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HUGE List of FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources (over 50 freebies!)

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more. Don’t forget to check out all of the exclusive freebies over at

Language Arts FREEBIES

FREE Online Spelling Course – Check out this free Online Spelling Course. Perhaps by using an online spelling curriculum, your child will take a renewed interest.

FREE Printable Similes and Metaphors Worksheet Pack – Some children just need a little extra practice before a concept is understood and mastered. This is a great way to do just that.

Free and Cheap Kindle Books About Turkeys -Fill your child’s Kindle with these free and cheap books about turkeys! They’re perfect for read-alouds and independent reading.

FREE Printable Spanish Flashcards – If you are wanting to touch on Spanish and teach your children some common Spanish nouns, then these printable flash cards are fun.

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150+ FREE Elementary Printables – These elementary freebies are all sorted by subject and skill, so you can find them easily. Some categories you will find in this freebie are letters and letter sounds, reading readiness, cutting packs, phonics activities, spelling and word studies, and more!

Homeschool History & Geography FREE Resources

50 States Series: Oklahoma (plus more states) – State coloring pages, maps, facts, unit studies, & more!

FREE Exploring Landmarks Unit Nine – Exploring landmarks with this free unit study. Included are notebooking pages for each of the seven featured landmarks.

FREE Printable Geography Passport – You can get your kids super excited about studying geography by printing up this free Geography Passport. There are complete instructions for turning it into a realistic-looking passport.

Knights of the Round Table FREE Unit Studies and Printables – King Arthur and his loyal knights of the Round Table is such a great story and legend to read about when you are studying knights and the Middle Ages.

DIY Pioneer Journals – Perfect for getting your kids glued to the subject material, this DIY Pioneer Journal incorporates crafts, creative writing, and more!

FREE Unit Study & Fine Arts Ideas and Resources

FREE Famous Composers Study Resources – Does your child or family love music? Learning music is more than just playing an instrument. It is beneficial to also teach your children the history of music and to appreciate the classical music which has made such an impact in music today.

FREE Mega Notebooking Pages Set – We use notebooking with Science, History, Bible, Geography, and Fine Arts in uor homeschool. This FREE set is a great place to start if you are looking at incorportaing notebooking into your homeschool.

FREE Frozen Printable Learning Pack and Activities – Do your kids still love Frozen?! Mine do and they still ask to watch it again and again. This is a fun, free learning pack.

A story your children will never forget – Get the Walking with the Waodani Preview for FREE!

10 FREE Music Resources – You can check out these ten music resources and utilize them for free! There are music theory, worksheets, flash cards, lapbooks, and more!

The Boxcar Children FREE Book Unit Study Ideas – I love finding unit studies and free printables to go along with books that we are reading in our homeschool. Adding extra resources to what we are reading can really add to the fun and give your children extra learning experiences.

FREE Science & Math Resources

30+ FREE Printable Anatomy and Human Body Resources – These free, printable Anatomy and Human Body Resources will help your kids learn about human anatomy.

FREE Printable Animal Observations Journal – This free, printable Animal Observations Activity will help children increase their focus and attention by taking advantage of their natural love for animals. This journal is perfect for a walk through the neighborhood or a trip to the zoo!

FREE Learning About Insects Printable – For all the munchkins studying insect anatomy, this fun, free printable is yours! The Insect Body Parts game involves building an insect part by part. You can play cooperatively or competitively.

Bean Seed Dissection with FREE Printable – Fall is a great time to plant seeds and study a bean seed dissection. It’s perfect for a botany lab for elementary-aged children and younger. Use the free printable to draw and label the parts of the bean.

Simple Machines Science Unit with FREE Printable Worksheets – If your child has ever been intrigued with wedges and screws or levers and pulleys, this Simple Machines Science Unit is for him! Explore simple physics concepts and why we need them. The free, printable worksheets are clearly laid out and are easy to read.

FREE No-Prep Kindergarten Science Doodles Printables – This 200+ page no-prep Science Kindergarten freebie is packed with engaging ways to teach Science!

FREE Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals Sorting – This sorting activity is a fun activity to help your children sort the different animals. This pack contains flashcards with pictures and labels of 16 animals, 8 nocturnal and 8 diurnal to sort and play with.

14 Fabulously FREE Math Apps – There are actually apps out there that are super useful for your kids and can help in learning specific subjects – even MATH!

