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Walgreens: Deals good Friday and Saturday only (and $10/$40 coupon!)

It’s the end of the month and guess what that means? It’s time for lots of great overlapping deals at Walgreens! Plus, there’s a new $10/$40 coupon and new free-after-rebate deals for September which you can buy starting August 29, 2008!

A special thanks to Mercedes for putting together the double-dipping deals at Walgreens which are good Friday and Saturday (the two days where the August EasySaver booklet and the September EasySaver booklet overlap). **Remember, these deals are only valid Friday and Saturday (August 29-30, 2008)!**

Chemistry Shampoo or Conditioner or Treatment–prices up to $7.99

Use $3/1 coupon from August EasySaver booklet
Get full rebate from September EasySaver booklet

Free plus $3 overage after coupon and rebate!

Garnier Fructis hair care items–$3.99

*Deal* (edited)
Buy 6 Garnier Fructis items at $3.99 each
Use $1/1 coupon from August EasySaver booklet (this should take off $6)
Use 6 $1/1 coupons (from 05/04 and 06/22 RedPlum inserts) or 6 $2/1 from tearpads found at Dollar General
Spend $12 plus tax out of pocket (or approx. $6 out of pocket if you have the $2/1 coupons)
Get $10 rebate from September EasySaver booklet
$2 out of pocket (or free plus overage with $2/1 coupons) after coupons and rebate!

  Glade Scented Oil Warmers–$4.79, on sale B1G1

Buy 4 Glade Warmers at $4.79 each
Get 2 free with store B1G1 sale
Use 2 B1G1 coupons from 08/24 SmartSource insert to get the other two free (you can use $4/1 coupons if your store does not accept these)

Spend $0.00 out of pocket plus tax
Get $4 rebate from September EasySaver
Free plus $4 overage after coupons and rebate!

 2-pk Glade Scented Oil Refills–on sale for $4.49

Buy 2 Glade Refills at $4.49 each
Use 1 B1G1 coupon from 08/24 SmartSource insert
Use $1/1 coupon from September EasySaver booklet
(should take off $2)
Spend $2.49 plus tax out of pocket
Get $3 August EasySaver rebate (#29)
Free plus small overage after coupons and rebate!

Mercedes has some more deals and deal ideas here. See all the rest of the deals at Walgreens this week here.


If you’re planning to go to Walgreens, you’ll want to make sure and print out a $10/$40 coupon, too! While your total after manufacturer’s coupons must equal $40 or more in order to use this coupon (you can usually use Walgreens coupons after the $/$$ coupon, though it will depend upon your store), it is an excellent opportunity to purchase the new free-after-rebate items for September or to finish up the August free-after-rebate deals, if you have yet to do these this month.

September Free-After-Rebate Deals (valid beginning August 29, 2008) (with thanks to Jenny for her help in putting these together!):

Buy 1 Nivea for Men Body Wash at $4.99
Use $1/1 coupon from the 7/20 SmartSource
Free plus $1 overage after coupon and rebate

Buy 1 L’oreal RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate at $16.49
Use $3/1 coupon from the 7/20 SmartSource
Free plus $3 overage after coupon and rebate

Buy 1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste at $3.79
Use $0.75/1 coupon from the 8/3 P&G
Free plus overage after coupon and rebate

Buy 1 Revlon Nail Color at $4.79
Use $2/1 coupon from the 8/24 SmartSource
Free plus $2 overage after coupon and rebate

**Scenario Idea**

Buy 1 Nivea for Men Body Wash at $4.99

Buy 1 L’oreal RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate at $16.49

Buy 1 Revlon Nail Color at $4.79
Buy 6 Garnier Fructis hair care items at $3.99 each
Buy 1 Crest at $3.79

Use $1/1 Nivea coupon
Use $3/1 L’Oreal coupon
Use $2/1 Revlon coupon
Use 6 $1/1 Garnier coupons
Use $0.75/1 Crest coupon
Use $10/$40 Walgreens coupon
Use $1/1 Garnier coupon from August booklet (should take off $6)

Spend approx. $25.25 out of pocket plus tax
Get $40.06 in September EasySaver rebates (Nivea, L’Oreal, Revlon, Garnier $10 rebate, Crest)
Free plus almost $15 overage after coupons and rebates!

Mercedes links to more scenarios here.

**Share Your Scenarios!**

There are dozens of different scenarios that could be cooked up using these deals and coupons. What are you planning to buy at Walgreens on Friday and Saturday?

