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5 Things I’m Loving This Week (+ one thing I’m NOT loving!)

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

1. Flowers From Silas

This child. He went to a Royals game with Jesse last weekend. He brought me home these flowers that he bought for me with his own money.

Jesse said it was all Silas’ own idea. (Jesse also said he tried to talk Silas out of it because they were kind of expensive but Silas had his mind made up!)

There are days when being a mom is crazy hard, but moments like this make it all worth it. {Excuse the Cheerios on the floor. #RealLife}

5 Things I'm Loving This Week5 Things I'm Loving

2. My 8-Year-Old In-House Hairstylist

Kaitlynn has spent hours this week working on perfecting some new braids and I’ve been her hair model to practice on — which I’ve been happy to do!

I love this girl’s creativity and how she is always trying new things, experimenting with ways to add more beauty to our lives, and forever thinking outside the box. She constantly inspires me!

Plus, having an in-house hairstylist is sure nice! 🙂
5 Things I'm Loving This Week

3. A Box of Ice Cream From a Friend!

Oh my goodness!! Look what showed up at our door this week?!?!?!

Friends who ship you 8 cartons of special, incredibly delicious ice cream just because are friends for LIFE.

Ice cream is my love language, in case you didn’t know! And this is exactly just what I needed to carry me through Book Launch Week!

Thank you so much, Kristi! Pretty sure my kids think you are the coolest person ever (no pun intended!)

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

4. Rejoicing in the Small Victories

I snapped this picture earlier this week because I wanted to document that our bed was made before noon.
Because when it’s been one of “those weeks”, you gotta look for victories wherever you can find them. 🙂


5 Things I'm Loving This Week

5. Friends Who Celebrate With You

Launching a book into the world is a sort of a scary thing. You pour your heart onto paper. You have to spend months editing and re-editing. Then it goes to the printers.

And you sort of wonder why on earth you ever got the crazy idea to sign that book contract. Because once the thing is published, you can’t edit or delete like you can on a blog.

But then, friends make videos like this one and post them on the internet and you forget all about being scared and you just laugh and smile and celebrate that the book is D-O-N-E and that other people are so excited about it with you.

(And it also reminds you of how important it is to remember to take time and make time to celebrate others, too! Because it means so much!)

One Thing I’m Not Loving: Termites

Our furnace is finally fixed (it only took multiple guys and 5 visits on 5 different days to get it fixed!!!) but… drumroll… We also found out the same day that our furnace finally got fixed that we have termites. Really bad termites.

{Although I’m not sure that there’s such a thing as “not really bad termites!”}

Our poor landlords! They have been the most gracious people ever, but I’m sure they just cringe anytime their phone rings with our number!!

What are you loving this week? Tell us in the comments.

“In the absence of data, we make up stories.”

Rising Strong

So I’m a little behind in posting about our Book Club Book this week, but folks, this book is messing with me in so many good ways. I decided to extend this book club book through the next week since I don’t want to rush through this book.

And oh my goodness! I have underlined and dog-eared more pages than I probably ever have in any other book. And then I keep taking screenshots and texting them to people or reading the quotes aloud to my husband.

Yes, this book is good stuff. So good, in fact, that I just bought it for two people this week!

I read chapters 3-6 the past few days and it’s hard for me to pick just a few quotes to share. But I’ll try:

Rising Strong

“Compassionate people ask for what they need. They say no when they need to, and when they say yes they mean it. They’re compassionate because their boundaries keep them out of resentment.”

Whoa. This was hard-hitting. And a good inspiration to set and keep boundaries.

“In the absence of data, we always make up stories.”

How much of the time do we jump to conclusions and start concocting stories about a situation — when we haven’t taken the time to fact-check and make sure that are assumptions are actually true?

This book has really challenged me in this regard. I realized how many times, I’ve not done my due diligence to check data and make sure I’ve gotten my facts and stories straight. I can let my brain run wild with stories that aren’t true — just based upon a small little thing.

For instance, if I’m in a situation with a friend and she acts kind of cold toward me, I have sometimes made up a big story — that I’ve offended her, that she doesn’t like me, that she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore… when it could just be that she has something hard going on and she’s struggling with it. Or maybe she has been hurt by me about something. But I’ll never know unless I ask instead of just make up stories.

Rising Strong

And finally, the above quote was really, really good. Powerful stuff.

We’ll slowly work our way through chapters 7-11 over the next week. I’ll be scoping about them and blogging about them a few times next week.

Are you reading this book right now? If so, I’d love to hear what’s impacting and challenging you.

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How I Get a Day Off From Cooking Without Breaking the Bank


Guest post from Julia of Swirls and Spice

After I married my husband, he suggested that I stop cooking on Sundays. This was an adjustment for me, and somewhat surprising since both of us come from families where our mothers served a traditional Sunday dinner after church.

Furthermore, cooking is one of my favorite parts of homemaking, and yielding control of the kitchen is not easy for me. However, after making this our Sunday habit, I am thankful for the blessings of rest and refreshment that have come.

Four children and several moves later, we now find ourselves in the suburbs of Chicago, where the restaurant selection is amazing and quite enticing.

However, feeding six people isn’t cheap when we are intentionally not cooking at home. Eating out four to five times a month was costing us nearly $300 — and that figure was separate from our grocery budget, which covered all of our other meals at home.

Living on one income and spending so much money on restaurant food was simply not sustainable.

After pondering our predicament, my husband came up with a cost-cutting strategy that still gives me a break from the kitchen on Sundays. We get take-out food for one meal, and heat up prepared meals for the other. The take-out food could be anything from fried rice to Papa John’s pizza; and for the other meal, we rotate between several different convenience foods like Hot Pockets and taquitos.

After taking these measures, our restaurant spending went down by half. (September’s total was just $136.)

My husband also has taken charge of microwaving or baking the food we eat on Sunday. However, our older children are also capable of following the heating directions if we ever decide to go that route.

At the end of the day, I am thankful that we get two hot meals without me working in the kitchen for the whole day. After my break, I’m recharged to plan the remaining meals for the week, which I enjoy preparing mostly from scratch with whole food ingredients.

Living debt-free doesn’t necessarily mean a family has to stop eating from restaurants. So much of developing a budget comes down to prioritizing what your values are.

By tracking our spending and planning carefully, it is possible to live inside our means and not feel guilty about taking a day off from cooking. The resulting freedom helps me to move beyond survival mode and avoid burnout as I serve my family.

Developing recipes with healthy, affordable ingredients is one of Julia’s favorite pursuits. At her blog, Swirls and Spice, you’ll find a growing collection of dairy-free recipes.

photo source

Q&A: “Do you think it’s ok to go into debt to start a business?”

This is a point that many, many people may disagree with me on…but I do not think it’s ever okay to go into debt in order to start up a business.

If you don’t have the money needed for your start-up idea, go back to the drawing board. Downsize your idea, or work hard over the next 6 months in order to save up the money needed in order to start your business.

Watch my video above for more practical information on how to start a business without going into debt.

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