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Earn over 25,000 Plenti Points at Rite Aid this week (worth at least $250!)

(Note: This post and giveaway were sponsored by MARC USA and Rite Aid. Read our disclosure policy here.)

Calling all Rite Aid shoppers! Get super excited for some amazing savings, because Rite Aid is running a Plenti Points Palooza during the entire month of September!

Every week, Rite Aid will be running a different Plenti Points promotion:

  • Week of 9/3 (this week!) — There are 25,000+ individual Plenti Points offers worth at least $250.
  • Week of 9/10 — Earn 2000 Plenti Points when you buy $50 worth of participating items (Limit 2 per household).
  • Week of 9/17 — There will be a minimum of 20,000 in individual Plenti Points offers worth at least $200.
  • Week of 9/24 — There will be a minimum of 20,000 in individual Plenti Points offers worth at least $200.

Be on the lookout for the details of each promotion in the weekly ad and at your local Rite Aid store! You can also go HERE to check out each week’s deals when they go live. The Plenti Points Palooza deals will reset each Sunday morning at 12:01 a.m CT.

I haven’t shopped at Rite Aid at all as much as I’ve shopped at Walgreens and CVS, mostly because when I was really playing the Drugstore Game in earnest, we didn’t have a Rite Aid in our state. So I had to just see the photos and hear about the great deals from friends and family who did have a Rite Aid.

So I feel like I’m still a Rite Aid newbie… and being back in the store and trying to calculate the deals minus the Plenti points & manufacturer’s coupons and figuring out the best scenarios brought back fond memories of when I was learning how to play the drugstore game at CVS and Walgreens so many years ago when Jesse was in law school!

Here are some things I learned:

  1. The shelves are very clearly marked with the deals. I was so grateful that not only were the deals listed in the ad, but the shelves also had tags that spelled out the deal details and also told you what the limits were.
  2. Sign up ahead of time for your Plenti card. You can sign up in-store to get your Plenti card, however, I would recommend doing it ahead of time because some of the deals require you to load coupons to your card via your account. This is very simple to do, but it’s much easier to do ahead of time.
  3. They calculate the Plenti points based upon the non-percentage off price. By this, I mean that if it says you must buy $18 worth of products to get 400 Plenti points (worth at least $4) and some of the products are on sale Buy One, Get One 50% off, they will calculate your total toward the Plenti points purchase BEFORE they take off the 50% off. I looked online while at the store to verify this and couldn’t find this online, but that’s how it worked out on my receipt.
  4. They give you a detailed breakdown on your receipt. I loved how they tell you on your receipt exactly how many Plenti points you earned. So if you’re not sure if you did a deal right, you can check your receipt as soon as you check out to verify.

They had all of their summer items marked down by 75%! There were a LOT of great deals in this section! We picked up popsicle molds for just $0.50 after this discount!

My Favorite Deals This Week

Three of my favorite deals at Rite Aid this week are on Crest toothpaste, Oral-B toothbrushes, and Crest mouthwash or Oral-B Glide Floss. You can get all of them for FREE after the Load2Card coupons and Plenti points.

Here are the details on these three deals:

Deal #1

Buy 1 Crest Toothpaste (select varieties — look for the marked tags on the shelf) — $4 with your Rite Aid card
Load the $2 off coupon to your account before purchasing
Spend $2 + tax out of pocket, Get 200 Plenti points (equal to at least $2)

Deal #2

Buy 1 Oral-B Toothbrush (select varieties — look for the marked tags on the shelf) — $4 with your Rite Aid card
Load the $1 off coupon to your account before purchasing
Spend $3 + tax out of pocket, Get 300 Plenti points (equal to at least $3)

Deal #3

Buy 1 Oral-B Glide Floss or Crest Mouthwash (select varieties — look for the marked tags on the shelf) — $4 with your Rite Aid card
Load the $1 off coupon to your account before purchasing
Spend $3 + tax out of pocket, Get 300 Plenti points (equal to at least $3)

You can do each of these three deals two times — which means that you can get six items for free after the Load2Card coupon and the Plenti points!

My kids were QUITE excited with the deals I got using the Plenti offers — especially since I bought some treats that I usually never would buy (hello, Oreos and frozen pizzas!)

Watch my Facebook Live video below for all of the details on each of the deals I got this week:

If you haven’t been to Rite Aid in awhile, this week is a GREAT week to go! And in case you needed an extra incentive, I’m giving a $200 gift card away, too!

Want to win a $200 Rite Aid gift card?

I have a $200 Rite Aid gift card to give away to one reader! It’s really simple to enter! Just leave a comment on this post telling us which Plenti deal you’re most excited about snagging this week at Rite Aid!

One winner will be selected in a random drawing from all entries received at the link above on or before September 8, 2017.

This giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted.

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  • Mandi says:

    I snagged all the Crest deals.

