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Today’s Target trip (and why I paid over $2 for a box of bandages)

I took a meal to a friend today who lives over by Target, so made a quick stop at Target to see what deals I could pick up. Here’s what I ended up getting:

Nexcare children’s bandages (20-count) at $1.68
Used $1/1 Target coupon (there’s also a $0.55/1 Nexcare coupon from the 4/3 or 6/5 SmartSource insert that I didn’t have)
$0.68 after coupon

Up & Up Hair Detangler — $1.34
Used $0.75/1 Up & Up Hair item coupon (no longer available)
$0.59 after coupon

Nivea Body Wash – $3.04
Used $1/1 Target coupon (from the Beauty Bag)
Stacked with $2/1 any Nivea Body Wash coupon from the 6/5 RedPlum insert
$0.04 after coupons

Seattle’s Best Coffee — $6.04
Used $1/1 Target coupon
Stacked with $2/1 printable
$3.04 after coupon

Mead Flashcards — $1.79
Used $1/1 Target coupon
$0.79 after coupon

Band-Aids — $2.19

After coupons, I paid $8.94.

Now, if you’re wondering why on earth I spent $2.19 on a box of Hello Kitty Band-Aids, it’s because Kaitlynn has been talking about the Strawberry Shortcake bandages I was planning to buy ever since she saw me print this coupon out. She was so excited I was going to buy them that she asked repeatedly if she could come shopping with me on this trip.

She held onto the Nexcare bandage coupon the whole drive and kept talking about buying the bandages. (Yes, for some reason bandages — especially character bandages — are one of my children’s favorite things right now. Don’t ask me why!)

When we got to Target, they were completely sold out of all Strawberry Shortcake bandages. I could see how disappointed she was when I tried to explain this to her so I decided to let her choose another box of character bandages instead.

Was it frugal? No. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I spent $2 on a box of bandages.

But it made my little girl’s day. And while I believe strongly that a parent shouldn’t give a child everything they want, I think it’s wonderful to occasionally let go of the frugality and buy something just because it will brighten someone’s day.

It was a $2 well spent.

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  • jessica says:

    One of the reasons I coupon is so that I can give. I think it’s essential to remember to give to your family, even if it wasn’t a “deal”. 🙂 A little balance is good too.

  • lisa says:

    Plus I have to say life is to short to worry about 2.00 🙂

  • Heather says:

    You paid $2 for a box of bandaids for the same reason I bought a box for .87 and let my kids “waste” them on their stuffed animals instead of saving them for real boo-boos. Sometimes….it’s just worth it! Your children need to know that you care more about them than you do saving money!

  • Crystal, If it makes you feel any better, I do not like the nexcare bandages. I did the deal the other day using my $1/2 boxes of nexcare band aids stacked with a $1 (yes only one thanks to technical errors and I could only print one) off printable target coupon. We got the strawberry shortcake ones. It says assorted sizes but all of ours are so tiny! My daughter has a scraped knee right now and I had to use a regular up and up band aid then put the strawberry short cake band aid on top of the regular brown band aid to “toddlerfy” it. I think this defeats the Nexcare savings. Next time I will buy Bandaid brand (tinkerbell or princess) or up and up brand and some stickers to decorate them! 🙂

    Isn’t part of the reason that we coupon is to be able to purchase things that we want? If we want to keep a promise to our kids or simply see them smile, it’s worth any price we pay whether it’s a steal or paying full price.

  • Morgan Wells says:

    Did anyone else not get the Nexcare coupon in there 6/5 SS insert? I’m in south Florida …..?

  • Lana says:

    Good for you Mom! It is too easy to get caught up in the saving money game and forget about those dearest to us. This week I bought an expensive pound of deli meat for my family that I rarely buy and it is making me so happy to pack them yummy sandwiches in their lunches everyday.

  • Yes! In fact, isn’t that one of the biggest reasons that we are frugal? To allow us more freedom to love on our family, friends, and others?