FREE Printable Interactive Multiplication Flashcards – These practical multiplication cards are perfect for drilling and practice when memorizing the times tables.

FREE Printable Magic School Bus Homeschool Science Curriculum with Worksheets – If you’re looking for a science curriculum that will capture your child’s attention, you’ve hit the jackpot! This free, printable Magic School Bus Homeschool Science Curriculum not only has worksheets, but you can actually print out the free lesson plans!

FREE Plant and Animal Cells Learning Pages – If you are learning about anatomy and physiology or botany, these FREE printable cell learning pages will make a perfect supplement to your studies.

FREE Human Body Lapbook and Unit Study – Learning about the human body can really be an interesting science topic for your homeschool. Using this Human Body lapbook unit study will make it something they can have educational fun with and one they will remember.

FREE Character-Building Resources

30+ FREE Printable 10 Commandments Bingo Cards – Make learning the 10 Commandments super fun with these 30+ cards and play bingo with your kids!

55 Verses to Inspire Minimalism, Homeschooling, and Wisdom with FREE Printable – Here are 55 verses to inspire and encourage you. The free printables give you the opportunity to record your thoughts and prayer requests.

FREE Printable Prayer Journal – If you struggle with having a prosperous prayer life, check out this free, printable Prayer Journal. It may be just what you’ve been needing.

FREE Printable Bible Copywork – If you enjoy using copywork in your homeschool, you will love this resource! It features so many options, there really are too many to list, but they have both topical as well as some specific Scripture passage copywork.

FREE Printable ABC Bible Memory Verses Pack – You can impart the gift of a heart of memorized Scripture to your child, and you can start when they are small! This ABC Bible Memory Verse Pack makes it easy.

FREE Printable Bible Detectives Adventure Kit – There are 26 mysteries that they’ll solve while learning more about the Bible and they’ll have the fun of sharpening their sleuthing skills! The free kit includes a decoder, background sheet, and case files for each Bible character.

FREE Early Learning Resources

FREE Tot School Program – If you think your child would enjoy some fun parent-directed learning (that looks a lot like crafts), you’ll want to check out this free Tot School Program. It requires little more than the basics such as play dough and crayons and will help you to teach your little one his colors and counting from one to five!

FREE Printable Pack for There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves – If your kids love the silly Old Lady story books they will really enjoy this one that is themed for Fall.

Community Helpers Time Puzzles -These Community Helpers Time Puzzles are so much fun! Kids will love to play this game while they learn!

FREE Alphabet Mazes Worksheets and Writing Practice – Mazes are a great way for your preschoolers to practice their fine motor and writing skills.This set of Alphabet Worksheets from Tot Schooling includes 26 pages, each featuring a maze that is an image of an animal or object matching the letter sound.

FREE Animal Themed ABC Printables and Crafts – These animal themed ABC printables are perfect for helping your preschoolers learn their ABC’s! They will also look adorable hanging up in a school room.

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Clip Cards {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet} – Learning sounds is the first step to good language development. These Beginning Sounds Alphabet Clip Cards encourage children to practice their letter recognition skills and associate beginning letter sounds with easy to recognize images.

3 Reasons Phonics Based Apps are Good for Preschoolers – We have found that our young children learn best when they are interactive. Whether by games we play at the table or on an app, they learn best when “doing”. I imagine many other children are this way, which is why we encourage the use of educational apps. Not use as a replacement for learning, but as an extension.

FREE Upper Grade Resources

FREE Printable List Ideas for College Care Packages – Do you have an older child that is away to college for the first time? College Care packages are a great way to send some love and encouragement to your college aged child while they are away.

How to Create a Paragraph FREE Printable Chart for Middle School – Does your teen have trouble coming up with ideas to put into paragraphs? Do they get easily overwhelmed and need help organizing their individual paragraphs?If you have a child that struggles staying on task with their writing and needs some organizational help this chart should be a great help.

FREE Car Maintenance Lesson for Teens: Winterize Your Car – Do you have a teen that is about to start driving, or one that is already driving, but about to leave on their own? Car Maintenance is an important life skill that we need to teach our teens before they leave the nest.

FREE Book Review Writing Prompts for High School Students – A fun activity for your teens is to have them learn how to write reviews by writing a book review. This is much different than a standard book report and they may like it even better!

FREE American History and Government Curriculum for Highschool – Get this FREE high-school-level curriculum in American History and Government for your homeschool. The curriculum uses primary sources to guide students through the history of our great nation.This FREE highschool history curriculum is one credit in American History.