  • Jenniffer says:

    I used to be a Rite Aid shopper several years ago, and with these deals, I will have to shop there again. I need dental floss and new toothbrushes desperately!

  • Christine says:

    Digiorno pizza!!

  • Colleen M says:

    I actually love getting deals on Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash to give for donations!! I love getting all the great drugstore deals.

  • Melody Benschoter says:

    My kids would vote for the Oreos!

  • Amy says:

    The floss deals. That is one thing I don’t realize we need to buy until we are out. Thanks.

  • Patti Labellarte says:

    I will run right across the street (I am fortunate to live within running distance) and I’ll RUN and snatch up all of the best deals. Checking out those great Crest/toothbrush deals. Great stocking stuffers!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Ben & Jerry’s? Yes please. 🙂

  • Charlene says:

    Mouthwash, toothbrushes , toothpaste, floss as I can donate those. Also the dove deal as my household can always use soap and makes for great donations!! I do t have a Walgreens or CVS close to me so I have had to learn to shop at Rite Aid :-).

  • Jennifer says:

    I love the clearance items. There are usually great deals at the end of the season.

  • Erica Hunt says:

    I’m ready for the Gatorade and Crest deals. I love the Plent Points program because you can use the points in more than one place.

  • Lzbacnik says:

    I quit Rite Aid and went to Wags and CVS. I am excited to try them again. I hope they have become coupon friendly again.
    I want to try the Digiorno Pizza deal.

  • Debbi says:

    I love Rite Aid now that I’m a seasoned shopper there! I’ll be getting the free toothpaste and my favorite vitamins.

  • Donna Howard says:

    I like the pizza and Gatorade deal’s!

  • Nicole Rowles says:

    The toothbrush deals look great to me, but my kids would probably vote for the Oreo’s!

  • Smita Arun says:

    Crest and Oral B products. Thanks for these scenarios .I’m all set to get these items for a great price.

  • Smita Arun says:

    All the Crest and Oral B products.Thanks for sharing these scenarios.

  • Karen says:

    I haven’t shopped RiteAid since they switched to PlentiPoints. I’m excited to get back into the drugstore game! I’m gonna snag the Crest mouthwash deal.

  • Kerri says:

    I Love Rite aid! The Oreos and pizza deal will be loved in my house as well!!

  • Dana C says:

    The Oral B Glide Floss picks! Most the other deals come around often; but it’s rare to be able to get (the good) floss picks for free!! I’ve been obsessed with Rite Aid & their Plenti points program since it started a little over a year ago!!

  • Anisha says:

    Definitely the toothbrushes and mouth wash! I love plenti points because I can use it at Macy’s to buy clothes 🙂

  • Mary says:

    I need some new toothbrushes. Seems like we run out of the family stock all at once.
    Plenty points are great! You can earn/spend them at a bunch of places.

  • Jennifer says:

    Going to get all of the crest deals!


    My 3 boys voted for Oreo cookies, I love ❤️ ice cream so Ben & Jerrys is the deal for me. Also we are in desperate need for new toothbrushes & toothpaste. My family of 5 on a single income could definitely use a $200 gift card. Thanks for being so thoughtful ?

  • Irina says:

    My favorite deal was toothbrush and toothpaste! We were low on those, so great timing!

  • Trish Kerecz says:

    Definitely the Crest/Oral B Floss & Toothbrush deals (I’m getting tired of Colgate anyway!) But seriously, I stock up on this stuff when it’s free and give it away to my friends who live in the mountains and don’t have a Rite Aid anywhere near them.

  • Trish Kerecz says:

    Definitely the Crest/Oral B Floss & Toothbrushes (I’m getting tired of Colgate anyways!) But seriously, I constantly stock up when Rite Aid has toothpaste on sale and various coupons/Plenti points make it free. Then I give it away to my friends who live in the mountains and don’t have easy access to a Rite Aid!

  • Cheryl says:

    I did the Crest and Oral B also but really loved the Nature Made Vitamins deal. They are BOGO FREE plus when you spend 30 you get 1000 Plenti Points. I was able to replenish the vitamins my dad takes daily as well as my grandmother for less than half what it usually costs! Thank you Riteaid!

  • Amanda says:

    The pizza and Gatorade!!

  • Edwina Mckoy-Coston says:

    Excited about the Crest toothpaste and mouthwash.

  • Ellisha says:

    Glide floss!

  • Angela says:

    the crest toothpaste deal is a great one. You can’t beat free!

  • Kristen says:

    Toothbrushes and floss!

  • Karen Luedy says:

    Can never have enough toothpaste, so my favorite was the crest deal.

  • Linda Dickens-Gaul says:

    I loved the toothpaste and toothbrush deals this week at RA

  • Melissa Bieniek says:

    I would like the gatorade and crest deals

  • Melissa Bieniek says:

    I would enjoy the crest deals