Tell us about your deals and scenarios in the comments section or by posting about it on your blog and leaving your direct link to your blog post below (remember links must go directly to your blog post, not to your homepage).

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  1. Sarah J. says:

    I think you have a typo in the scenario…I calculate 35.25 OOP before rebates…..Still a good deal at free w/$5 overage though!!

  2. Sarah J. says:

    Oops scratch that….35.25 is before the WAGs Cpn…but is that possible??? the $10 off $40 says $40 after coupons and discounts…wouldn’t that include WAGs $1/1 Garnier too? Maybe I’m confused……..

    Money Saving Mom here: Yes, as I said in the post, usually the $/$$ coupons go through without a hitch before Walgreens coupons, though it might depend upon your store. So if you do it in the order I’ve listed, it should work just great.

    From what I’ve heard from reports around the country, it just must be $40 *after* manufacturer’s coupons. If that doesn’t work at your store, though, you can just add in an extra $6 in items to your order and you’ll still come out ahead after the rebates.

  3. Heather says:

    I’ve never bought 2 different month rebates at the same time. Can you do August and September on the same receipt? I want a $40 total!

  4. Sorry about the mistake on the Garnier deal; I was running too many numbers while multi-tasking this afternoon! 🙂 Thanks to those who corrected me. I edited it and deleted all the comments about it so they wouldn’t be confusing to anyone.

  5. I’m so confused about the whole double dipping thing. Wasn’t that a big problem with Wags Corp last month with the diapers? Someone clue me in please.

    Money Saving Mom here: Great question. These “double-dipping” scenarios are not the ones which caused the problem last time around. The ones which caused a problem were where you were stacking more than one Walgreens EasySaver coupon in one deal.

    Mercedes and I decided to stick with deals that only double-dip by using a coupon and rebate from two different books, not two coupons from two books. Make sense?

    All of these offers should go through without a hitch at every store since you are only using one Walgreens coupon and/or one manufacturer’s coupon and then stacking with a rebate. You shouldn’t have a problem with it.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Susan says:

    I usually force them to use the $/$$ before the coupons, in case i get an irritable cashier…i hold the coupons in my hand and hand them only that coupon, as if its my only coupon. Then after it rings through, i hand over the rest of my coupons, its pretty much the only way to guarentee they do it right.

    Money Saving Mom here: I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this because of the coupon language. I think it’s safer to just stick with a total of over $40 after manufacturer’s coupons and you shouldn’t have a problem. And being polite and courteous goes a long way, too! 🙂

  7. Autumn says:

    Looks like a great deal but I have a question about the Garnier coupon. Forgive me if I’m not understanding but if this expired 8/26/08 (tues) accordingy to the Aug booklet how does this work. Or are we just hoping it goes through and they don’t look at expiration dates. I just wasn’t sure if the coupon beeps after being expired. Thanks.

  8. Annie says:

    Can you use all 6, 1.00 garnier coupons at once? They say one per purchase. Will the register beep?

    Money Saving Mom here: Thanks for asking, Annie. Yes, most manufacturer’s coupons say, “One per purchase” which means you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item you purchase. At Walgreens you can “stack” a Walgreens store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon, so in essence, you can use two coupons per item.

    So long as you are buying six of the same items, you can use six of the same manufacturer’s coupons without a hitch.

  9. Crystal says:

    I just wanted to mention that I have started going to the Walgreens website to claim my rebates. It is so much easier and quicker. I haven’t noticed anything mentioned about doing it that way, so thought I would say something. You also save the postage stamp this way.

  10. Clair says:

    Hopefully they’ll have all the FAR stuff in store tomorrow and I can make money! I LOVE Walgreens!

  11. Kari says:

    I was looking for all the coupons listed in my collection of SmartSource’s, and I can’t find ANY of them in my inserts- do the coupons typically vary quite a bit depending on where you live or something?

  12. Angela says:

    Thanks for sharing these deals. I put a link on my site to yours. I don’t have a nearby Walgreens, but maybe others that read my site do.


  13. Michelle says:

    If your total after WAGs coupons goes below the value of the coupon (in this case, $40) you will lose the coupon. It will automatically just remove the $10 deduction.

    This has happened to me at least twice, be careful!

  14. Candace says:

    Has anyone done a successful rebate for 2 months using one receipt? Will it be a problem to combine items from the 2 months into one purchase?

