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There are three hot deals from right now on Cook’s kitchen appliances. Here’s how to get a Cook’s Power Blender, 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker, or Belgian Flip Waffle Maker for $8 after sale & rebates:

::Click on the “Shop Now” button the JCPenney page at ShopAtHome to get 9% cashback on your purchase.

::On the search for “Cooks 5-in-1 Power Blender”, “Coffeemaker 12-Cup Programmable” or “Belgian Flip Waffle Maker” and add the item you’d like to purchase to your cart.

::Go to checkout and use coupon code BESTSALE to get $10 off the $29.99 price, making your total $19.99 plus any applicable tax.

::Choose to pick this up at your local store and shipping will be free.

::After you receive your order, submit your receipt for the $10 Cook’s Mail-In Rebate (limit one rebate per address per appliance–so you can buy one of each, if you’d like). If you want to buy more than one appliance, place separate orders and use coupon code GOTTADO to get $10 off the second order.

::You’ll receive a $1.79 rebate in your ShopAtHome account, making your total $8.20 per appliance plus any applicable tax.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!

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  • Great deals! I needed a new coffee maker too!

  • jess says:

    Are these prices good instore too?

  • I used to work for JCP, and I do need to caution you that Cooks brand appliances are NOT high quality. I can’t even tell you how many returns we did for these appliances. If you’re looking for something cheap that won’t be used a lot, you might be okay. Don’t mean to discourage…this is a great deal…but sometime it’s worth paying more, esp. for kitchen appliances!

  • N says:

    I disagree. We’ve had two of the power blenders that are used twice every single day to make smoothies and they lasted at least a couple of years a piece. For that amount of money I’d say that’s pretty good.

  • sherireget says:

    When I enter the store to pick it up at, it still charges me $5.99 in shipping!

    • Sarah says:

      It said that to me too at first but when I went through the whole checkout and put in the code BESTSALE it had $0 for shipping/handling and the total was $21.19. (I didn’t use Shop at Home.)

  • Gail says:

    I have a Cooks coffee maker, and have been pleased for over 2 yrs so far. I am just getting one to keep as a backup, because nothing lasts forever, and for less than $10 shipped to store, I doubt if I could find one at that price when I need one. No matter what brand, or what I have spent in the past, coffeemakers don’t last more than a couple of years anymore.

    I picked up a mini blender for a Christmas gift, while I was at it.


  • deseray says:

    i just tried to use the gottado code for the waffle maker, but it’s only $24.99, not $25, and it won’t let me use that code.

  • Christine says:

    Thanks!! Picked up the blender for a Christmas Gift Exchange party.

  • Edlyn says:

    The waffle maker is on back order.

    • WilliamB says:

      Note that to get the rebate, the envelope MUST be postmarked by 31OCT2011. If the waffle-maker is on back order, you’re gambling $10 that it will arrive before then. My past experience with JC Penny’s is not good, so I will not be taking this bet.

  • Terri says:

    This is a great deal! Thanks for posting. I ordered the Cooks 5-in-1 Power Blender to make baby food and smooties with. I can’t believe it I will end up getting it for under $10.

  • KD says:

    Just a heads up–neither of the $10 off codes will work for the Belgian Flip Waffle Maker, since it is marked down to $24.99 (which is 1 cent less than the $25 minimum order purchase needed to be able to use the code). But, $16 after the rebate for a waffle maker that is regularly $60 is still a great deal!

  • Sarah says:

    I’m wondering when I will get the form for the rebate. It had a button for me to push after I checked out, but it only led me to a Personal Shopper program or something, $10 off my order for trying out their program, which charges you after 30 days. That’s not the rebate, is it?! Should I get a form when my order comes in? Thanks!

  • Jennifer says:

    Still charging me the 5.99 for shipping to store also. 🙁 It even said it was in stock at the store.

  • juanita says:

    I have their paper ad and you can get these in store also. The ad also has a crockpot for $24.99, making it $4.99 after rebate, $10/$25 coupon, and a small filler. The waffle maker is advertised as a $24.99 item in my ad also. NOTE – I think the ad is a night/day doorbuster sale for Fri 3pm-close and Sat 9am-1pm. But the $10/$25 coupon can be used all day Friday or Saturday. The online code on my coupon is BIGSCORE. I used it to get the blender and it worked for me.

