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Less Disappointment, More Wonder


During the month of October, I’m following along with Edie & Ruth on their 31 Days of Less & More journey. I’d love for you to join in by reading the posts and completing the projects, or just sit back and read along each day.

Less Disappointment

Part of living life is being disappointed — by people, experiences, opportunities, jobs, and more. Life is a series of some mountaintop experiences with lots of valleys and hard times in between.

We can either become victims or victors in our circumstances. It’s our choice.

We can choose to keep pressing forward even when friends let us down, marriages fail, jobs end, and health deteriorates. Or we can choose to sit and wallow over our miserable circumstances. But will that accomplish any good? No.

More Wonder

Reading One Thousand Gifts earlier this year really challenged me to stop rushing through life so much and stop to savor life more. There is so much wonder and beauty in each day. The smile of a little child, the colors of a flower, the smell of soup cooking… if we take time to notice and pay attention, there are beautiful things all around us.

And even in the darkest, most disappointing days, there is always a glimmer of light. No matter how difficult the situation you are in, as long as you’re breathing, there is hope.

Don’t let disappointment swallow up your hope, your joy, or your life. Look for the beauty in every day. As the saying goes, “you usually see what you look for.”

For more on this topic, check out Ruth’s post on Less Disappointment and Edie’s post on More Wonder. I promise you’ll be inspired and blessed!

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  • Meredith M says:

    I really like this!

  • I loved reading One Thousand Gifts! I agree that there is so much wonder and beauty in each day. I am so thankful that through this blog, books that you have suggested and other awesome blogs, I have learned to view life positively. When my husband went through a four month lay-off at the beginning of 2012, rather than being disappointed, we remained strong as we knew it was going to lead us to something better and it did! 🙂 Loving this series!

  • Mysticgnome says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I struggle everyday with disappointment at work and with (friends)-Which I am gently letting go from my life. For some reason I surround myself with miserable people. At my ripe old age of 40 I am now discovering how unimportant they are. I need to live for me and my family. I truly enjoy your posts. I realize I am not alone. Thank you so much!

  • Heather says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post! I’ve struggled with people letting me down. I’ve been having more dark days lately…..searching for meaning behind the reason for people being cruel and mean. Reading this post helped me remember to open my eyes to the light and good the day provides.
    Keep up the positive energy….it’s contagious!

  • Linda says:

    Like Heather, I’ve been disappointed by friends and others. But, in my case, I noticed that I was attracting people with similar “qualities” to mine. For many years I was a very negative person who only focused on the bad things, and therefore, I attracted that type of people.

    I had some terrible things happen to me in my childhood and they really impacted the type of person I became. For most of my life I’ve been bitter and cynical, always expecting the worst of people in order not to be disappointed. This, of course, only caused me more pain because when you set the bar low, you will get what you ask for in all types of relationships, being friends or boyfriends.

    I read somewhere that you teach others how to treat you, and that no one will ever treat you worse than you’d ever treat yourself. I know this to be so true in my case.

    A couple of years ago I decided to grow up and make a real effort to change and become someone I actually liked. Once I did this, I started attracting a different type of people, more positive and happy. I also found that by not focusing on the negative or expecting the worst, I felt better and things improved for me at work, home and with my personal relationships.

    I also became healthier. I hadn’t realized how that negativity drained my own energy. I was always tired and suffered from depression regularly, sometimes for months. My new friends were more energetic and active, which in turn helped me to be more active.
    I’ve lost a lot of weight, feel better and have gone almost two years now without having a serious depression episode. Sometimes I feel that darkness coming, and I pray to the Lord and try to go for a hike or do something active.

    I no longer want to spend time with my old friends because when I do, I feel exhausted & drained. Some have been unhappy with my improvements and have tried to drag me down again, but I cannot live like that anymore.

    The way I look at it is that these friends were here for a phase in my life. Not the best phase but they were an important part of it and now I can let them go. It’s difficult, but for my own sanity, I can no longer spend time with them unless they themselves decide to change.

    Sorry this is so long. I guess your post hit home for me 🙂

    • Tammy L says:

      This comment is so encouraging to me. Thank you!

    • Jessica says:

      Linda, what a terrific testimony. Our situations are very similar; my heart goes out to you. May the Lord turn your friends’ hearts in better directions, and may your good example – eventually – be an inspiration.

      Thank you for sharing. Crystal, thank you for the wonderful post.

  • Anonymous says:

    I too have been let down by so many people. One day I realized that the only one that has never let me down was God. I have found much more enjoyment and peace when I am in God’s word. He is the joy I now live/ strive for. God has brought meaningful friends into my life and I am so grateful for all that HE does. Be of good cheer He has overcome the world.

  • Thank you for this reminder! It’s true that the ups and downs are a part of life. I’ll have to read One Thousand Gifts. It sounds good!

  • Tammy L says:

    Thanks for these “less and more” posts, Crystal. Perfect timing to really touch me (bringing tears and repentance).

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