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Tonight’s $66 Publix Shopping Trip (Yikes! Help a Publix newbie out!)

Publix Shopping Trip

So, I ventured out to do my first real grocery shopping trip in Tennessee tonight. I had Silas and Kaitlynn in tow and had planned to go to Aldi. However, for some reason, I was thinking ALDI was open until 9 p.m.

I waited to go until later so that we’d miss the crazy traffic. Well, we waited a little too long, because by the time we found the ALDI, it was 8:03 and they were standing at the door locking up.

Gulp. On to Plan B.

Which was, um, non-existent. Yep, I’m all organized like that today!

{Word to the wise: Not having a Plan B is never a good plan for grocery shopping!}

Since we were completely out of some essentials and we have guests coming over to our house all afternoon and evening tomorrow, I knew waiting until tomorrow to go to Aldi wasn’t going to work.

So, I got on my phone and starting searching for nearby grocery stores. I was so excited to locate a Publix nearby.

In fact, I let out a little cry of excitement, “Yay! I’ve never been to Publix before!!”

We trooped in, armed with a list and lots of excitement.

And I started looking at the produce section for the produce deals. I kept looking, and looking, and looking.

In fact, I spent so much time looking, that a kind Publix employee came over and asked what he could help me find. I wanted to say, “The good deals. Can you help me find them? Because I’m having a little trouble locating them.”

But alas, I held my tongue. 🙂

Publix Shopping Trip

Here’s what I ended up buying:

Publix Shopping Trip

Ground Turkey — $4.49
Ground Sirloin — $6.31
Frozen Veggies — $1.59
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Spaghetti Sauce — $1.39
Parmesan Cheese – $2.79
Milk — $3.59
Carrots — $0.99
Cheddar Cheese — $2.50
Mozzarella Cheese — $5.99
Eggs x 2 — $2.79 each
Romaine Hearts — $3.49
Apples ($1.69/lb.) — $5.51
Bacon — $5.49
Yogurt — $1.50
Supergreens — $3.69
Pepperoni — $3.69

Tax: $4.47

Total with Tax: $66.06

Clearly, I need some help in learning how to find good deals at Publix as these prices are almost all quite a bit more than I’d typically pay. But I price-compared everything and am pretty sure I got the best deal Publix had to offer tonight.

So, help a girl out: how do you get bargains at Publix? Are there certain items you find regularly to be well-priced at Publix? What sites have the best Publix deals match-ups? I welcome all tips and suggestions.

Also, for those of you in Nashville area: What are your favorite grocery stores to shop at? Should I just stick with ALDI?

Thanks so much for your help — I so appreciate it!

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  • Kelley says:

    I cannot say enough good about Publix. And I save money there, too! I do shop at two stores, to be sure I’m getting the lowest prices I can. Their BOGO sales are great and there always good match-ups. They take store and manufacturer coupons. Their food is fresh. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted carrying just-bought rotten meat and produce back to Bi-Lo and Ingles.

    This morning, my groceries there cost $32 and I saved $45 with sales/coupons.

    And on top of it, I came out to the car with a completely flat tire. I went back in to see if anyone could help me. The assistant store manager was out there two minutes later, laying on the ground, sweating. He did the whole thing, wouldn’t let me help. That’s the kind of store Publix is, at least my Publix.

    • Publix’s slogan is, “Where shopping is a pleasure!” I wholeheartedly agree, and love shopping there.

      I love that the store manager helped you with your tire! It just goes to prove that their slogan is true. Their employees are always so friendly and helpful.

    • Jennifer B. says:

      Please be sure to share that compliment with Publix! As I recall (we don’t have Publix stores here), Publix is employee owned, but I think hearing good things about their employees going WAY above and beyond is appreciated.

      • Donna says:

        Actually, when management gets a compliment about a specific employee, the employee often gets a reward (I think they still do that). My husband works there. Pass on the compliments 🙂

      • gina says:

        yes, they do!!! In fact, i called once to compliment some employees at my store…and later found out that they were rewarded with a free lunch from their deli!!! That’s the way they make sure that the customers stay happy!!!

