Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza

In celebration of the Summer Olympics beginning today, we did some fun activities today:

We used chocolate-covered sunflower seeds I got at the health food store to make Olympic Rings.

Silas had a little bit of trouble lining up the seeds with the lines, so I ended up just having him match the colors and put them in the circles.

The kids were looking at Pinterest with me the other day and saw a picture for Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza and begged if we could make it.

While our Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza didn’t look quite as great as the original recipe, the kids had so much fun making it and were so excited to show Jesse when he got home from work!

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8 Activities For Tots That Won’t Cost You Anything

Looking for some ideas to keep your tots busy this summer? Here are eight ideas that you can do with items you probably already have on hand:

Water Painting

Bean Scooping

Water Scooping & Pouring

Apple Stamping (we’ve also done this with potatoes)

Ice Cube Boat-Making

Ice Cube Painting

Pudding Finger Painting (you can also make your own edible finger paint)

Peanut Butter Playdough Fun

What are your favorite no-cost activities for tots? Tell us in the comments!

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Frugal Fun: Lipstick and bread-baking

A sample tube of lipstick + two creative girls = lots of fun and giggles

Plain bread dough mixed in the bread machine rolled out + cinnamon

+ raisins

+ honey

Final product: delicious Cinnamon Raisin Bread and a fun memory of baking with mom in the kitchen (full recipe coming next week. It’s really yummy, let me tell you!)

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