    Money Saving Mom here: (edited) I’d suggest, to play it safe, that you only do rebates from one month on one receipt. However, you should be able to use August coupons in addition to those rebates without a hitch.

  15. Kasey says:

    My one concern with these scenarios is the problem with having more coupons than you have items- I know that my Walgreens will not accept more coupons than items, so you may have to find some fillers for these deals.

    One of my favorite fillers is the small purse-sized packages of Walgreens brand tissues that are by the register in my store. They are usually $0.30, and I use them all the time so I don’t mind throwing a few of them in to keep the numbers of items and coupons even.

    Just don’t forget about this important factor! It could really cause a lot of frustration if you’re not careful!

  16. I just wanted to point out that the Nivea coupon expires 8/31 so this really is the perfect time to get the body wash. Also, Heather – you can’t have rebates for two different months on the same receipt.

  17. Crystal – I just saw your response to Candace and wanted to confirm that you’ve done that, since A Full Cup has several posts saying it didn’t work them. Thanks so much!

    Money Saving Mom here: Thanks for letting me know. I am glad to know that information and I edited my response to Candace accordingly. Better to be safe, than sorry, right?

  18. Karen W says:

    If I figured it out right, I am gonna get over $100 worth of stuff for free making $5!!! I love Walgreen’s!!!!

  19. Tausha says:

    I hope I did this right, I’m new to this. I didn’t have all the coupons you talked about but I did all the free after rebate products, the $3.00 off chemistry, and then the $10 off $40.
    So when I get my rebate check it will be the total of the free stuff plus $13?

  20. Tausha says:

    I think I worded that wrong it will be the total of the free stuff which I paid $13 less for?

  21. momtomany says:

    Aug. easy saver books had expiration date misprint… don’t pay attention to it.

    As stated on their website…
    Last month’s catalog: (August)

    Good Jul. 25, 2008 — Aug. 30, 2008

    Postmark/submit by Saturday, Sep. 6, 2008

  22. Tina says:

    I used the $10/40 coupon today and the register didn’t print any RRs. I bought Huggies ($2 RR) and DayQuil ($3 RR). When I asked the manager about it, he said I didn’t get the RRs because of the $10/40 coupon. Has anyone else had this problem? So I asked him to return the DayQuil because I didn’t want to pay $5 if I wasn’t getting the $3 RR. I kept the Huggies because I needed them as part of the $40 to spend, so I just have to get over the lost $2RR, besides that I had a $2 coupon anyway.

  23. Nichole says:

    I was going thru my coupon insert looking for the coupon for the Buy 1 L’oreal RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate at $16.49
    Use $3/1 coupon from the 7/20 SmartSource and my coupons are for hair color… does anyone have the one its saying? My sis in law had the same ones so I’m guessing thats the wrong coupon…

  24. Marsha says:

    Just to let you know–the Garnier rebate for September is also good on their facial products. So I got an eye roller for 12.99 -5wags -2MC and two 3.99 hair products: 3.99- 1wags -1MC. So I spent 9.97 before tax and will get back $11 ($10 rebate + $1 bonus for gift card). And this transaction was about 25% of my $10/$40, so it’s like I saved an additional $2.50 on the Garnier stuff. I’d been wanting to try the eye roller, but I couldn’t justify spending any money on it. But today, they paid me to try it!

  25. Tina says:

    I just called the Wags customer service number and asked about using the same receipt for 2 months of rebates. She said it would work by mail if you have 2 copies of the same receipt (one original and one electronic journal the manager has to print out for you) or if you submit one month online and mail in the original receipt for the other month. I used the $10/40 coupon today and I had the Pert Plus FAR (plus $2 coupon) for August, and several of the FARs for September. I submitted the August rebate online today and I will mail in the receipt for September. I hope it works. Customer Service said it would.

  26. Laurie says:

    Can you use the $1 off Crest toothpaste coupon from the August Easysaver booklet towards the Crest prohealth? It doesn’t specify a specific type of Crest.

  27. Tera says:

    I checked with Walgreen’s for their offical coupon policy regarding using b1g1 coupons with a b1g1 sale. They said that I could buy 1 and get 2 free. I also asked about using a $ off coupon in conjunction with a b1g1 coupon, and they said that was fine as long as the coupon language didn’t prohibit using a coupon in conjunction with another. So, for the glade deal, I am going to use a $4/1 coupon on the warmer that I buy, and then get 2 free with my b1g1 coupon and the store sale. I would pay .79 oop and end up with overage after the rebate. I love getting good deals, but I don’t like feeling unsure about my coupon usage when I’m at the store. I don’t want to abuse my coupon use, so as far as I can tell, this is the ethical way to buy the glade warmers in keeping with Walgreens policy. (But check other stores policies–some don’t operate like Walgreen’s, and they will let you use a b1g1 coupon with a b1g1 sale to get both items free without purchasing one.)