    • Jennifer K. says:

      I live in Nashville and I shop almost exclusively at Kroger. I’ve found that I find the best deals there especially with their digital coupons. Publix just can’t beat their prices. Publix does have superior customer service, though. No doubt about that.

    • Candice says:

      I completely agree. I’m on the east side of the Nashville Metro area, and I shop between Publix and Aldi. With the changes in Kroger’s coupon policy and inconsistent produce quality (at least at mine) I’ve given up trying to get a good deal at Kroger.

      Not to try to suggest a competing blog, but has printable shopping lists with all the sales listed along with the coupons available for that item. You can check off what you want and make a shopping list of just those items. It’s pretty nifty. 😀 Unfortunately, she really only caters to stores in the south, but Publix is one of them.

      Although the produce is more expensive, if it’s something I need to last for a while, I do pick it up at Publix (if it’s on sale.) Aldi’s is great for produce if you hit it at the right time, but sometimes we get stuff that only lasts a day or two.

      I’m also picky about what I get where. Snacks and most staples are from Aldi, but Publix is great for sales on creamer, milk, cereal, olive oil, pasta, pasta sauce, and soup. Oh, and paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels, and prepared meats like bacon and hot dogs. 🙂

  • Terra says:

    We always love shopping at Publix when we’re at our condo in Ormond. We always treat it as a vacation, so I don’t sweat it when I spend more on groceries. I treat normal grocery stores differently than I would Walmart or Aldi. I base my shopping lists on the sales. And a lot of the time, I can combine a coupon on sale items. I shop like that mostly, as I prefer that method. I’m not an Aldi fan. We have a Safeway here, and I don’t know if Publix has this, but they have a website for members and you had coupons directly onto your shopping card. I save a ton of money that way. I think it’s up to you. It’s all about what makes you comfortable and if you have normal things you buy every week, then my method isn’t going to work for you as regular priced stuff always costs more in typical grocery stores. If your method has been working for you all these years, and clearly it has, then I’d save Publix for last minute purchases or to just take advantage of certain sales.

    • Diana says:

      I agree with “save Publix for last minute purchases or to just take advantage of certain sales.” I’m in North Alabama, so a lot of our ad prices would be similar to yours.

      Since you have an Aldi, you will almost definitely find lower prices there on produce than Kroger or Publix will ever give you. I’d say stick with your old plan for doing most shopping at Aldi and checking other store ads for their current deals to see if anything’s worth the extra trip. You will definitely find Publix produce to be good quality, and the sales are usually cheaper than Kroger’s. But Publix’s BOGO on many things can’t be beat by much (condiments, Bird’s Eye veggies, crackers, bottled juice, etc.)

      I buy most of my groceries at Kroger since we’re too far away to make Aldi feasible often, but about half the time I also head to Publix for some produce (usually seasonal fruit) and boxed/canned/bottled items (often with coupons for those things, too).

  • Mandi says:

    For me, one of the best ways to save is to match up BOGOs with coupons. You can use a Publix and manufactures coupon for both items, so if there are coupons out you could potentially use 4 coupons for a pair of BOGO items. As for competitors coupons, you’ll have to ask the local Publix which competitors they accept… it varies from store to store. I frequently get good deals this way and I’m SO EXCITED to (hopefully0 start seeing some weekly deals for Publix from you now… been waiting forever for this :))

    • Christie says:

      At Publix you have to shop for the bogo items and you can get paper and digital coupons that you can stack with your manufacture coupons. the produce is better quality than anywhere else but cost quite a bit more than Aldi. Their coupon policy is extremely friendly

      • Crissy Stout says:

        Regarding paper, digital, and manufacturer coupons….my Publix told me that most of the digital coupons are manufacturer coupons now so they will no longer accept all 3 at once.

        Since you are outside of Florida, I believe you will see that one item is on sale each week for only $0.01. BOGOs are the definite secret though!

        In Florida, Walmart will match Publix BOGOs. I’m not sure if they do in Tennessee.

