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Target: Free GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs

You can get GE Energy Smart light bulbs for free at Target right now!

GE Energy Smart lightbulbs — $2.99.
Use the $2/1 Target coupon here (there are reports that you can print this more than two times. Let us know if that’s the case for you!)
Stack with $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupons

See the full list of deals at Target this week here.

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!

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  • Amanda says:

    Thanks so much… just printed everything off!!


  • Julie says:

    Think it’s working unlimited right now. I just printed five!

  • Michelle says:

    there is also a coupon in the 3/7 ss

  • Cari says:

    THe website does not give me an option to print the coupon. Does not even say print limit reached either??? Hmmm

    • Lynn says:

      Just click anywhere in the box and then you’ll watch a short video. After the video, the print box will appear and you will be able to print!

    • Braundi says:

      Are you watching the “commercial” that pops up when you click on the coupon? If you make sure to allow pop ups; and, watch the whole commercial, the coupon should be selected and ready to print when the commercial is over. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Luis says:

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  • Rhonda says:

    I printed 3 x’s but they all have the same coupon number. Does that mean it printed a copy? Will the store take them with matching #’s?

    • Emily says:

      @Rhonda, If it’s the Target coupon you’re referring to, it’s fine. You’re looking at the barcode, and the barcode numbers should be the same. The coupons have barcode numbers that should be the same, and then unique coupon numbers, which should be different.

  • Rhonda says:

    You have to watch video clip on site, the clip button comes up after it’s over.

  • Braundi says:

    Multiple prints working in the Dallas area. 🙂

  • Marion says:

    Multiple prints worked for me

  • Nicole says:

    Just printed multiple times for me in the Boston area! Thank you!!

  • Lisa says:

    These are $5 at my Target. So they are not free for me 🙁

    • Michelle W. says:

      @Lisa, I thought the same thing for my Target until I found them. They are not the same as the picture in this post. They are small boxes only five inches tall and two inches wide. They were around the middle of the counter near the bottom shelf. My store in Peoria, AZ had them and I was able to print five of the target ones.

  • beth says:

    Mine doesn’t give me an option to print either……

  • beth says:

    Got it to work! Thanks! 🙂

  • Tabitha says:

    worked for me. : )

  • Ron says:

    If you have an Ace Hardware store near you, they are having a sale until mid-May. All GE Energy Smart light bulbs are $1.

  • Holli L. says:

    Multiple prints worked for me too! Thanks so much

  • T says:

    Our power company(duke energy-I’m in NC) sent us a walmart coupon for a free six pack GE energy smart light bulbs. Has anyone else gotten something like this?

    • Emily says:

      @T, Yes, we did. When I took my coupon to Walmart, they were out of the 6-pk. They did have 3-pks in stock, and buying 2 of them would still be within the $ limit of the coupon, so I took 2 of the 3-pks to the register and asked the cashier if I could get them with the 6-pk coupon, since the 6-pk was out of stock. She said yes. So I still got 6 bulbs free.

  • Rachel says:

    SOME Rite Aids have had displays for awhile now of CFL bulbs for 99 cents…subsidized by local energy companies, I think.

  • Andrea Q says:

    Our Target did not have any of the $2.99 light bulbs, but $3 off the dimmable lightbulb I’ve needed for weeks was still a great deal. Thanks!

    Our state (NH) offers “instant coupon” savings programs at Home Depot to encourage people to switch to CFLs. We got 4 packs of lightbulbs for less than $1 a few weeks ago.

  • Cezanne123 says:

    Just went to Target in Minnesota.

    I thought the lightbulbs were $5 dollars at first too, but the lightbulbs are the $2.99 bulbs in the middle of the shelf and they are not the same as the picture shown.

    I was also able to print off 4 of the $2 off coupons after multiple internet disconnections due to the speed of the dial-up and the requirements to view and print these coupons. I managed to print only 2 of the $1 off coupons due to the coupon printer installation complications with my dial-up speed, but the coupons printed by themselves while I was trying to download and it never did install.

    Also, once lightbulbs scanned at Target it automatically rings up the total for each item separately including tax. The lighbulbs are not FREE, you still need to pay TAX on all the items purchased, even if the coupons have an overage. Oh yeah and the overage doesn’t count towards the total either.

    Two seperate transactions, plus tax:

    $2.99 plus tax = $3.20 – $2.00 – $1.00 = $0.07

    $2.99 plus tax = $3.20 – $2.00 – $1.00 = $0.07

    $0.07 x 2 = $0.14 Total

    So really since I thought the items were truely free and went to buy an item that I NEVER have and probably NEVER would, I actually ended up in the whole $0.14 and spent money when I normally wouldn’t have.

  • john says:

    I bought these last time they were on sale at Target and I used coupons, making them almost free. Do not waste your time on these bulbs because they are the old version. 1) they are not instant on ( they come on very very dim and take forever to get to full strength. If you walk into a room you can’t see enough right away to do a task) and 2) they are full size cfl, not the easier fitting compact or mini size, so they are hard to fit into glass enclosures, esp. the 100w equivalent cfl bulb.

    Better to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a 4 pk of the “MINI CFL INSTANT ON” ones, they are cheap in that package size, and you’ll be happier with the result.

  • cheryl says:

    I was able to get multiple to print too, THANKS!
    I don’t mind these in my basement lights; by the time I walk down the steps they are bright enough & even in the play room where the boys ALWAYS LEAVE THE LIGHT ON; I think I gotta be saving something right?
    We are moving next month so I need all the (free) light bulbs I can get!

  • I was able to print it more than 2 times as well. I don’t mind if they take a while to come on (although I thought that was just mine…I didn’t know it was a certain kind! Mystery solved!). I’m hoping my Target isn’t sold out yet! I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short!

  • Heather says:

    Crystal, I got 2 lightbulbs, and Airwick imotion smelly thingy and a men’s body wash at target for 35 cents yesterday. Thanks for all your help with the matchups and sharing the deals. I’d never know about them without you and the other blogs. Thanks so much 🙂 🙂

  • stasi says:

    I just printed 2 printed 2 right now!

  • Rebecca says:

    I have been able to do multiple prints of the Target q as well. Found more GE Qs and would like to share!

    Found a 2/1 at
    and was able to print twice.

    Also found a 1/2 at
    also able to print twice

    Good luck!!!

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