  28. Diane says:

    Don’t have my own blog so here is my scenario.

    From what I understand and have experienced it is the Walgreens coupons that need to be subtracted before the 10/40 not the manufacturer coupons. As long as I’ve handed them my store coupons first then my X/XX and finally the mfg coupons last it has always worked for me.

    Sorry for the small novel.

    Excedrin Express Gels, 20 pack ($3.99 ESR)
    Nivea for Men Body Wash ($4.99 ESR)
    -$2.00 – Nivea Body Product Internet Printable (IP)
    L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate (*$16.49 ESR)
    -$3.00 – L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift coupon from 7/20 SmartSource insert
    Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste ($3.79 ESR)
    Chemistry Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment ($7.99 ESR)
    -$3.00 – Chemistry Hair Care IVC from August ESR Catalog
    LypSyl LypMoisturizer ($1.99 ESR)
    Revlon Nail Color or Nail Care ($4.79 ESR)
    -$2.00 – Revlon Color Cosmetic coupon from 7/20 SmartSource insert
    Walgreens Acid Controller, 25 count ($7.99 ESR)
    – use $2/1 Walgreens Acid Controller (Walgreens Pharmacy coupon book)
    Walgreens Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge ($6.99 ESR)
    Total FAR = 59.01
    * L’Oreal is on sale this week making it only 12.37 which means the
    adjusted FAR = 54.89

    Other Great Deals
    Prep H wipes 4.49
    – 2 aug ivc = 2.49
    – 3 IP = 0.51 profit!

    (2) John Freida Luxurious Volume Shampoo or Conditioner $6.49 = 12.98
    – 3.25 Walgreens buy one get one 50% off sale = 9.73
    – 3/2 from the Sep 08 Cosmo = 6.73
    *earn 5 RR = 1.73 for 2!
    -Note some people have been reporting receiving a $9 RR but YMMV!

    (6) Garnier Fructis Hair Care 3.99 = 23.94 (-10 off 20 ESR)
    – 6 aug ivc = 17.94
    – 6 mfg = 11.94
    -10 ESR = 1.94 for all 6!

    Here are two scenarios that optimize the 10/40 coupons good today and tomorrow

    1st Transaction
    (2) Frieda – 12.98
    BOGO50 sale – (3.25)
    Prep H Wipes – 4.49
    aug ivc – (2.00)
    L’Oreal sale – 12.37
    Nivea – 4.99
    *Items you need – 10.50
    Sub-Total – 40.08
    10/40 coupon – (10.00)
    Frieda mfq’s – (3.00)
    Prep H ipq – (3.00)
    Loreal mfq – (3.00)
    Nivea ipq – (2.00)
    Total OOP – 19.08
    RR’s earned – (5.00)
    Rebates Earned – (17.36)
    10% Bonus – (1.74)

    2nd Transaction
    (2) Frieda – 12.98
    BOGO50 sale – (3.25)
    Prep H Wipes – 4.49
    aug ivc – (2.00)
    Crest Toothpaste – 3.79
    Chemistry – 7.99
    aug ivc – (3.00)
    Lypsyl – 1.99
    Pitcher Filter – 6.99
    *Items you need – 10.50
    Sub-Total – 40.48
    10/40 coupon – (10.00)
    Frieda mfq’s – (3.00)
    Prep H ipq – (3.00)
    Total OOP – 24.73
    RR’s earned – (5.00)
    Rebates earned – (20.76)
    10% Bonus – (2.08)
    3rd Transaction
    Prep H Wipes – 4.49
    aug ivc – (2.00)
    Revlon Nail – 4.79
    Acid Controller – 7.99
    Pharm coupon – (2.00)
    (6) Garnier (3.99) – 23.94
    aug ivc – (6.00)
    * Items you need – 10.00
    Sub-Total – 41.21
    10/40 coupon – (10.00)
    Prep H ipq – (3.00)
    Revlon mfq – (3.00)
    Garnier mfq’s – (6.00)
    Use RR’s just earned – (10.00)
    Total OOP – 9.21
    Rebates earned – (22.78)
    10% Bonus – (2.28)