    • Casey says:

      yay! Me too!! I can’t WAIT to learn from Money Saving Mom on how to shop better at my favorite grocery store!!

      They aren’t cheap but Publix Subs are the BEST FOOD EVER!!! They have a cult following…

  • I use for Publix deals. I tend to find better Manager’s Special markdowns at Kroger (in fact, I have never found any at Publix, at least not on produce), so it is my main grocery store. I only hit up Publix when there are really good BOGO deals + coupon matchups. In that case, though, it is really easy to save ~75%!

  • Rachel Robinson says:

    I miss Publix! They are not close enough here for it to be worth it. I saved more money there than I seem to at Kroger. (Don’t have an Aldi.) Their sales and store coupons help a lot! There produce is pricey but good. However, I do love the managers specials I get on meat and produce at Kroger. I think you will have to go several times to get a feel for the store and how they do things. Don’t give up on them yet!

  • Congrats on your first real grocery trip in TN!

    I live close to Nashville and do most of my shopping at Publix and Aldi! I’m a huge fan of Publix, but not when I’m buying everyday staples and produce. (I stick to Aldi for that.)

    As stated above, the trick to shopping at Publix is shopping their BOGO deals. And as Laura said, Southern Savers is my go-to site for match-ups. If there’s a Target near the store, more than likely you can pair a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon (just ask at customer service).

    From following your blog for a while, I don’t believe your family eats a lot of processed foods. To be honest, most of the time that’s what you’ll find with their BOGO deals. That being said, you can find sales on their produce (I’ve never seen any markdowns/clearance at my store) and they also have BOGO deals on frozen veggies quite frequently.

    My husband likes Boars Head meat and I’ve found that their prices are cheaper than Kroger, so that’s one of the staples I buy every week.

    Welcome to TN Crystal!

  • Sarah S says:

    I checked to see if there is a Kroger store near Nashville and there are several. I typically shop 4 stores, walgreens, king soopers (a kroger store), dollar tree and sams club. The kroger store doesn’t always have the best deals but they run pretty good deals and ads change on Wednesdays, plus you gain gas points, always helpful. Hope this helps. I’ve learned so much from your site and shopping trips that it’s become a hobby!

  • Christine says:

    Their BOGO deals are great but honesty compels me to admit that you can save a lot of money if you do your shopping elsewhere. Even so, I am a loyal Publix shopper because customer service matters so much to me and no other grocery store comes close to the Publix level of service. As you once pointed out on a blog posting, you don’t have to save money everywhere and if something is important to you then you should feel okay about spending more in that area. Shopping at Publix makes me happy so it is worth it to me.

    • Julie says:

      Yes, yes, yes! I will gladly pay a little more for good customer service. After growing up with Publix in FL and then moving to east TN 12 years ago, I was at a loss without Publix. They finally came to my area 2 years ago and I haven’t been happier! I shop their sales as well as Aldi and Trader Joe’s.

  • carol goodlet says: is my favorite website for Publix.

  • Lindsey Swinborne says:

    Congrats on the move! I’m excited to hear about your family’s life in TN. Sounds like an adventure! These prices look similar, even a little low, compared to our prices in Wyoming. We don’t have an Aldi anywhere nearby so we are used to paying $140 per week (or more sometimes) to feed our family of 6 even while hitting sales and using coupons.

  • Michele says:

    I haven’t read this yet, but Publix sells the best subs! Delicious and big, too! Their bakery department is very good – their rolls are much better than other supermarkets.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Agreed on the subs and bakery! Best in the world. They are the only grocery store I’d consider buying a wedding cake from, no joke.

  • HeySueB says:

    Try The site will go over the whole weekly add and links to get coupons to get the best deal on items. The Publix website is a great place to get coupons as well. They do digital coupons. I am not sold on these yet, but do use them. I can’t remember what I have “clipped” to try to match a mfg coupon to got along with it. Publix does not double coupons, but has tons of BOGO’s each week. They also will take coupons from stores near by each location. Check your Pulix to see what other store coupons they take like Target and other grocery stores. Publix customer service is always outstanding and will issue rain-checks on any BOGO item that you didn’t get enough of.

