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Amazon currently has a great deal on Huggies Snug and Dry diapers. And, if you have the latest issue of Parents magazine, you’ll be able to get an additional 20% off! Here’s how to get a box of diapers for around $15 shipped:

::Make sure you are signed up for the free Amazon Mom program (this will give you 30% off select baby items plus free 2-day shipping).

::Add Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers to your cart. (The price should drop to around $17 after you add them to your cart.)

::Add the 20% coupon code from the latest issue of Parents magazine to get another 20% off making your total around $15 for a box of diapers.

If you don’t like Huggies diapers, you might dig around and see what other deals you can get by stacking the 30% off Amazon Mom offer with the 20% off code. And let us know what deals you find!

Thanks, For the Mommas!

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  • Candice says:

    Does anyone have a 20% off code they aren’t using? I stopped receiving Parents magazine a few months ago – thanks!

  • Nichole says:

    I also received a 10% coupon code off ANY baby item from the Moms Amazon Prime awhile ago so stacking it with the other savings the pack for me comes out to just over $11.00!!!! And paying with gift cards! WOOHOO!

  • Viviana says:

    My new baby is going through diapers faster than I can keep up! If anyone has a code could you please email it to me at I would really appreciate it!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ditto if anyone has an extra Parents code. I was subscribing and then I renewed after my subscription expired so I haven’t started getting issues again yet. Darn!

  • Manu says:

    Same here, I would truly appreciate if someone could send me the Parents mag coupon. My email is :

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Lanie says:

    If you use Cruisers you might be able to find a $1.00 off coupon at (I had to refresh the page a few times before the coupon showed up) I was able to stack the subscribe and save, $1.00 coupon, 10% off Amazon mom and 20% Parents code to get a box of 124 size 5 cruisers for $14. You could get a box of Luvs for significantly cheaper though, I’m guessing.

  • Becky says:

    I’m not getting the $17. I’m getting $21.15 for a box of huggies. That’s with the 30 percent off. Did I do something wrong?

  • E says:

    Per diaper price on the larger packs is better. 3/156 pack works out at $.13/dipe. With no coupon, it was $20 and change.

  • whitney says:

    i havent gotten the november issue yet, but this is great! now that im using swagbucks ill be getting them for free, but this is stretching my swagbucks further!

  • Julie says:

    Is the 20% off in the October or November Parents magazine? I just looked through my October issue and didn’t find one – but wanted to know if I missed it. Thanks!

  • Becca says:

    Using the link in the post, it takes me to the Huggies boxes that are smaller (eg. size 5 has 70 dipes, size 3 has 90). The price does drop to around $17 when added to my cart, but this is for a smaller box than you have pictured and that people are commenting about. 90 dipes for $17 isn’t much a deal for me.
    When I go to the larger boxes, it does drop to $21.15 for a box (size 3, 156) which is about .14/diaper. Not bad, but not quite as good as I was expecting.

  • Cristina says:

    I got a box of 76 size 3 Huggies Little Movers for 9.74 after the discounts. Sweet! It’s in the November issue.

  • Susan J says:

    Just the other day I got a box of size 4 Seventh Generation dipes (120 dipes total) for just under $20. This was with the 30% mom discount and the 20% parents’ mag discount. (Just kicking myself that I didn’t stack the additional 10% discount Amazon sent awhile back. Oh, well!) Not as cheap as I can get huggies/pampers/etc for, but since we prefer Seventh Gen I was happy with the deal.

  • Mollie says:

    I would love a code if anyone has one to spare. Thank you in advance!

  • pranava says:

    hi…my due date is in jan…will these diapers expire if i buy diapers(size new born)now???what do u suggest??shall i wait?? one more thing what is SWAGBUCKS??can anyone explain me??

    • Elisa says:

      @pranava, I believe diapers last quite a long time. I got a good deal on some 1’s months before my baby was born and they were perfectly fine — I imagine they would be for months and months and months, if not years. I don’t see how they could expire. I would soooo buy them now! This is a great deal! 🙂

      Swagbucks are amazing! It is just a search engine you use and occasionally, you will find swagbucks while searching. If you just search for the places you go everyday (toolbar makes it easy) like hotmail and facebook and money saving mom and whatnot (instead of typing in, you would search money saving mom in their toolbar), they really add up quickly. A lot of people trade in 450 swagbucks for a $5 amazon gift card. I usually get 2-3 a month from searching and codes they put out (you will understand what that is when you join). If you can get referrals, you can get even more. It’s a pretty cool program, especially cause it’s like getting free amazon gift cards (there are also MANY other prizes you can get if you don’t like amazon). Hope that makes some sort of sense! 🙂

    • Katy says:

      @pranava, if I were you I wouldn’t buy newborn size, since you may not need that many of them, depending on how large your baby is at birth. I would go ahead and get the size 1, which you KNOW you’ll use a lot of. : )

    • @pranava, I’m a cloth diaperer, but I got 2 packs of newborn and 2 packs of size 1s in a great Rite Aid deal awhile back… and I’m not due until mid-March =) They’ll last quite awhile.

