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CVS: Deals for the week of July 27-August 2, 2008

After skipping CVS for almost three weeks, I’m really excited to "get back into the game" this week–especially since I have a $10/$20 to use.

Did you hear that?? A $10/$20 coupon!

I didn’t even know such coupons existed. But lo and behold, we are getting a new CVS store nearby and they sent out fliers with these coupons. I about fell over when I opened it. And then I wished momentarily I could ransack all the neighbors’ mailboxes for their $10/$20 coupons that I’m sure they won’t even notice and promptly throw into the garbage! But I didn’t, of course. 🙂

Anyway, here are the best deals I see:

******ECB DEALS******

Buy 1 Kodak Movie DVD at $9.99, Get $9.99 ECBs (Limit 3)
Use $5/1 CVS coupon (located in many of the photo labs–be sure to check yours for these!)
Free plus $5 overage after coupon and ECBs!

Buy 1 Revlon Limited Edition Product at $9.99, Get $9.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Includes bronzing face powder, blush, eye shadow, and lip color

Use $2/1 coupon from 07/20 SmartSource insert
Free plus $2 overage after coupon and ECBs!

Buy $10 Worth of Candy, Get $5 ECBs (Limit 5)
There are many different candies included, few have coupons out for them, though. This can be a big money-maker if you have a number of the B1G1 Lifesaver (Creme Savers and Gummi Savers) coupons.

*BEST DEAL–updated*
Buy 10 packages of LifeSavers at $1.99, on sale B1G1
Get 5 free with store sale
Use 5 B1G1 coupons from 06/08 insert
Free after coupons and sale
Plus, get $5 ECBs!

(If you have more coupons, this deal can be repeated up to four more times for a total of $25 ECBs earned without spending anything out of pocket!)

Buy 1 Ultra-Strip Band-Aids at $2.99, Get $2 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $1/1 coupon from 05/18, 06/15, or 06/22 insert
Free after coupon and ECBs

Buy $20 Worth of Johnson and Johnson Products, Get $10 ECBs (Limit 1)
There are a variety of products included, see flier for more details.

Buy 6 Carefree Products at $4.50 each
Use 3 B1G1 coupons from 06/29 RedPlum insert
Use 3 $1/1 coupons from 07/27 USA Weekend or 1 $1/1 and 1 $2/2 out there that expires 07/31 (or $0.50/1 coupons here)
Spend $10.50 plus tax out of pocket
Get $10 ECBs!

******NON-ECB DEALS******

Schick Intuition Plus Razor – on sale for $3.99

Use $4/1 coupon from 06/29 insert (not all regions got this coupon)
Free after coupon!

See ad scans and all deals and coupon match-ups for this week here.

******JULY ECB DEALS****** (August ECB deals coming soon!)

 Buy 1 15-count CVS brand cleansing towelettes at $2.99, Get $1 ECBs (Limit 5)

Buy 1 15-count towelette at $2.99
Use $2/1 skincare product coupon from July Beauty booklet
Spend $0.99 out of pocket
Get $1 ECBs back!

Free after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 CVS Pantiliners at $0.99, Get $0.99 ECBs (Limit 2)
Free after ECBs!

Buy 1 5-ct. CVS Tampons at $1.49, Get $1.49 ECBs (Limit 2)
Free after ECBs!

Buy 2 Sure Deodorants, Get $3 ECBs (Limit 3)

Buy 2 deodorants at $2.79
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from 05/11 SmartSource insert
Spend $3.68 plus tax out of pocket

Get $3 ECBs back
Then, send in for B1G1 free rebate from recent insert
Free plus overage after coupon, ECBs, and rebate!

Buy 2 Trident Xtra Care Gum (Priced at $1.25 to $1.49), Get $1 ECBs

Buy 2 Tridents
Use 2 $0.75/1 coupons from the August All You magazine (There’s also reports of tear pad B1G1 coupons, too!)
Spend $1 to $1.50 out of pocket
Get $1 ECB back!
Free or $0.50 after coupon and ECBs
(Thanks, Heather!) 

Buy 1 Bic Soliel Razor and 1 4 ct. Cartridges, Get $5 ECBs (Limit 4)
These are reported to be priced at around $6.99 each. Buy both and use two $4/1 coupons from the 06/02 SmartSource insert.
$0.98 after coupons and ECBs

See all deals with coupon match-ups for this month here.


New to CVS-ing? Don’t try to make heads or tails of this post because it probably won’t make a lot of sense to you. Instead, go here where I explain the CVS program in full detail. Want to join in the fun and incredible savings? Then go here where I share more about how to make it work for you. After that, Go here for FishMama’s July tutorial for newbies.

Share Your Scenarios!

your shopping trip planned or did you come up with a great deal
scenario/idea? Just post about it on your blog and leave your link
below. Please include full details on coupons you are using, etc. so
that those who are just beginning to get the hang of CVS can especially
benefit from seeing things broken down for them like this. If you don’t
have a blog, feel free to share your scenarios in the comment section.

Note: So as not to confuse the newbies, please only post deal scenarios/deals which are applicable at CVS this week. Thanks so much!


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  • ADDAmy says:

    I did the lifesaver deal. Like OP only the one you pay for counts. I bought 4 and used 2 b1g1 coupons and got $4.38 credit. Then I bought 5 Mentos, 1 8pk of Reeces and a Multipack of Trident. My total out of pocket (pre tax post coupons) was $5.50 and my $5 printed.

  • Just a word of caution on the Johnson & Johnson deal at CVS: Neosporin cream is listed in the ad with a price of $5.50, but it rings up at $4.99. My order would have totalled $20 with the $5.50 price. In trying to straighten that out, I found out that all of the items need to be purchased in one transaction to earn the ECBs. It was a hassle, but I ended up with $10 cash to make up for the lost ECBs.