  • zoe says:

    this isn’t exactly related, but i have been enjoying following your stories related to your move. i have tried to go back to the beginning to find where you talked about moving, but am having trouble locating it. would you consider making that something like a “series” where readers can go see all of your stories related to that? i am in the process of a move, so hearing about your adjustments and changes are encouraging to me.
    also, i’m a big publix shoppers. BOGO’s can be good, as everyone said. also, they do have good prices on the local “in season” produce, but other produce tends to be high. it is more fresh than aldi and kroger and lasts longer.

  • Anna Rose says:

    GREAT service in meat dept!!! Great service in general that is almost as good as saving money.

    My hubs was a meatcutter at Publix. Try their “Market Grinds” for ground beef. It’s meat trimmings from t-bone, sirloin, other leaner cuts with usually little fat. Instead of throwing it away, the meatcutters will grind that up and sell it and is much cheaper than 90% lean beef.

    They will also cut meat the way you want. For example, they can make fajita strips out of flank steak or turn london broil into ground beef without extra charge. And also- they can cut a frozen turkey in half (I cooked one half then kept the other frozen for later).

    Same at the produce section= they will core a pineapple for you or split watermelon in half and you only pay for half. They even washed strawberries for me when I asked (we were on our way to the beach).

    And if they charge you the wrong price on the register than the price on the shelf, it’s FREE! Plus, the customer service desk took missed coupons and expired coupons were ok for up to one week. And they gave FREE cookies at the bakery dept. And let you try any of their desserts for free! Their desserts are the best ever! Better than Cheesecake Factory. Try the Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Torte, and my fave Tiramisu!

    I am praying so hard they will move up to VA!

  • Lizzy says:

    I love Publix! I think it is wonderful to see that the same employees have been there for years. In our area, a weekly flyer shows al the sale items for the week

    I know it is way more frugal to make your own sandwiches, but Publix has the best subs ever!

  • Cheryl says:

    Their BOGO are great. Everyone is very friendly. The meat department is wonderful as is the deli.

  • Crystal says:

    I live in Florida and go to both Aldi and Publix every week and usually CVS too.

    I only buy the best deals at Publix – BOGOs, combining manufacturer coupons with Publix store or competitor coupons.

    But for my weekly essentials (bread, produce, cheese, baking supplies), I go to Aldi for the greatest savings.

    Good luck : )

  • Tina says:

    Hi! My husband recently started working in sales for a large named bakery brand. Did you know that most of the Aldi items are name brand and Aldi makes the brands change them to Aldi titles? I was shocked because I thought they only sold generic brands…they don’t! It just looks that way. He also said they have a very strenuous health and quality code, which is awesome for the consumer! It’s exciting to know that you can get quality for a low price!

  • Rachel K says:

    A great go to website:
    She lists all the weekly deals including the green and yellow advantage buyer ads with coupons, etc. GREAT site!

  • Melinda says:

    Publix does take competitors coupons and you can return just about anything however it is more expensive than other grocery stores here in Florida except maybe Whole Foods 🙁

    • Sharon T says:

      True! I live in Naples, FL. Our options are limited to where we shop. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Publix or Winn Dixie. Costco and Sams too, but those places are ones I don’t shop at on a weekly basis.

      I mainly shop at Publix and Costco. Whole Foods/Trader Joes for specialty items and never at Winn Dixie, ours is just… so very dirty and the produce is terrible.

      I try to buy most of our produce from the many farmers markets we have but you can’t always find what you need.

  • Courtney says:

    The only thing I ever buy at Publix is their BOGO specials and sometimes their two for specials. When I do shop there I stock up! A lot of times they have really good stuff on these. They recently had BOGO organic chicken breasts!

    • Courtney says:

      Although I should say I just moved to Nashville about 7 weeks ago and am experiencing a bit of sticker shock at the grocery stores myself !

  • Ruth says: will give you match ups with coupons. Publix is always a very clean store with great produce and meat. Prices are higher, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Employees are generally paid more than other stores and the have higher quality employees.

