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Tonight’s $66 Publix Shopping Trip (Yikes! Help a Publix newbie out!)

Publix Shopping Trip

So, I ventured out to do my first real grocery shopping trip in Tennessee tonight. I had Silas and Kaitlynn in tow and had planned to go to Aldi. However, for some reason, I was thinking ALDI was open until 9 p.m.

I waited to go until later so that we’d miss the crazy traffic. Well, we waited a little too long, because by the time we found the ALDI, it was 8:03 and they were standing at the door locking up.

Gulp. On to Plan B.

Which was, um, non-existent. Yep, I’m all organized like that today!

{Word to the wise: Not having a Plan B is never a good plan for grocery shopping!}

Since we were completely out of some essentials and we have guests coming over to our house all afternoon and evening tomorrow, I knew waiting until tomorrow to go to Aldi wasn’t going to work.

So, I got on my phone and starting searching for nearby grocery stores. I was so excited to locate a Publix nearby.

In fact, I let out a little cry of excitement, “Yay! I’ve never been to Publix before!!”

We trooped in, armed with a list and lots of excitement.

And I started looking at the produce section for the produce deals. I kept looking, and looking, and looking.

In fact, I spent so much time looking, that a kind Publix employee came over and asked what he could help me find. I wanted to say, “The good deals. Can you help me find them? Because I’m having a little trouble locating them.”

But alas, I held my tongue. 🙂

Publix Shopping Trip

Here’s what I ended up buying:

Publix Shopping Trip

Ground Turkey — $4.49
Ground Sirloin — $6.31
Frozen Veggies — $1.59
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Spaghetti Sauce — $1.39
Parmesan Cheese – $2.79
Milk — $3.59
Carrots — $0.99
Cheddar Cheese — $2.50
Mozzarella Cheese — $5.99
Eggs x 2 — $2.79 each
Romaine Hearts — $3.49
Apples ($1.69/lb.) — $5.51
Bacon — $5.49
Yogurt — $1.50
Supergreens — $3.69
Pepperoni — $3.69

Tax: $4.47

Total with Tax: $66.06

Clearly, I need some help in learning how to find good deals at Publix as these prices are almost all quite a bit more than I’d typically pay. But I price-compared everything and am pretty sure I got the best deal Publix had to offer tonight.

So, help a girl out: how do you get bargains at Publix? Are there certain items you find regularly to be well-priced at Publix? What sites have the best Publix deals match-ups? I welcome all tips and suggestions.

Also, for those of you in Nashville area: What are your favorite grocery stores to shop at? Should I just stick with ALDI?

Thanks so much for your help — I so appreciate it!

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  • Laura says:

    I don’t remember the last time I bought meat at Publix — it’s never the cheapest place to buy meat. But their store brands tend to be better quality than other store brands, and their produce is usually better quality than elsewhere. I like the BOGO sales — at Publix they treat that as a half price sale, so you don’t have to get an even number to get the sale.

    I always go to Publix when it’s raining. Their customer service is definitely the best, and that REALLY matters in a rainshower! The store owns umbrellas for the purpose of helping customers out.

  • Jill says:

    I shop at Publix regularly here right outside Nashville area, and you may stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, as well as them accepting Kroger store coupons as their own, so that can add up to decent savings here in TN. The BOGO gets you in as their loss leaders, but if you have coupons to stack with the BOGO, that adds up too, especially on cereal which they have as a BOGO item quite a bit. I agree on the produce not being an exceptional bargain by any means!

    I took my first trip to ALDI a couple wks ago and did not find the produce deals that many speak of…it was a very small store and seemed picked over when I went, so it may have just been a timing factor. The meat looked decent and I did get some pork for a great deal.

    WELCOME to the Nashville ‘area’, you will really love it here! I moved here from PA in the 90’s and have never looked back!!!

  • Tami says:

    Love Publix too! Great customer service! I am a mystery shopper and evaluate Publix stores frequently. The employees are very well trained and I look for certain things thAt Publix corporate strives to have their stores represent!

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned the penny deals… Not sure if they do it in TN…. Ask your local store.

    Also register at cuz you can “clip” coupons and get them taken off by using your phone number at checkout… Saves even when you forget your paper coupons!!

  • Kim says: shows all deals at each grocery store and matches the current deals to coupons.

    • Ann says:

      I have been shopping Publix here in GA for several years with help from and save THOUSANDS each year by couponing and buying with the sale cycles. Give it a try! And Publix does have good meat sales from time to time, so I stock up when they roll around!

    • Karen D. says:

      I second Also I never buy meat at Publix. I live in an area of Florida without much competition for Publix, but find better deals at Whole Foods on much better meat.

      Definitely BOGOs at Publix, combining Publix coupons with manufacturer’s, plus check out your Publix and see which stores it considers competitors. Ours takes Winn Dixie, Whole Foods, and Target.

  • Carla Parker-Kite says:

    Crystal – We love Publix. Remember, they take Kroger and Target coupons that you can stack. The deals are out there, as well as their BOGO. Our Publix always has better produce and meats than any other grocery store, but they aren’t the cheapest unfortunately. Good luck!

  • Kathy says:

    We do not have publix in VA. We do have Food Lion, but I don’t know if you have it there. I like Food Lion because they frequently have bogo deals and they ring up 1/2 price each item and you can use coupons on both items. A favorite web site for matchup here in the South east is Southern Savers. Jenny is great. Welcome to the South East from your southern VA. Neighbor!

  • Publix reminds me a lot of Dillons. Sometimes they have really good produce deals but you have to watch for them. The ones in South Carolina used to double coupons, I don’t know if they do anymore or if they do in TN. They also have marked down bins somewhere. And lastly, they did BOGO which coupled with coupons could be really good.

  • Michelle says:

    I grew up in the land of only Publix! Yes, really, Publix is the only full sized grocer in most areas of central florida. We did get aldi a few years ago and that helped, but they don’t carry everything. Publix is a great store and strives to do whatever it takes for the customer, however, it comes with a price. Only buy loss leaders and items you can stack Q’s on. Their BOGOs are great, but generally meat and produce are double what you would expect. It’s been an eye opener since we just recently moved out of state and I have more stores than I want to choose from now! I found that a Sams club card paid for itself in just a few months to yes for buying meat (sams $1.98 lb chicken breast vs. Publix $5.29 lb chicken breast). Also, they don’t do markdowns at Publix. They want customers to only gave the best available, so anything nearing expiration or less than perfect gets donated or discarded. If something rings up incorrectly, they give to to you for free! Also, you MUST try a publix sub (I suggest the Italian)! They are such a big desk that publix is starting to build stand alone sub shops in orlando!

  • Shawn says: does a great job matching sales with manufacturer, store and competitor coupons.

  • Katy says:

    Generally, I have found that I do a once a month stock up at Publix on things that Aldi doesn’t have. I always shop their ad before doing this to ensure I am getting the best bang for my buck! Good luck!

  • Jonna says:

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned that Jenny @ southernsavers has a $1.00 or less post for Publix & Kroger. I’ve started to use those as guides when I shop at Publix since the closest one to my house is 30 miles away (one way). I want to get the most for my dollar! God Bless! 🙂

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