every day.

Kaitlynn had an blast playing at the beach! She was at the perfect age to really enjoy it!

The weather was gorgeous and the ocean views were breath-taking.

And then we came back to real-life again. 🙂 It’s always so good to be back home again, even if it’s a lot louder and messier than that resort in Naples, Florida was. I want to soak up every minute of the life that God has given me and embrace every part of it–messes and all!

Did anything exciting or interesting happen at your house this week?

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  • That looks like a fun week.

    Glad to see your dining table looks very similar to ours during school time.

  • AnneJisca says:

    This week we:
    1. got officially accepted as missionaries!
    2. had cold -22F weather every day. Brrrr
    3. practiced making French baguettes to perfect it. My family did not mind eating French baguettes all 3 times I made it! 😉

  • Jennifer says:

    That is beautiful, do you mind telling me which resort you stayed at?

    • Crystal says:

      I believe it was the LaPlaya resort? It was incredibly nice–I’ve never stayed in a beachfront resort before! FamilyLife told us that the resort gave them a fantastic group rate for all the rooms/conference rooms/meals, etc. (there was a big group of speakers from FamilyLife there, too) because they are a nonprofit.

  • Your ice skating and short trip to Florida seems fun!

    This week, we spent a morning at the Canadian Consulate making sure my hubby’s passport gets here in time for the cruise — it had expired and we’ve had such a hard time renewing it. Oh, and I was able to spend a day visiting with my mama (she lives 4+ hours away). Yay! 🙂


  • Courtney says:

    Thanks for sharing what your table REALLY looks like during school!

  • Kristy Russell says:

    A winter snow storm hit our area and so we had no school for the entire week! I’m a teacher, so I enjoyed staying home playing with my three kids. It was a lot of fun, but we got a little cabin fever by the end of the week!

  • Ahhh Mom says:

    Lots of cold weather here, that beach looks amazing!

  • Our weeks seem to just fly by. Highlights were the girls and I got to learn how to make some burnt edge hair bows, went to the gym several times (killing me, lol!) and we got to have an inpromptu date night last night. I LOVE date nights!

  • This week, after 21 weeks of morning sickness, the nausea has finally subsided enough for me to start with our preschool homeschool lessons again. I am very grateful my daughter didn’t forget EVERYTHING in the lapse between lessons 🙂
    We also found out the gender of our next baby, and feel very blessed he appears to be healthy (and quite the acrobat in my tummy!)
    On a very sad note, my mother-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday morning. Completely shocking. My husband has been trying to help his father as he is completely devastated (they were married over 40 years) and lost without his bride. It will be a tough couple of weeks, so I am praying for wisdom and peace as we try to get through this as a family.

  • Tara G. says:

    We attended the celebration of US-Ukraine diplomatic relations last night- there was a big concert at the October Palace, the flag from the old embassy was presented to the ambassador (a new facility was built and we just moved to it this week), and a reception followed. My favorite part was hearing the nationals next to me singing their national anthem. Winter also arrived here- it’s been snowing all week much to my children’s delight!

  • Victoria says:

    The pictures of the resort, are amazing! Oh, and does the ice rink have the walkers for the little ones. I bet your little guy would feel less fearful if he could push around a ice walker.

    • Crystal says:

      Since he’s in a class, they don’t use walkers as they are trying to teach them to be confident on their feet. He’s slowly getting there!

      • Jodi says:

        May I ask why you chose ice skating classes for your kids? Was it something you wanted them to learn, or was it something they asked to do? My daughters are 5 1/2 yrs and 4 yrs. Right now they are taking dance class, which they both enjoy. They’ve asked about learning to ice skate, among other things too. I don’t know how comfortable I am with it though since I’ve been ice skating only once, and I don’t feel like I’d be much help to them out on the ice unless I take some classes myself.

        • Wendy says:

          You could just take them to the rink to see if they even enjoy it before doing lessons. I took my kids for the first time last year. My 10 year old (athletic) child put on skates, headed towards the ice and looked like he was born with skates on his feet. My other one glided around holding onto the railings though. Some kids will just take to it naturally. Yours may too.

  • Karen says:

    This week I worked on Monday (which I would normally have off due to the holiday) and so got to spend a day with all 3 boys (1 is a school-ager). We went to the Aquarium for the first time all year and I used my Ergobaby backpack carrier for the first time (in the back position)! However, I learned a lesson in not trying to do more than is reasonable. When I found out about a time restriction to our day, I should have given up the aquarium in order to not stress us all out. But I wanted to be super-nanny, you know? Oh well…lessons learned.

    Glad you had a nice time in Florida.

  • Ac says:

    What beautiful pictures! Your table makes me feel so much better. I want a perfectly clean table but am constantly doing things at our table so it’s rarely how I’d love for it to be. Trying to remind myself that the learning and the experiences are far more valuable than a pristine table. 🙂

  • I LOVE going to the beach!

    This week my daughter and I did some watercolor painting and I made her cute picnic lunch ( which she was able to eat outside since it was sunny and not so cold here.

    I am learning to take things slower so we had an entire computer and technology free day and just enjoyed each other as a family. It made my week go much better!

  • Crissy S. says:

    Awww, you were so close to me! I’m just north of Naples in Fort Myers.

  • This week was interesting due to the fact that we live in SC, where our Presidential Primary was today. Our phone has literally rung at least 20 times a day with political calls!!
    Exciting this week was the fact that my husband was busy with work! He works for himself, and it has been slow the past several weeks. Yeah for work!!

  • Lisa says:

    Last week, we found out that our firstborn due in May is a girl!! So this week has been full of fun dreaming and planning and some cute little outfits thanks to the grandparents 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Fun! Thanks for sharing! And I wanted to say that your pictures lately have been amazing! Good job!

  • AJ says:

    I’m just 30 minutes east of Naples. Glad you could come enjoy the beach!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Our highlight of the week was my youngest son’s first college acceptance letter. Our homeschooling years are almost over.

  • Mindy says:

    What a wonderful mini vacation for you and your daughter! We are getting ready to head to Naples next week! We can wait for a little R&R and SUNSHINE!

  • Sarah says:

    I lived in Naples beach front for five years it is very pretty. This is the best time of year and if you go with significant other take a long walk on the beach in the evening the colors in the sky Oh MY you simply can not describe! Every evening they are a bit different and most evenings it looks as though God spent the day painting the sky pretty just for you!
    I miss it. I live in a tiny place now in TN with a beautiful view of a mountain that God also paints very pretty every October!
    Our little place is very cold all winter but it beats being homeless!

    • Ann says:


      I’d trade you any day:) I’m much more of a mountain girl than beach. FL does have nice beaches, and it would be even better if it had even hills (of course northern FL, around Ocala does). My daughter who is 7 has yet to see snow. I’m originally from PA, and it was a beautiful state also. Hubby’s job and my MIL keep us here in FL. I try to be content, but sometimes it is a challenge:) I think I just need a vacation (been over 5 years since we’ve had one).

  • Ann says:


    I live just 1 hour north of Naples in Port Charlotte, FL. Naples is a great area. It would have been fun to meet you, but I’m sure you were busy with the conference:)

  • g says:

    May I suggest you use a groupon or 2 next time they do Canvas on Demand for one or both of Kaitlynn on the beach. They would make beautiful pieces of artwork! We have 2 ourselves one of the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica that we took and one of the kids on our beach. They make great wall hangings and Canvas on Demand does wonderful work!

  • tracy says:

    We’re taking lessons too at the Ice Ranch in Littleton thanks to a groupon deal. And the kids love it!

  • looks like a great time was had! – we’re having a a giveaway!

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