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30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #11

During the month of April, I’m encouraging my readers to participate in a 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge (read more here, if you missed my announcement about this challenge last week). Every week day morning at 9 a.m., I’ll post the daily project and every evening around 6 p.m. EST, I’ll post an update and link-up.

April 11, 2013 Project

Your project for today is to clean your bathroom(s).

You can follow this list, if you find it helpful:

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and put toilet cleaner in each of the toilet bowls and let it soak.
  • Remove any items that don’t belong in the bathroom, put away items that need to be put away in the bathroom, empty the trash.
  • Spray and wipe down the sink and tub.
  • Finish swishing and cleaning the toilet.
  • Shake the rugs outside (or throw them in the laundry) and mop or vacuum the floors.
  • Wipe down the outside of the cupboards and clean the mirror.
  • You’re done!

Or, you can choose a particular area in your bathroom(s) to work on. I’m planning to tackle my bathroom drawers. Because they need some serious help!

Then, come back here at 6 p.m. EST and I’ll show you pictures of my cleaning accomplishments for today and have a linky so you can link up yours, too!

Join in the Chatter

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  • Llama Momma says:

    Any tips for getting off the super grody gunk in between the shower tiles? Hypothetically speaking? (Note, I am not admitting to having the afore-mentioned grody shower tiles myself…*whistling*)

    • Sandra says:

      I use half bleach, half water solution in a spray bottle. I spritz along the grout line and leave until white. Turn on the bathroom fan or open the window for ventilation.

      • Katie says:

        Yes and make sure you’re wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting bleach stains on! I’ve made the mistake of unintentionally bleaching clothes of mine a few times! :/ Oops!

      • Katie says:

        Our guest bathroom is needing some scrubbing especially the floor and area behind the toilet {that area is always tricky to keep clean!}

    • Sarah says:

      I also use a 50% bleach solution in a spray bottle and leave until the mold/mildew is much lighter colored, then I get in there with a scrub brush. I generally do this right before I shower, so I scrub while in the shower then can rinse down the bleached areas and then just go ahead and clean myself as well!

  • I think tackling my drawers and under the sink will be great!!! I have an over abundance of samples and free body products that have become too much time to make a run to my local donation center and get things looking a little more organized.

  • Shelly says:

    I will be cleaning the bathroom again. I can’t believe in just one week how messy it can get. I will also be cleaning my shower curtain too. It really needs a good washing.

    I tackled my drawers and under the sink last month so they are all still looking good. But oh the mess before I decluttered them. It was awful. I didn’t realize how bad they were until I looked at my before pictures on the camera.

  • Sounds like a plan. I will say. . .I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to cleaning the floor. Now that my floor is darker, dirt doesn’t show as much. BONUS! hee hee

  • Sarah says:

    I’ll be cleaning all the bathroom counters and toilets, and the tub in the smaller bathroom. If I am feeling really ambitious, I may tackle a drawer as well!

  • Exactly what I need to do today!

    Want to get your kids to do the toilet for you? Here is a sure-fire way:

    Make a “toilet bomb.” Put 1/4 – 1/2 cup of baking soda in the toilet, add 8-10 drops of tea tree oil, then add 1/4 cup vinegar. It will fizz like crazy which the kids LOVE. Let it fizz for a few minutes then give them a brush. My son thinks this is FUN! I have him wipe down the rest of the toilet first and then he “gets to” do the inside.

    Yesterday I shared this and some other homemade cleaners that will work great for the bathroom on my blog.

  • I think I’ll also tackle my bathroom cabinets/drawers!

  • Marie says:

    Bathrooms are looking pretty good since last week so I am focusing on purging my magazine stack, my bedroom closet and whatever else I can get done during my little window of time.

  • Kelly says:

    We’ve gotten home late the past two evenings, so I’m trying to catch up today. I’ve already cleaned the powder room so that’s one bath down and two to go. This morning I deep cleaned the living room, which included thinning out some toys, dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing and Febreezing the sofas. It smells so fresh and clean in here! Plus I cleaned the hallway with Murphy’s Oil Soap and dusted the baseboards.

    My living room is open to the dining room, so I’m going to make myself declutter the dining room table so I can sit here and enjoy the entire room. Then on to the remaining baths. : )

  • I’m way late getting into today’s challenge, but better late than never! Heading to my bathrooms now…

  • Well, I taught myself a green way to clean my mirrors. I never realized how chemical products gave me a headache. Nice to clean without putting so many chemicals in the air.

    • Angie F. says:

      So true Karen! We have three in our home who struggle with Asthma to varying degrees, so I’m loving the more natural, green cleaning solutions I’m (re-) discovering here and elsewhere!

      Well, I had planned to do our master bath today. I cleaned the toilet the other day, but my sink, vanity and shower are desperate for attention! However, as I was making my bed, I looked up and remembered that I have wanted to dust the fans in the house since the beginning of the month. So, I diverted my attention, grabbed some Swiffer dust cloths and went to town. Ended up dusting all the bookshelves, fake plants (can’t seem to grow a thing indoors!) picture frames, and anything else that had a cobweb hanging, or a dust bunny hiding in or on it! Felt so satisfying. Especially when I threw open all the doors after to let some fresh, though still cool, spring air in. Ahhh! 🙂 I’ll return to my bathroom tomorrow along with the day’s assigned task. 🙂

  • amy says:

    I had the opportunity to clean the main bathroom at midnight! Poor sick kid, but I have clean bathroom. Thankfully he was only sick once so I didn’t have to clean it many times in the night.

    I just need to hang the shower curtain this morning!

  • Kelsey A says:

    Just did this. Bathrooms were still pretty clean from last time

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