  • We love Publix! In fact, this is where we do almost all of our shopping. You can go online to and check out their weekly sales. They change the deals every Thursday. They take coupons from competitors, and you can triple up on competitor and manufacturer and even Publix coupons if you have them for the same item! Their BOGO sales are really good. We usually shop the sales for the most part, and always use coupons. We actually only end up getting a couple of things that are not on sale and/or without a coupon. They do have excellent customer service and go above and beyond for the customer. It’s a great company. I’m sure all of these comments will help you save money there. In fact, where I live, I find better deals at Publix than I do at Aldi. The only other place we shop from time to time is Costco. Hope that helps!

  • Anna says:

    I don’t have any experience with Publix, but I just wanted to express my empathy for your new grocery store sticker shock! I just moved to greater NYC and am constantly paying more than I ever used to due to fewer sales and a higher cost of living. It’s hard but you will figure out how to make it work. Good luck! 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    I love Publix. BOGOS are great and they are very coupon friendly. However, I do tend to shop at Aldi for some produce. If you get used to the sale cycles at Publix you will always pay half-price for many items.

  • Lauren says:

    The most ethical blog for Publix shopping is They post the Publix ad with match-ups on Monday mornings around 7AM, and they teach “Couponing for Christ – savings for yourself and blessings for others”!

  • nicole says:

    I’m from Florida and I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss Publix. You can’t beat the quality, atmosphere or the friendliness of the employees. Publix is an employee owned store just like Hyvee. You should use Publix as a last resort to pick things up but the best time to shop there is doing the BOGO sales because you can use 2 coupons! You can also stack store/MQ coupons and I heard they even take competitor coupons(target, Walmart, etc.) as long as it’s equivalent to there item. is a good one or is another good one. Don’t knock on Publix-lol

  • Emily Allen says:

    I am from Florida and have greatly missed Publix when I moved to MN and now in TX. The BOGOs are usually the best deals. This is a blog that does price matches for publix

  • johnstka says:

    Publix’s BOGO prices almost always beat other stores. A lot of savings with their store coupons too (they have regular fliers with store coupons that you can stack) and they accept select competitor coupons. I went tonight and was able to buy 5 Breyers ice cream for $.80 and they currently have a great deal on yoplait/Cascadian Farm Granola, I got 2 boxes plus 2 8pk of yogurt for $2.50. Can’t get those prices at Aldi. Aldi is better prices for produce in general.
    As others have said, I recommend She posts coupon match ups Monday afternoons.

  • Hands down, the best coupon matchups for Publix are through Jenny Martin at She’s amazing!

    Signup for eCoupons as well which are linked to your phone number – no loyalty card needed. But you will need to load your e-coupons each week.

    Good luck!

  • Mary H. says:

    Sorry, I had to catch my breath after seeing what little you got for $66. I’m pretty sure you did too when seeing the total at the register. 😀

    My go to sites before my Publix, as well as Kroger, trips are (in order of 1st to last) , , and . ALWAYS get the little flyers/books that have coupons. My Clarksville store has them at the door when you go out. Don’t forget those digital coupons either!

    I agree with most everyone that the customer service is beyond excellent. I will agree that Kroger prices are better- sometimes. The BOGOs with coupons are usually the best price in town. Although Walmart will price match if it has the price. Although, when you have a 50c coupon that doubles or able to stack coupons, Publix is the better.

    Another thing to check to see is what other store coupons they will accept. My Publix accepts Kroger and Food Lion but not Target. It should be posted at the customer service desk.

  • I miss that Publix 🙂

    You could do what I did once accidentally. Find the $3.99 item mislabeled as $1.49, buy a huge amount (protein bars…things last for 100’s of years I think), and then when you get to the checkout and they ring up as $3.99, they check and honor the mislabeled price.

    One thing I will say I experienced every time at Publix was great customer service. But yes, they are much more expensive.