    Summary for above transactions
    Retail Value of sale items purchased – $ 145.27
    (*includes $31 of needed items of your choice)
    Total OOP – $ 53.02
    Rebates Earned – $ 60.90
    10% Gift Card Bonus – $ 6.09
    Profit Earned – 13.97


    1st Transaction
    (2) Frieda – 12.98
    BOGO50 sale – (3.25)
    Prep H Wipes – 4.49
    aug ivc – (2.00)
    L’Oreal sale – 12.37
    Nivea – 4.99
    Crest Toothpaste – 3.79
    Revlon Nail – 4.79
    *Items you need – 2.00
    Sub-Total – 40.16
    10/40 coupon – (10.00)
    Frieda mfq’s – (3.00)
    Prep H ipq – (3.00)
    Loreal mfq – (3.00)
    Nivea ipq – (2.00)
    Revlon mfq – (3.00)
    Total OOP – 16.16
    RR’s earned – (5.00)
    Rebates Earned – (25.94)
    10% Bonus – (2.59)

    2nd Transaction
    (6) Garnier (3.99) – 23.94
    aug ivc – (6.00)
    Prep H Wipes – 4.49
    aug ivc – (2.00)
    Acid Controller – 7.99
    Pharm coupon – (2.00)
    Chemistry – 7.99
    aug ivc – (3.00)
    Lypsyl – 1.99
    Pitcher Filter – 6.99
    Sub-Total – 40.39
    10/40 coupon – (10.00)
    Prep H ipq – (3.00)
    Garnier mfq’s – (6.00)
    Use RR just earned – (5.00)
    Total OOP – 16.39
    Rebates earned – (34.96)
    10% Bonus – (3.50)

    Summary for above transactions
    Retail Value of sale items purchased – $ 98.80
    (*includes $2 of needed items of your choice)
    Total OOP – $ 32.55
    Rebates Earned – $ 60.90
    10% Gift Card Bonus – $ 6.09
    Profit Earned – 34.44

    The two transaction scenario has a smaller initial OOP cost that also nets you a larger profit on your gift card after rebates. However, if you look at it a different way by adding the “filler” items you are buying of your choice now to the gift card “profits” you will see that the 3 transaction method allows you to spend $44.97 on items of your choice compared to the 2 transaction method only giving you $36.44 in extra spending.

  29. Autumn says:

    I just wanted to let you all know that I did a deal first thing this morning and to my surprise the *Loreal Revitalift* for $16.49 rang up on sale for $12.36 so I was wondering if anyone else experienced that. So I guess that means the rebate has to be entered in for $12.36 now.

  30. I stumbled on this one this morning. I was in Walgreens getting all my freebies, and the cashier was talking to another employee about the camera deal. I had to ask….

  31. Diane says:

    Autum – re: the Loreal Revitalift ringing up at 12.36

    It is on sale this week for 25% off. You can only file the rebate for the original price listed on the reciept. In other words if you reciept printed the $16.49 price then showed a seperate line with the $4.13 discount you could submit for the full $16.49 refund which would be a really nice money maker. But if the receipt prints only one line at the $12.36 price then that is all you can claim on your refund.

  32. de_yxes says:

    I also don’t have a blog but this is what I did over lunch.
    Good for only today and tomorrow

    4 Glade Plug with BOGO = (4.79×2) 9.58
    2 Fructise Mousse = (3.99×2) 7.98
    1 Fructise eye roller = 13.99
    1 Chemistry Shampoo = 7.99
    1 Lysyl Chapstick = 1.99
    Total: 41.53

    2 BOGO on Glade Pluggin (9.58)
    2 – $1 Fructise Style Products (2.00)
    1 – $1 WAG Fructise Q (it will come up 1x how many products purchase =2.00)
    1 – $2 Fructise Renuw Moisture Q printable (2.00)
    1 – $5 WAG Fructise Eye roller Q (5.00)
    1 – $3 WAG Chemistry Q (3.00)
    1 – $10/40 Purchase Q
    Total Q discount = 33.58

    Glade Pluggin – (4.00)
    Fructise (10.00)
    Lysyl (1.99)
    Chemistry (7.99)
    Total Rebate = 23.98

    Purchased 41.53
    Coupons (33.58)
    OOP = 7.95
    Rebate = 23.98
    In the end the products are free with a profit of 16.03

  33. Liz says:

    I went to wags today and check-out chick would not let me use all 6 of my mannies for the garnier. She was SO frustrating!! She also said I couldn’t use the 10/40 until tomorrow..huh??!!