  • Stephanie says:

    If you can afford it, then why not? Sometimes the little things can make others so happy. I shudder to think of the FB people finding out that I took the two year old for a surprise 99 cent ice cream cone after a traumatic doctors visit. She enjoyed every bite and told Daddy all about the ice cream before mentioning the three shots and the blood draw involving three techs trying to stick her six times before it worked. Easily the best dollar I spent all week if not the entire month.
    If you have the money there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat. I bet your daughter will remember this for a while.

  • Dineen says:

    Thanks for the perspective, Crystal and all the commenters. I cannot help but think that it’s because of an overall frugal approach to home economy, a simple splurge on “expensive” treats like character bandages can be made without “guilt”.

  • Kelly says: has a $1/1 skin care product Q which is working for the children’s bandages. Combine this with the Target Q to get them free!

  • What a sweet thing to do! It was definitely worth the $2 spent. 🙂

  • Kathy Linklater says:

    You made a good call with the bandages. Don’t worry because–due to your good example–she’ll be frugal as she gets older. My boys (ages 18 and 22) always ask if there’s a coupon before they buy something.

  • Becka says:

    My 9 yr old girl loves, (I mean loves) Justice for Girls store. They are pretty high on thier prices, but because I save all year around on so much, I’m able to take her and let her pick out some outfits & etc….. ( I normally plan it around thier 40% everything in the store deal) and she is always so happy when she gets to shop at Justice, it makes my whole week!

  • Micki says:

    You did exactly the right thing. Your daughter is more important than any amount of money will ever be.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Kids are only little once. They only look at you like you hung the moon for a short time. You made your baby’s day for $2.19. You are not going to regret bringing a smile to her face. Everyday she is making memories and because of today, she will remember forever the day you put aside your “normal” FOR HER. They are only little once and someday we will all wish they were 4 again and living at home with their only hearts desire being $2.19 character bandaids from Target.

  • Jan Marcus says:

    unable to access the target beauty bag, have tried several times, but it does not load.

  • Stephanie says:

    What do they say….overpriced box of bandaids—$2.00, look of pure joy on your little girls’ face—PRICELESS!! You’re a good mama!!

  • Rachael says:

    Crystal, character bandaids are my 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old daughters’ obsession right now too! Which is funny because they watch hardly any t.v. so they don’t really even know who those characters are! Thanks for the reminder of thinking through priorities carefully too when it comes to our kids, I am prone to say “no” far too often. 🙂

  • Leah says:

    Thank you for keeping the MOM in Coupon Saving Mom. You are a well balanced example to all of us!

  • Miranda says:

    Oh my, Crystal you would freak to think that I recently spent $3.99 on a pack of Dora bandages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen character bandages over here in Canada for $2 even if they are on sale.

  • Gretchen says:

    I loved this post! It was very heartwarming and I feel like the reason that we put all of this effort into being frugal is so that we can splurge on the little things. 🙂

  • Jody says:

    I also spend an extra $2 on bandaids! I bought Phineus and Ferb for my other daughter and the little one got the Strawberry Shortcake ones! They are anxious to get hurt now… 🙂

  • KimH says:

    Wonderful story… and moral of the story… ♥

  • Haila says:

    Lovely story.

    Funny thing is my 6-year-old has decided he’s too big for kiddie band aids, and prefers the more “grown up” plain ones! 6 going on 16…so cute

  • SHAWN says:

    Does anyone know how often the coupons for Target change?? When will they add more new ones?I only have so few left because I have been using them up, and I need more.
    Thank you!

  • becky says:

    i love the dollar store for bandages. they have plain brown 100 pk assorted sizes (which i love) and they recently have had marvel superhero ones too (made my 4 year old son and my 29 year old hubby happy). my daughter gets the pk with all the different colors (purple, lime green, yellow…). they are always finding fake boo-boos that are magically healed 15 mins later when they take off the bandage. for that reason i love the cheap bandages!!

  • Erin says:

    It’s so cute that bandages made her day rather than candy or a toy. The best thing is that she’s probably always going to remember that you bought those Band Aids.

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