  • Kara says:

    Make sure you sign up for Publix coupons. You can get good deals there, but it takes some work. I do love Publix. However I do almost all of my shopping at Aldi. No one compares to those prices. Check out Trader Joe’s (currently only in Green Hills), but it’s just not as close to home as Aldi. Also Costco! Welcome to Middle TN, it’s so great here!

  • Kara says:

    Make sure you sign up for Publix coupons. You can get good deals there, but it takes some work. I do love Publix. However I do almost all of my shopping at Aldi. No one compares to those prices. Check out Trader Joe’s (currently only in Green Hills), but it’s just not as close to home as Aldi. Also Costco! Welcome to Middle TN, it’s so great here!

  • Oh, how I miss Publix! The cleanliness, the variety, the sales, the doubled coupon, the store coupon booklets! The best thing about their BOGO sales are, you don’t have to buy two to get the sale price, each item rings up half price, so if you onl have one coupon to match to the sale, you can by only one product an still save! (we had another chain that did BOGO sales, but the first item rang up full price, 2nd rang up $0, so you had to get 2).

    Publix is great, but for planned, sale & couponing trips, not so much for off-the-cuff, impulse trips.

  • Clara says:

    I live in Mt Juliet (25 min east of Nashville). I do the majority of my grocery & household shopping at Kroger. Overall I feel like Kroger has the best prices plus it is a one stop shop for me. However there are times that Kroger does not have a great produce selection so I end up making a trip to Publix. Publix has the most friendly & helpful staff of any store I have shopped at. They often suggest/remind me of an ad deal for that week. I most often purchase their BOGO deals. I feel like that’s the best way to get your money’s worth when shopping at Publix.
    I use clipped & digital coupons at both Kroger & Publix. Publix does not have a frequent buyers card (which I like). You register with your phone number & you can load digital coupons from your PC or phone with their app. (You can do the same with Kroger but you have a frequent buyer card). I have found that the coupons are almost exactly the same for Publix as they are for Kroger.
    But if traffic and hours will be a frequent issue for planning your shopping trips, give Kroger a try.
    Oh & FYI….Kroger & Dillons are owned by the same company. So the deals should be similar to what you were used to at Dillons before your move.
    Happy shopping!

  • Juli says:

    I live just north of Nashville. Welcome to middle TN! I hope you find it as great a place to live as I think it is! I must admit, I have never had much luck at Publix. The few times I have shopped there, I have found them to be overpriced. I do almost all of my shopping at Kroger, and I think they have better deals than any other place I shop. If you go to the Kroger website on Fridays, most weeks you can load a coupon to your card for a free item. Sometimes it will be a cup of yogurt, sometimes it is something else. But free is always good, right?

  • Bethany says:

    Because I’ve not really learned the couponing trade yet, I usually use Aldi for much of what I do and only go to Publix when I know of good deals because their prices do tend to be more expensive (I guess unless you know how to coupon.) I think the BOGO deals are the best! I only really go in when they have a BOGO deal on something I need. I’ve stocked up on frozen spinach, peanut butter, granola bars, bagged salad and juice (to name a few) that way so well that even my cashier commented on how little I spent for what she’d just scanned 🙂 way to make a frugal girl feel good! That’s my trick for using Publix if you don’t have time to coupon. Also, sometimes next to the BOGO deals, you’ll find store brands that are even cheaper than the BOGO deal, like yogurt. Publix brand yogurt and frozen yogurt are the my favorites, above name brands.

  • Dana says:

    I’m in Nashville, and when I do my bi-weekly grocery shopping, I hit the BOGO deals at Publix and do the rest at Aldi. Occasionally I’ll run into Kroger when I can get stuff dirt cheap, otherwise those 2 are my go-to! And I generally come home feeling like I was able to get some “fun” stuff for our family of 6 instead of just the boring essentials 🙂 Check out They do all the leg work for the Publix deals and matchups, along with all the other stores around! 🙂

    • Dana says:

      I’m in Nashville, and when I do my bi-weekly grocery shopping, I hit the BOGO deals at Publix and do the rest at Aldi. Occasionally I’ll run into Kroger when I can get stuff dirt cheap, otherwise those 2 are my go-to! And I generally come home feeling like I was able to get some “fun” stuff for our family of 6 instead of just the boring essentials 🙂 Check out They do all the leg work for the Publix deals and matchups, along with all the other stores around! 🙂

      The produce is definitely best at Publix. Very high quality.
      And not all the Publix stores start their ads on Thursday. Some are Wednesday, so make sure you check!