    • Heather says:

      The rebate form I have does not list the crockpot, only the coffeemakers, wafffler, and power blenders. Is there a link to a different rebate?

      • juanita says:

        The crockpot was on my ad that was in my newspaper. It is for in store doorbuster purchases, but I thought it would be online since the other 3 items are all online as well as in my ad.

    • GOMI says:

      I looked up the info on the Cook’s Crockpot. It’s a deal only valid in CT, RI and Miami-Dade County, FL stores (odd, why just Miami and not the whole state?!?!) and the rebate form is provided by the cashier at store registers at the time of purchase. I’m bummed…but I hope it helps those living in CT, RI and Miami :o)

  • chelsea says:

    Crystal put up a link in the original post that has the rebate. That button took me nowhere, too.

  • Jennifer says:

    When I went to check out, it changed to $0.00 shipping. Good deal. Hope it lasts.

  • PS The mail in rebate link didn’t work for my browser.

  • Desi says:

    Amazing! With the waffle maker at $24.99, and a satin robe I’d been wanting to get my friend thats $6.80 that was out of stock a few days ago when they were running the other deal, I’ll pay $11.79 for BOTH christmas gifts after I get my rebate back! THANKS, Crystal! AWESOME deal! 🙂

  • Wanchai says:

    Thanks a lot I got two in separate orders. I wonder if rebates can be in one person name or different names and addresses?

    Thanks again

    • Desi says:

      I think the rebate says one per household, so you may want to fill it out with your name but another address. That way, you’ll still be able to cash it, but they won’t pick up that youre the same person at two addresses. 😉

  • Wanchai says:

    One of my order is Waffle maker and is back order

    Will this disqualify for the rebate? if the transaction is not charged after the rebate period ?


  • Heidi says:

    Just ordered the 12-cup programmable coffeemaker from and am having it shipped to the store for free! The order cost is $19.99 plus tax. I google’d the $10 Cook’s rebate from JCPenney and got the form I need to submit to get the $10 rebate.
    Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Mary says:

    The waffle maker I ordered is also on backorder. The rebate form says to postmark by 10/31 and the waffle maker won’t ship until 11/2. I called JCP and they told me to call this number tomorrow to ask the rebate company if they will still honor it. 1-877-217-4421.

    I suppose I can still cancel the order if they won’t 🙂

  • Emily says:

    Woohoo! My hubby has been wanting a waffle maker like this for sooooo long, and I can’t wait to suprise him with it. I really hope the rebate will be honored!!!

  • Kathy says:

    Thank you! Husband loves to make pancakes for the kids & was just saying how he would love a waffle maker too! Don’t want to wait till Christmas to give it to him!

  • Ashley says:

    Got the blender to put back to make baby food! Thanks so much!

  • Maria Carlson says:

    I just went to my local JCP store and, somehow, I got the waffle maker for $8.64 (before rebate). It was posted for $24.99. I had to purchase something to get it to the $25 for the $10 off but I believe it was a “doorbuster” also so it got another discount added, reducing it down to the $8.64? I am hoping they will still honor the mail in rebate. Details of the rebate state “will not exceed the purchase price.” So if not the $10 then maybe the $8.64, which would make it free. Sweet! 🙂

  • Gail says:

    I’m glad I did this yesterday. When I went to check an item this morning, the 9% back is now 3% back. Still a great buy with the $10.00 off.

  • rc says:

    its only showing a 3% cahsback on shopat home, was that a one day thing?

  • Becky says:

    I’m only seeing 3% too. I need a new blender and have been wanting the small kind. I guess I’ll just stick to replacing the carafe ($10) on my old one and saving up for a vitamix.

  • Tania says:

    We got the coffee maker yesterday, in store. We will have paid $9.99 after we mail in the rebate. Set it up last night and the coffee was ready this morning. So far so good! Great deal!

  • Wanchai says:

    I got my order pick up at the store for the Blender.

    I think the person worked at the service desk didn’t include the invoice for me I only got the receipt for pick up at the store.

    The question is can I use this receipt for the rebate purpose.

    It also includes order # and invoice # .

    Anyone has experience? This is my first time doing rebate from Jcpenny online.

    Thanks In Advance


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