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Did Cabela’s cancel your order?

So, unfortunately, it looks like the too-good-to-be-true deals at Cabela’s, may have just been that — too good.

From what I can gather, they did have some $1.88 items (it was not a price mistake as people have been told), but they only had a limited supply. When the word got out that these items were available and thousands of you started getting on and trying to order, it clogged up their servers and started giving error pages and hiccuping all over the place.

Some of you were able to get through and order. Some of you ended up getting charged multiple times. Some of you couldn’t get through at all.

My take, from reading all the different comments and emails regarding this, is that the stampede of people trying to order at the very same time may have produced glitches in their system which allowed people to order thousands more shirts that they had in stock and prevented Cabela’s from being able to change the page to reflect that they were sold out of $1.88 shirts.

{I’m trying to give Cabela’s the benefit of the doubt here, though I do believe they are in desperate need of a system upgrade — and better customer service reps who don’t all just make up their own excuses or stories as to what was going on. Did you see how many different — and varying! — explanations were told to different people who called in? It appeared there was mass pandemonium going on amongst their ranks!}

At least one person has gotten their $1.88 shirt order, so I do believe they are fulfilling the orders from what stock they had available. But, by and large, it seems that people are getting their orders canceled — without any notification.

I would much rather that Cabela’s cancel orders, than charge people a higher price and ship the order (as has happened on rare occasions with other companies), but I’d strongly suggest that you log into your account and check on the status of your order. If, indeed, it has been canceled, do make sure that the charges on your card have also been refunded.

Has anyone else received their order? If not, is it showing up as canceled? If your order was canceled, have your charges been refunded on your card?

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  1. Dorothea Bahr says:

    I ordered $60 worth of things from Cabela’s, including a few of the infamous $1.88 items. I just received three items yesterday but my order form said the rest of my order was on “back order”. So I contacted Cabela’s via live chat, just to clarify what being backordered really meant, and if I was being charged for the entire order. I talked to a really nice rep who explained that their system had “messed up” and mistakenly allowed people to purchase things that were already sold out. He apoligized profusely, and said that my credit card had only been charged for the three items that I did indeed receive, and that they had not charged me at all for shipping said items. I am going to call and verify that my card wasn’t charged, but in the end although it was disappointing not to get all the great deals, I still wound up with three quality items for around $8! 🙂
    I don’t feel a “sense of entitlement” at all–I totally understand that there are only a certain amount of clearance items and when they are gone, they are gone–but I do think that Cabela’s should have at least emailed people to let them know what was going on. They kind of dropped the ball there, as I think people would have been much more understanding if good communication had happened. I definitely do plan on ordering from them in the future, though. Technology glitches happen!

  2. Amber says:

    I ordered 2 of the hoodies, 1 cami, and a long sleeved t-shirt, all for $1.88 each. I received my long sleeved shirt yesterday in the mail, along with the packing slip showing my other items as “backordered”. I have a charge pending for the full amount on my credit card (nothing has gone through yet, so hopefully they will correct the amount), and when I check my account online, it shows my other items have been cancelled. It’s a bummer….I took advantage of it because it was a great deal, and I wasn’t upset about paying shipping when I was getting stuff for such a great price. Now I am stuck with just one item that wasn’t such a great deal after all since I had to pay full shipping for just it. Oh well….it was still a pretty good deal I suppose, considering. And, I can’t blame the employees, things happen!

    • northern mommy says:

      Amber, I think it would be worth calling and asking them to refund your shipping charge, or at least giving you a credit for free shipping on your next order. I was not charged shipping at all, which I was grateful for since I would not have felt it was worth paying full shipping for the few items I did receive out of my entire order. The rep I spoke with indicated that not charging shipping on orders where most items were cancelled was a way they were trying to smooth things over with those customers. Again, perhaps different reps are saying different things, but it’s worth a try! 🙂

  3. Kristen says:

    I ordered two $1.88 items. I’ve received one, and the other one says ‘backordered.’ There was a charge on my card pending after I first ordered, but never went through and doesn’t even show as pending anymore. But I love the shirt and can’t complain about their service so far!

  4. Brandy says:

    Did anyone recieve their stuff and was not charged? I live chatted with them and they said it would charge as soon as it shipped. Still no charge. I had one pending when I first placed the order, but not it has been lifted. some of my items were listed as backordered, but I’m pretty sure they have been canceled.

    • liz says:

      i just got 1/2 my order today, it says the rest is back ordered. so far i have not been charged and i’m assuming i will be charged when i get the rest of the order. seems like they are going to honor prices as both shirts i got were listed as $1.88 on the invoice

  5. marissa says:

    Target did something similar to this either last year or the year before on Britax carseats. The website had them marked super, super cheap. Well, they realized the mistake and started cancelling orders. However, at least their customer service was good eough to give people $25 gift cards since it was THEIR mistake.

  6. Felicia says:

    Follow-up for comment #1:
    Well I did recieve 1 of the items I ordered (out of three). I called customer service because I didn’t want to pay $6 shipping on a less then $2 shirt. They had reduced my shipping to $2 so I got a shirt for less then $4, which is fine. If they would have charged normal shipping I was going to ask for a return envelope. They were very nice and explained the system updates. I like when customer service is true to their title=)

  7. kevin says:

    place an order 10/21, no email confirmation. called, they could not locate the order. still showing temp charge on my credit card. afraid to do business with them again!

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