      And it’s my favorite store to take my 4 boys to. They have fun shopping carts and are always super helpful and sweet with the kids 🙂 With a super tight budget, it’s almost worth it to me to spend a little more just to be in their store than to go to a Walmart in North Nashville where there is a lot of gnashing of teeth 😉

  • Christy says:

    If you just walk into Publix like you did with no plan, it will cost more than Walmart or other grocery stores. If you take time to plan (mainly with help) you can match coupons to BOGOs and stock up on needs that way. Also, their store brand products are great. We love their ice cream and stock up when it goes BOGO. I love Publix because of their costumer service and the stores are always clean! I am willing to pay a little more for that, but do stock up on sales and coupon items ASAP.

  • Jill says:

    Love Publix. The store is always clean, the staff is friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, here in Florida, they do not double coupons. But, you can preload Publix digital coupons (once you sign up for free on their website) before you go to the store and there is no limit on how many you can have at once. Sign up for the kids club and the pets club, because you will get more coupons mailed to you from that. Combine the BOGOS and sales with store and manufacturer coupons and you will see your savings multiply.

    We live in a small town with a Winn Dixie, Aldi and Publix. I never go to Aldi because it is dirty and smells bad. But, I use the same savings plan at Winn Dixie that I do at Publix. I will get the special deals at Winn Dixie but do the rest of my shopping at Publix. Good luck.

  • Beth says:

    If you were at the Aldi that I think you were in Franklin, you were super close to the Publix you went to, but if you headed West just a bit, there should be a Kroger on your right.

    Publix’s best prices are usually their BOGO’s. With careful planning, you can save money there but it is by matching coupons to sales and BOGOs. I just moved from that area of TN to Iowa, but the last year or so that we were there I shopped almost exclusively at Aldi and Publix. Kroger prices are good, but I was generally furious by the time I left Kroger almost every single time because of the poor customer service.

    Publix employees are always super nice and even more helpful. I was to the point that I would rather pay more at Publix and leave happy than save money at Kroger. Now I live in a small town in Iowa with one tiny grocery store and I’m still….adjusting. 🙂

  • Karole H. says:

    Go to and sign up for their stocking spree coupons then pair those with your manufacture coupons and BOGO sales. I always try to stock up when something is BOGO it’s not really worth it other wise.

    I have to agree with all the rest of the comments they are the friendliest around 🙂

  • Caitlin says:

    I love Publix. The customer service truly is above and beyond.

    I won’t repeat all the great tips everyone has already said but I wanted to mention that BOGOs at Publix in Tennessee aren’t true BOGOs. Anything maked on sale as a BOGO is actually half off. This can become important depending on how many coupons you have for a certain item.

    Not all Publix are like this so I thought it was worth mentioning 🙂

    • Joy Rebello says:

      In Georgia Publix locations, if you only want one item, it is half price.

      In Florida Publix stores, you have to buy 2 to get the BOGO price.

  • Jen says:

    Crystal, I am so excited that your family is in Nashville! We are so blessed here to have 3 major chain grocery stores that double coupons. Publix is great and I agree that has the best Publix match-ups. I shop at Harris Teeter for the deals and Aldi for fresh produce. I love HT because they have several BOGO and B2G3 deals each week. This week, store brand shredded cheese is B2G3, which makes it $1.20 a bag, which is when I stock up. Plus, they double coupons up to 99 cents every day and have triple and super double (up to $2) coupon events often. And HT marks down meat and produce for the date, while Publix does not. I usually find some kind of meat marked down to $2/lb or less. And if you are close enough to the Belle Meade store, they have $10/50 purchase coupons at the register that they will let you use if you ask. I get the coupons in the mail because I live nearby. By stocking up on the best deals at HT and getting the weekly specials at Aldi, we keep our grocery budget under $400/month for our family of 7. I use and for HT match-ups. is great because she also mainly shops at HT and Aldi and shows pics of her shopping trips on a budget of $60/week.