FREE Holiday & Seasonal Resources

FREE Thanksgiving Math & Logic Puzzles – Looking for a fun, yet challenging way to stretch your kids’ brains this Thanksgiving? Why not take a break from the normal math routine to work on your logical reasoning skills?

Christmas Tree Decorating Activity with FREE Printable – Children love to decorate the Christmas tree! Why not offer an alternative like this Christmas Tree Decorating Activity with free printable?

Christmas Activities & Fine Motor Skills Practice Printable – Kids will really enjoy these awesome Christmas Activities & Fine Motor Skills Practice Printable because not only do they practice cutting, but they can also create fun things out of their cut-outs!

How to Host the Holidays Like a Pro with FREE Printable Planner – Get all organized this holiday season with this FREE printable planner.

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Finger Puzzles – The kids can have Thanksgiving fun with this cute finger puzzle.

DIY Turkey Crayon Jar and FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages – A kid’s table is also a way to let adults and older family members have some fellowship time together. This cute craft wwill keep the younger ones busy!

Creative Homeschooling with the Seasons with FREE Printable Pack – Wherever you live and whatever season you are experiencing, you can incorporate it into your homeschool!

FREE Christmas Kindness Planner – Are you ready to make a difference with your kids this Christmas season? This Kindness Planner helps you do just that! With acts of kindness cards and a blessings list, these are absolutely perfect for bringing and teaching some extra joy this year.

FREE Thanksgiving Learning Pack for Preschoolers – Get kids in the holiday spirit with this fun Thanksgiving-themed learning pack designed with your preschoolers in mind!With this 25+ page preschool learning pack, your young learners will focus on early math and literacy skills with a fun Thanksgiving theme!

FREE and Cheap Thanksgiving Cookbooks for Kindle – Get ready for your Thanksgiving dinner with this wonderful collection of Thanksgiving cookbooks!

Perfect & Easy Thanksgiving Breakfast – Soaked Apple Cinnamon or Cherry Almond Baked Oatmeal Recipe (A Make-Ahead Breakfast!)

Homeschool & Homemaking Encouragement

Yes, Homeschooling Your Child With Autism Is Possible – If homeschooling has always been a desire of yours, but you feel ill-equipped to do so because your child has autism, don’t despair! That dream doesn’t have to die. You can do it, and your child can thrive under your leadership! Be encouraged!

10 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Are Broke – I love to pick up new tips on saving money here and there. I may not always be in a season of need, but it’s wonderful to scrimp in areas that don’t matter so that I can have a little extra in areas that do matter to me!

Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Laundry Tricks – Check out these laundry tricks. You may a few of them, but chances are that you haven’t heard all of them. You may be able to find a few things that will make your life easier!

4 Ways to De-Junk Your Kids’ Lives Without Being a Total Killjoy – Nowadays, toys and little do-hickeys are so easy to accumulate – from kids meals, garage sales, the dollar store, and grandparents – that it can be hard to keep a check on them. They can overtake a bedroom! Here are four ways to de-junk your kids’ lives without being a total killjoy.

How to Keep Your Home Mess-Free and Clean While Raising Kids – Not only are most homeschool mamas home all day where messes are made by living people, but we also have to store all of our curriculum and homeschool materials. Find great tips for keeping the chaos at bay.

How to Organize the Laundry Room – Your laundry room doesn’t have to look like a wreck! I love these tipss and ideas.

DIY Prepared Meals to Go – With a little planning ahead, you can have easy, convenient, and healthy meals just waiting to feed your family!

6 Ways to Give Generously While On a Budget – Here are some ways that will help you to give and do for others while still living within your means.

The ULTIMATE Instant Pot Round-Up: Tips, Techniques, Recipes, & Meal Plans – If you have an Instant Pot – this round-up of over 600 recipes (by category/meal), meal plans, and tips is sur to be a treasure trove of resources for your home!

Fun Giveaways to Enter

Dover Publications Giveaway & Coupon Code – This giveaway would make the perfect Christmas present!

Crafty & Creative Goodness

8 Cold Weather Clothing Hacks – Take heed of these 8 Cold Weather Clothing Hacks. They’re smart and cute and could make all the difference in your fashionable cold weather survival!

Pretty Pinecone Winter Crafts – Fun nature study craft time ideas.

45+ Beginner Crochet Projects – If you are a beginner looking for some fun projects – check this out.

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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