  34. Autumn says:

    Thank you Suzanne for answering my question. Also wanted to mention the $10/$40 coupon. I handed my cashier all my manuf. coupons first but she noticed I had the $10/$40 coupon I was going to hand her last because of the coupon language etc. but she wanted to ring it up first. So I guess it just depends on your cashier..some do not read the coupon wording therefore you can get lucky with the $40.00 total being before coupons but it’s better to be safe. NOthing like getting to the front of the line and then your deal goes bad.

  35. Sarina says:

    Wow you can buy less if the wags coupons count AFTER the $/$$ but I checked my list and there is nothing I pay for that isn’t making me money so nothing to drop I guess.

  36. Traci Morgan says:

    I did mine tonight! I had $40. on my gift card by claiming my rebates several days ago. I bought:
    Loreal Anti-Wrinkle
    Crest Toothpaste
    Chemistry Shampoo
    Nivea Body Wash
    4 bags of Hefty trash bags (bogo)
    4 cans of Almonds (bogo)
    After coupons and sales: $ 28.96 was taken off of my GC
    and I will get back $ 32.04 in rebates from just 4 items so far! Yeah! And I love that I got a needs item (trash bags) and healthy snacks for free!

  37. Tara says:

    I tried the deal exactly as listed (new to walgreens, but I do a good job with CVS), and at my Walgreens, the $/$$ has to be after ALL coupons/discounts. The register wouldn’t take it– the cashier tried repeatedly. So, to avoid that, if you use crystal’s scenario, just throw in a chemistry shampoo or conditioner or some of the other FAR stuff for the month. My cashier was so patient with me– bless her! 🙂

  38. S says:

    All of the coupons I see in the August easysaver catalog expire 7/26/08, (yes, JULY, not August). Maybe I got a defective copy, but that is the expiration date…

  39. Hopefulone says:

    Quick ? In the Sept. Wags Rebate booklet there’s a coupon for $2 off of Visine A. Stacked with the Aug. ALL YOU coupon of $3 it seems like that should be close to free. Has anyone done this? What is Walgreens price? Walmarts is only $3.62. I’m going tomorrow so I’ll find out, but just curious if it’s a deal.
    sorry if the smiley face pops up again by my name. I don’t know why it does that…

  40. Sara says:

    I recently purchased the B1G1 Glade warmers. On my receipt, the first Glad warmer comes up $4.79 and the second one comes up $0.00. When I go to claim my $1 ES rebate on each ($2 total), will I run into trouble circling the second Glad warmer with a price of $0.00? Thanks to anyone that can help!

  41. Lorrie says:

    I have already sent in for my Aug rebate. I decided to use the $10/$40 anyway on diapers. I bought 3 packages of Huggies and 5 Walgreens diapers. I used 2 $1.50/1 Huggies and 1 $1/1 Huggies as well as the Easy Saver diaper coupon. The cashier also let me use the $2/1 pharmacy coupon. Before coupons my total was about $49. She put in the $10 off $40 coupon first and then the rest. I ended up paying around $24 and got $2 RR back.

  42. Beandippy says:

    Too late to matter for these deals, but wanted to share in case it’s relevant next time, in my case I got my total to be enough for the 10/40, but then it wouldn’t go through along with the manufacturer’s coups. Like a previous poster noted, the clerk tried them in all different orders, but it just wouldn’t let me do both. It was really frustrating. I had to add some extras to get the 40 amount in the first place, and was thinking that my coup. overage would more than cover them. I guess I shouldn’t complain – after the rebate I will be even with what I spent out of pocket, but I was really looking forward to the overage, because I planned very carefully and went out of my way to make the trip on a Saturday night. Live and learn! Glad it worked for some of you, anyway.

    Money Saving Mom here: Yes, as noted in the post, this coupon can only be used for a total that is $40 *after* manufacturer’s coupons. However, normally you *can* use Walgreens coupons after the $10/$40 coupon, but it doesn’t always work like that in all cases, I’ve heard.

  43. Adrienne says:

    I tried buying the b1g1 free glade and rimmel and since I had a coupon they charged me for all of them and got none free. I asked the cashier that I thought these were supposed to be free and the manager told me that since I used coupons (bought 4 glade and used one b1g1free coupon and a $4 off coupon) that they wouldn’t be free. This doesn’t sound right!

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