      If you’re doing an internet deal like this, I’d highly recommend that you get 1s (or even 2s or 3s if you think someone might throw a shower for you and would get you diapers). If you find a local deal, go ahead and pick up some newborns or 1s – if your baby doesn’t use them and the pack is unopened, most stores are really good about letting you exchange the unopened package for a different size.

    • Carrie says:


      I’ve always bought diapers ahead, while they are on sale, for all three of my kids. I’ve had some for up to a year. Even in a box, they’re sealed in air-tight plastic sleeves. I even store mine in my unfinished basement and they’ve always been fine. 🙂

    • Rebekah says:

      @pranava, I have boxes of diapers stacked to the ceiling in my baby’s closet. I had even more than that ready before he was born. Believe me, they don’t get icky or anything!! In fact, I had put away a half of package after my first son outgrew a size and didn’t find them until four years later…yep, still good!!! LOL 🙂

      I definitely agree with the comments to buy size 1 or even two. People tend to buy you the newborn or 1’s for your baby showers.
      Also, remember that at most stores, you can exchange a package of unopened diapers without a receipt and get the next size . I’ve found that CVS is especially willing to help me with this!!

      Swagbucks is a great site for when you need to use the internet, EVER…if you’re going to be online, you might as well earn gift cards for your time!!!

      Congrats on your new baby!!

  • Brandi says:


    I would definitely recommend stocking up on diapers now before the baby is born! You don’t want to have to run out to the store and buy diapers at full price if you are in a bind! They won’t expire.

    And about swagbucks… is a great way to make money on the internet! I was very skeptical to try it out when I heard people talking about it a few months ago, but I am so glad I signed up! To earn these “swagbucks” you search their page as if it was throughout the day. Randomly, you will be awarded “swagbucks”. You can also complete surveys, polls, and special offers to earn more swagbucks. You can cash out your swagbucks for Amazon gift cards (there are many other prizes but Amazon gift cards are the best deal!). Personally, I’ve made about $90 since late July on swagbucks. I don’t spend that much time on it; you can make a ton of money if you do though! You get what you put into it. I definitely recommend signing up. I am very pleased with it and so glad I heard about it on these blogs!

  • Nichole says:

    No diapers won’t expire. You will be fine to order and stock up before baby comes!
    Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you randomly for searching and you can redeem those “bucks” for giftcards to places like!


  • Elisa says:

    If anyone has an extra Parents code they are not planning on using, I would love one too! Thanks so much! My email address is

  • Lori says:

    I am a member of Amazon mom and I have tried several times to get the reduced price my simply adding the order to my cart. It is not working. The 30% discount is not applying. What am I doing wrong?

    • Funke says:

      @Lori, Hi, Lori. Don’t add the item to your cart! Under “add to cart” on your right hand side, you’ll see “Save 30% with subscribe & Save”, Choose quantity and delivery schedule ( which you’ll need to go to your account and cancel as soon as you receive your item, except you want them to keep sending you diapers every month or so). Enter shipping and payment details, the 30% discount will apply, then click sign me up once you review your order. Your order is placed once you click “sign me up”. Hope this helps.

  • Carrie says:

    Woot! Woot! I am loving Amazon for their diaper deals lately. I am so stocked up and I love it! It also makes me feel less bitter than my 2 1/2 year old is not at all interested in potty-training yet. LOL (j/k)

    • Melissa says:

      @Carrie, I completely understand!!!!! =) (((hug)))

      • Carrie says:


        Thanks! 🙂 Are you there too?

        • Melissa says:

          @Carrie, Yep- He’s almost 2 1/2….I stopped pushing him and all of the sudden he’s ready to poop on the potty but wants nothing to do with going potty. 🙂 So I figure I’m just not going to push him- if he’s 3 and still not telling me, then we’ll push a little more. Like my mom told me, no one goes on their honeymoon in diapers, so I figure there are more important things to worry about, right??

