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Staples: 24-pack of Marcal Toilet Paper for $2.99! {out of stock}

This deal is now out of stock.

Today only (May 22, 2010), you can get a great deal on Marcal Toilet Paper at Staples. It’s shown as $4.99 in the ad, but here’s how to order online and pick up in-store to get it for only $2.99:

::Login or sign up with ShopAtHome and search for “Staples.”

::Click through to the Staples website and click on the “Deal-A-Day” and you will see the toilet paper deal.

::Click on the “Order Now” button add the toilet paper to your cart.

::At the top of your screen, you’ll see an “Order by Catalog Item #” link. Enter 593805-v6 and order one.

::Go to your cart and adjust the quantity of ordered items down to one item.

::Proceed to checkout and the price should then adjust to $2.99 for a 24-roll page. (Once the price is adjusted, you can order more than one, if you’d like.)

::Choose in-store pickup to avoid shipping costs.

Within 30-60 days, you’ll also be credited with 3% cashback and a $5 bonus, if you’re a new signup with ShopAtHome.

Edit: Thanks to some commentors for suggesting that if you want to stock up on toilet paper, you can order 5 24-packs to get you over the $50 threshold for free shipping. So you can avoid having to pick them up in-store, but you should only pay $14.95 at checkout for 120 rolls of toilet paper!

Thanks to Common Sense with Money for her detailed explanation on how to get this deal!

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  • Amy F says:

    14.95 for 5 packs!!! Thanks!
    PS they didn’t charge me for shipping when it was only one pack, because my husbad has a platinum staples card or something, so maybe if you shop at staples all the time, you don’thave to buy so much to get the free shipping:)

  • leah says:

    so glad i’m not the only giddy one about a great deal on toilet paper!!

  • Brandy F says:

    5 packs for $16 shipped! Does anyone else get excited about TP?

  • 5 packs for $16! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Abby says:

    Just placed an order. Went back to order for a friend and it said out of stock.

  • Sarah says:

    I was soo excited, and got almost to the end of checkout, and now they’re sold out! =(

  • Carrie says:

    Bummer, out of stock. This sounded like such a great deal, but I was just too late!

  • Shari says:

    I went to the store, which is one right around the corner, ordered 3 packs from their kiosk (following all the steps so I got it for $2.99 a pack) then took my printed sheet to the register along with 3 $2/1 coupons (and a couple other items I picked up to get my total over $6), then used my $6 reward from turning in 2 ink cartridges, and ended up paying $.50!!! I’ll have to go back to pick it up, but like I said, it is right around the corner…and next to Target, my favorite place to coupon! This is definitely a deal worth getting excited about, and would have bought more except I only had 3 coupons and don’t need a huge amount right now!

  • Porsha says:

    I missed it….I am so upset 🙁

  • Ellen says:

    I think the deal is now dead…. out of stock on the website and wouldn’t let me order any… maybe next time around!

  • Kristie says:

    yep – out of stock. no tp for me 🙁

  • Emily says:

    So bummed . . . out of stock. =(

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m so glad I got this deal yesterday! Most of my family and friends think I’m crazy and ask the “where will you store it” question. But who cares- all that matters is I won’t have to be TP for a long time (it’s just me and a boyfriend in my house, so this will last while! 🙂 I told my dad about it though and he wanted in, but I guess he is too late! I suppose with 120 rolls on the way, I could probably share some.

  • Lisa says:

    I ordered this deal on Saturday and was very excited. I ordered 2. I just got an e-mail from Staples saying that this item is currently unavailable and that I won’t be charged. I have a feeling that they don’t want to “give away” this product at this price and are going to handle it this way. I was supposed to pick my item up on Thursday. This is truly a bummer!!!!

  • ESC says:

    I got the same email as Lisa. It’s not that I waited to order–it was in the morning, and I’d already gotten a confirmation that they were due to be delivered in early June. It wasn’t that I ordered an extreme amount either, only two like Lisa. Bummer is right!

  • Julie says:

    I ordered mine, got my confirmation email, and was told I could pick it up tomorrow (5/25) after 9 a.m. However, I just got an email telling me they were out of stock and my order was canceled! I only ordered one, too!

  • Sara says:

    mine was canceled too- my account was charged- so they better take the charge off!!