  • Kristin@click-n-save says:

    I just wanted to pass on a tip to some of you who purchased the glucose monitors. If you are sending in for a rebate, you won’t get it unless you have actually paid something out-of-pocket. I sent in for a rebate a few months ago and it was denied because my receipt said $0 and they only refund the exact amount you paid. My recommendation would be to purchase it along with $20 worth of stuff, then use your monitor coupon. Your receipt would state that you paid $20, so you would get the rebate, giving you $20 worth of free stuff along with the monitor.

  • Julie says:

    Is it just me or does the upcoming ECB book look disappointing. You can view the next two weeks of sales flyers and the August ECB online at It just doesn’t seem all that great. There aren’t very many money makers. I am bummed. Walgreens seems to be better then CVS this upcoming month. Maybe I am wrong. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  • Jen B says:

    I’m curious to hear more about these test ads. I am in the test area this week as well. And it has been a hard week, especially since I waited all month to use my ECBs. (oops) I did try a J&J item to see if the deal was a hidden ECB deal in our area, but no luck. The familiar “quantity needed till limit reached” did not show up. Oh well. Please let us know what you find out. 🙂 Thanks.

    BTW I’m south of Columbus this week.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi Ladies, I’m from PA. I went to CVS this past Saturday and our policies have really changed from what they were. It was so frustrating!!! By the way, does anyone know what happened to the blogs? Thanks.

  • Amy Sanchez says:

    How about FREE ECBs?? This is what I came up with. I am still new at the entire process so please be patient with me. In our Sunday paper (I bought 2) there was a $20 coupon for an One Touch blood sugar monitor. The One Touch Ultra mini is on sale at CVS this week for $19.99 making them free. Through in $5 of “stuff” (I chose to use the candy deal). Then use a $5/25 CVS coupon along with the $20 coupon.. Do this transaction twice and get two blood sugar monitors and $10 worth of candy free and still earn $5 ecbs. My CVS let me do it all in one transaction.

  • Stacy says:

    Thanks for all you do on this site. It is wonderful!

  • Rae says:

    The revlon coupon specifically states “color product” as in Colorstay foundation, etc. and the limited edition ones are not one of them. So I wasn’t able to use the coupon too. But it was still free after ECB which works for me. Thanks for this site, it is great.

  • Jen Sullivan says:

    When you use coupons with items that have a MIR do you get the full rebate amount or do they subtract the coupon amount?? Seems like a sweet deal this week to make some money on the 29.99 glucose monitor, but no one has really mentioned it, so I wasn’t sure if it’s really a good deal or not??

    Thanks for your site Money Saving Mom!!

  • Rebecca R. says:

    I think it was Erica that said when she combines a BOGO coupon with a BOGO store sale, she has them start ringing in her purchases before having them swipe her CVS card. She said that the products all ring in at full price, so she can use the BOGO manufacturer coupons to take one off free, then at the end the CVS computer takes off their free sale one. Has anyone else tried this to know if it works? Would you have to have the cashier ring all of the BOGO items AND coupons into the system BEFORE handing her your CVS card? Just want to have a better idea of what to try on my next trip out. Last night I went to two CVS’s and neither one would put my BOGO lifesavers coupons through. The 2nd CVS I was at, I even had a cashier that is familiar with me and usually does a good job of working with me–I am not sure, but I think he may have tried to put it in another way and it didn’t work. Any ideas from anyone on how to try to get this to work? I have 20 coupons specifically for this deal, and was hoping to get a bunch of these lifesavers for our Vacation Bible Time “store.” Thanks for any help you can give!

  • Jeremiah's Mami says:

    Deal One:
    Today I bought 4 packages of 180 count Pampers Swipers (75%off), 4 bottles of Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Wash/Lotion, and 6 bars of Buddies soap. I only had $1 ECB to use; but with all manufacturer’s coupons, 2 CVS $3/15 and one competitor $10/20 – I spent $3.03 OOP. And will get $10ECB for J&J products.

    Deal Two:
    The other day I bought 5 packages of CVS diapers (75% off), 2 playskool bottles (75% off), one pckg of playskool pacifiers (75%off), 3 bottles of Powerade, 4 packs of trident, and spent $5.89 (89 cents over, but worth it for the diapers….)

  • Julie says:

    Lifesaver BOGO question:
    Last night I tried to have the cashier use the BOGO cpns before the card. He wouldn’t touch the coupons! He told me the manager wouldn’t let him. That someone else had tried and he wasn’t allowed to try. I have sent an email to CVS corporate because no one can EXPLAIN to me why they won’t take the coupons.

  • Jeremiah's Mami says:

    Today was another good run to CVS…just wanted to share some of the deals, as there doesn’t seem to be much right now:
    2 pckgs of 2 playskool pacifiers (75% off), 1 pckg of Gerber Nursing pads (75% off), 1 pckg of Gerber Seal&Go breastmilk bags (75% off), 2 playskool bottles (75% off), 1 Revlon blush, 1 J&J lotion; had 0 ECB’s (bummer), 2 $1/1 playskool coupons, $1/1 J&J, $2/1 Revlon, and $10/20 competitor – OOP $6.76; plus received $9.99 ECB (for Revlon)

  • Leslie says:

    I just wanted to let you know that CVS has OneTouch UltraSmart meters on sale for $29.99. I had a $20/1 coupon from last weeks insert. Making my OOP $9.99. The Meter also has a full manufacturers mail-in rebate for $29.99. Making my profit $20!! I think the sale is over today though.

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