  • Pranava says:

    hey thnx alot all…now i got it…so how many shud i buy of newborn size??50 is enough??this is my first preg and dont know how to plan everything..and date is coming fast 🙁 what all shud i buy ahead(car seat,clothes dats all i know as of now)?? what to get in order to make baby comfortable??

    • Carrie says:


      Are you having a baby shower? Often you will get a lot of diapers and clothing at your baby shower. Also, perhaps the baby equipment?

      Some babies are in size NB for a month or two, some are only in them for a week or two. It depends on how big your baby is and how fast he/she will grow…. Remember to save your receipts for your diapers if you get them in stores… most stores will let you trade for a bigger size if you have a receipt.

      But I would hold off buying until you have a baby shower, if you are having one.

    • karla says:

      I wouldn’t buy any newborn size until your baby is born maybe a pack if no one gives you any. the hospital gave me a few packs to take home for both times. that was all I needed. i went straight to size 1. my kids were big though (9lbs). the hard part is you never know how big they are going to be for sure.

      you’re going to need some onsies, socks. sleepers. car seat. you will probably want a swing and/or a bouncy seat. if you don’t receive one, look for a sale or used. don’t spend a lot! my first child loved both. my second child.. not so much. bottles if you are going to use them. a couple blankets. you may want a stroller to. I like the ones where the car seat fits right in them. That’s pretty much all you need in the beginning. Hope that helps
      good luck! 🙂

  • Kellie says:

    I just read an article in a business magazine about I guess Amazon is having a hard time keeping up with and that’s why they started the Amazon Mom program. is actually run by two men who started out in a garage! They offer free shipping, and if you live near their warehouse (near Manhattan, NY, I believe), they offer same-day delivery (or are going to start to)! Anyways, this battle benefits moms, so enjoy! 🙂

  • kathleen says:

    with the amazon moms discount and the parents magazine discount i got a box of 100 size 2 Huggies diapers for $12.00!

  • kathleen says:

    Pranava- how many newborn diapers you buy is going to depend on what size your baby is born. if you have a small baby or a baby that is slow to put on weight you’ll need a lot more than 50 but if you have a big baby 50 is plenty, if you have a really big baby, they may skip the newborn size.

  • Jay says:

    I just got 96 size 3 Huggies for 10.50! Thank you for all your help. With 2 in diapers any money we can save is a blessing.

  • MISSEE says:

    I read on another website, that it is the November issue of Parents magazine. Grrr. I have October issue. I also can’t get amazon to give me my amazon mom discount. Grrr.

  • Hallie says:

    Is that 20% off of your entire Amazon order or just diapers? Thanks!

  • Stephanie says:

    I ordered Pampers Baby-Dry and got 156 size 5 diapers for $18.99 which is just over $.12/diaper! This is much better than the Huggies deal and I like these better! I am a subscriber to Amazon Mom and used the Parents 20% off code.

  • Funke says:

    Hi Crystal, thanks for this blog and all the stuff you put together to help and inspire us all. God bless you. Does anyone know how to order more than 1 item using the subscribe and save? My twins use different sizes and I want to buy the 2 in one order so as to extend my amazon prime by one month but the last time I tried this, the purchase was fulfilled in 2 different orders and I miss the one month extension even though I bought more than $25 worth in the amazon baby store.

  • Carrie Carlson says:

    My first two children were 8 lb. 7 oz. and 9 lb. 4 oz. The hospital put size 1 diapers on them right away and we never used the newborn size diapers. I still have some – maybe this time I’ll get to use them? 🙂

  • jamala says:

    got my huggies 96 box of 3 for 10.20 shipped!

  • ali says:

    I haven’t got my november magazine yet, and can’t seem to find one in the last! Does anyone have a code they aren’t using? Please email me at alley_shae43 @

  • Teresa says:

    I am trying to order the Huggies Diapers for $17.00; however when I add them to the cart, they are coming up $30.21. Am I doing something wrong, or has this already expired?

    Please HELP!


  • esha says:

    I have a 20% off which I am willing to trade for unused pampers codes worth 100 points. If anyone has them and are interested, please let me know @ simsbeeATyahooDOTcom. THANKS 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi everyone/anyone- Can anyone email me the code for Nov issue for parents? We have 3 children under the age of 3. Thank you sooo much! It would help us a great deal!!!

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