  • DW says:

    Same thing happened to me. Seems if they were sold out, my order wouldn’t have gone through. Wonder if anyone was able to buy it at the $4.99 price?

  • Erin says:

    Same thing here. I ordered 5 and received the confirmation email yesterday. Now today, I get an email saying that the item is out of stock and they will not be sending it. I ordered at 9am!!!! Guess they didn’t expect so many of us to order it!! Darn.

  • Alice says:

    I just got the email saying my order was cancelled too.

    I wish the site wouldn’t have let the order go through if they were out of stock. I emailed them and told them so, and that I’ll think twice about using their website in the future.


  • nancy says:

    With so many of us cancelled, it makes me not trust Staples anymore. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  • Mine (order of 5) was cancelled as well and the charge is still on my acct. I’ll give it a day or so to be refunded, but I’m not super impressed.

  • Valerie says:

    My order was cancelled also…….I e-mailed Staples to let them know how disappointed I am in their customer service. I have no proof the item is not really “out of stock” but one really has to wonder. I told them I will not be recommending them to anyone!

  • Stacy says:

    I too received a confirmation and the a cancellation-they received an email back from me stating that they will no longer receiving my business-I am sure that Marcal could fill Staples orders in time, but Stales is unwilling to fullfill orders with confirmation.

  • rs says:

    I used to LOVE Staples, the store, easy rebates, rewards, ink recycling, everything. This has put a really bad taste in my mouth. They didn’t lose money on this deal at all! For those of us who went into their stores to order, they got all of our $2.00 Marcal coupons and will be redeeming them after canceling our orders. Why do a one-day doorbuster sale and not have a way of tracking your inventory as it sells. The customer service lady was firm that there would be no backorders. I asked her why they couldn’t fulfill our orders with the store stock, which is on the shelves right now. She said they are all the same company, but the online orders must be shipped from their warehouses and not taken from store shelves. VERY disappointing. Not a good move, Staples!

  • SoCal says:

    I saw the Special Saturday 5/22/10 and I ordered 10 Cases regardless of what the other reviews. I got a cancellation email on Monday 5/24/10 at 4pm Pacific Time. I called and customer service rep told me the product was out of stock between the time I order and my Credit Card Authorized.. Really?? com’on~ This is a SCAM. I am looking for a Class Action Law Suit to join. Staples just Lost a customer!

    By the way.. the product is back in Stock on Staples’ website for $18/case

  • Erica says:

    Cancelled for me too. Makes me wonder if anyone had their order fulfilled?

  • Brittany says:

    I just came on here to see if anyone else received the cancellation e-mail. Glad I’m not the only one. I jumped on this right away and I’m extremely disappointed right now.

  • Julia says:

    Mine was cancelled too and even though the email says that I wasn’t charged, I just checked my bank account and it was absolutely charged (AND for a different amount entirely). Not happy.

  • Carrie says:

    Same thing happened to me – and I didn’t even know about the $2.99 deal (I did the $4.99 and was happy with that). And I ordered at 6:30am! I was actually up at 12am and tried it for 15 minutes but it was never giving the “special” price (even though it said it was the special of the day) so I thought I’d try in the morning. At 6:30am it went through fine. I am very upset with Staples and wrote a complaint to Customer Service telling them so. I just can’t believe that they sold out between 12:15am & 6:30am on a Saturday morning! Customer Service said basically there is nothing they can do. There was no way to find out how many were originally available or even at what time they sold out. I asked Renee (the CS agent) what would prevent someone from ordering 1000 packs & she said there was nothing. They definitely should have had a limit or something. On top of the fact that I shouldn’t have been able to order them in the first place – it should have said “Out of Stock” at 6:30am. I will certainly not be doing business at Staples for a long time, and we fairly frequent shoppers there.

  • mrs spock says:

    My order was cancelled too- I am so bummed out. I certainly think they shouldn’t have allowed us to put our orders through in the first place if they were “sold out”. I will definitely think twice before spending money at Staples again.

  • Lisa says:

    My order was canceled too. I think we should all definitely let them know that we disapprove. Did anyone’s order go through? If so, I’d be really curious to know, since it seems no had success. So please let us know if it did!