  • Jennifer says:

    I am also a new Publix shopper. I was excited to move to a town that had a Publix, but oh, my! My first few shopping trips there were pricey.

    I was so glad to see this post.. yesterday I checked out Southern Savers Publix match-ups, made my list from the BOGO deals, and went shopping. I stopped by customer service on the way in the store and picked up all the flyers I could, and yes- I stood there and paged through them all and cut out coupons (good thing I had scissors with me!)

    My final tally was $22, and I saved 25! I had a coupon for Seventh Generation dish soap, so I paired that with a Publix coupon. I also had cut out a buy one get one free coupon for the same item, and I was able to use all three to buy two bottles of dish soap. This item wasn’t even on sale, but my final cost was about a $1 per bottle!

    The store also was handing out some awesome samples yesterday- Lindor truffles and some type of banana cake covered in chocolate with sprinkles. The cake sample was so big they gave us a plate and fork to go with it. My son and I felt like we were at a party, lol.

    At the check out I was so happy to see that some of the magazines (Glamour, Cosmo) had clear plastic protectors over their racy covers. Thank you, Publix!

    I am realizing that it just takes time to learn the ropes at a new grocery store. Deep breath… it can be done!

  • HeatherHH says:

    Prices do vary by region. We lived in IL for 5 1/2 years. Then we moved to WV. Our grocery bill immediately jumped. I watched every store’s ads for weeks before we moved and after. I basically found that the sale prices were in general lousy, except for the occasional large reduction on an expensive convenience product that it would raise my budget to use. Gone were the days of really good prices on dairy, etc. So I did Super Walmart, dairy and a few other things at Sam’s Club, and a few things at a bulk foods store near my parents. There was no point in going to even looking at the ads for other stores. I was so glad when ALDI opened in our town after a couple years.

  • Abby says:

    Publix used to have penny sales on Thursdays. It was never announced, you just have to go to the store and see what they have. It probably varies by store.

  • Joy Rebello says:

    I regularly shop Publix as it is the nearest grocery store in the rural area in which I live. There is a Kroger a few miles farther.

    I shop at Publix using my list. They also have handy-dandy paper lists up front with the sale papers which are sorted by aisle.

    I also use Publix’s website to view the local sale. You can place items on your list which you can view from your phone or print. The BOGOs are in a separate category.

    I am near 3 different Publix stores and they may have similar sales, they never have the same exact items on sale.

    Publix also has digital coupons on their website which you redeem by your phone number at checkout.

    Keeping an eye on my pantry, I select the BOGOs and such that I will need now or in the near future.

    Our Girl Scout troop went on a store tour with a manager who explained all the ins and outs of Publix sales. She told us that Publix items are all on a rotating sale basis and each product typically goes on sale every 8 weeks which helps with planning. The moms loved it more than the girls did.

    If you forget your coupons, they will give you cash with your receipt at customer service.

    As I mentioned earlier, I live in a rural area. The next closest Wal-Mart or other shopping is 13 miles at a minimum away. Considering the cost of gas, some non-sale/non-coupon items at Publix are cheaper. I also save my time which is also money.

    • Joy Rebello says:

      Also, a lot of the Publix sales will also line up with online coupons such as those from This is deliberate according to the manager.

  • Jen says:

    I love Publix. But I’ll just go ahead and tell ya that you should probably stick with Aldi if your shops look like the one above, with mostly a ‘whole foods’ type of theme. You won’t find any markdowns in meat, produce, dairy or anything other than nonperishables/ health and beauty in Publix clearance. They do have great bogos, so I would check those each week just to check if something catches your eye. To do great at Publix, you would have to get into the coupons pretty heavily. I would check; she posts the matchups on Mondays. She’s the best! But like I said, otherwise – stick with Aldi. 🙂

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