  • MJ says:

    My order was cancelled as well. I did email them back to complain because while their email indicates I “wasn’t charged” they still did place a temporary hold for the order against the card I used, and they never removed the hold, it’s still reflecting against my account – so while they didn’t charge me for the cancelled order they are preventing me from using the funds until my bank finally releases the hold.

  • connie says:

    Got my cancellation email on Monday as well 🙁 fyi
    Is anyone getting the tp? Or, were all of the orders cancelled? Curious.

  • Crystal says:

    Ugh, they just canceled mine too. That is so WRONG. I ordered mine early too.

  • kandle says:

    Call, ask for a supervisor, and then complain. Tell them you’re not going to shop at Staples anymore because of this. I did, and they’re supposed to be sending me a $25.00 coupon off my next order. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t hold back… told the supervisor how poorly I thought this was handled. How badly this makes me think of Staples, and that I really didn’t see much point in continuing to shop with them.

  • Marie Ballance says:

    It looks like I am in the same boat with everyone else! I hope that everyone is complaining to Staples. I placed my order for five packages on Saturday morning. I received confirmation that they would be delivered on Friday, 5/28, and I was very excited. Then on Monday afternoon — 50+ hours after I placed my order! — I received an e-mail saying that they were out of stock and my order would not be filled. I was furious! I wrote an e-mail to customer service complaining about this and the answer was basically “Too bad for you — and we won’t be offering this item on sale again.” They were NOT helpful at all! Considering I can go to an online clothing retailer, order a shirt on clearance and get a little note in my shopping cart saying “only 5 items left!” I know that there is technology to track this and I wonder why Staples doesn’t use it. It seems to me this was a very underhanded way to try to sucker people into buying more stuff!!

    I am letting their customer service know that I will NOT buy anything from Staples in the future and I am telling everyone I know not to shop there. This is ridiculous!

  • Abi says:

    Mine was cancelled too. I didn’t check my bank accout but i’ll do it.

  • Lisa says:

    I was the first one to write and say that my order was cancelled. I believe that they didn’t take into account that the news would spread and with all the orders, they decided to cancel all the orders. I haven’t seen one person that got the deal. As someone said, it’s funny that the product is back in stock for $18. Staples really screwed up with this one. I think they’ve lost a lot of customers over this!!!

  • Evangeline Andrews says:

    My mil GOT her order of 10 packs (she ordered it at 5pm *after I told her of the deal) and I DID NOT get my 6 packs that I ordered at 12pm.
    I got my husband to call and complain cause he is great at that but to no avail. They gave him the runaround. He was done when they finally just said that they fulfilled my mil’s order cause she ‘called’ in her order (she was just trying to correct her rewards card info.
    So needless to say…shady business practice (Husband runs business too) We won’t be buying from them again!

  • Silvia Fuentes says:

    Well I guess I am lucky, cause mine is scheduled to be delivered by UPS today. I had placed my order online for the TP for $4.99 and then called them to ask them to include v on the code so I could get it for $2.99 and the girl was really nice and went ahead and changed the code for me. The thing is, I checked my acct online for my bank, and haven’t been charged for anything. I’ll let you know if I actually get my order later today.

  • Silvia Fuentes says:

    I did receive all 5 cases I ordered , hopefully more people will also receive theirs.

  • rs says:

    As I stated above, I LOVE my Staples store. However, whatever division this is where you call the 1-800-STAPLES number, I strongly dislike dealing with them. I received a cancellation email 2 days after ordering. It stated I would not be charged, however it’s still on my bank statement. I called the number on my order sheet “for questions about your order,” and they rudely told me I had to go into the store to get my refund because it was a “prepaid order, not a order.” In order to use my manufacturer coupons, I did go to the store, ordered at the KIOSK, and paid at the store register. She insisted I could not get a credit by calling, but that I had to go to the store (again). Not to mention, they made $10 on my redeemed coupons!! I’ve called my store manager after trying to call that toll-free line twice and being left on hold for more than 15 minutes EACH TIME. She is very much trying to get my refund without me having to go to the store. I told her I thought it would be fair for them to send me something worth all the hassle and time and gas I’ve spent on this scam deal. She totally agreed and said she’s had many very upset regular customers over this “deal.” Again, I’ve never had a moment’s trouble with my store, but I’ll never order from the site again. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

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