$1 Summer Movies at Regal Movie Theaters

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Regal Movie Theaters around the country are once again offering $1 Summer Movies for kids this summer. This begins in May or June, depending upon the theater.

Here are the movies showing:

Regal Movie Theater $1 Movies

Please note: Our family would not personally consider all of these movies “family-friendly” for all ages. Be sure to check out the reviews of the movies online beforehand.

Find out more information here.

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!

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Our First Trip to a TN Library = Success!!

Trip to the library

Yesterday, we took our first trip to the Williamson County library and it was a HUGE success! We’d heard great things about the library here and we were so happy that the library lived up to everything we’d been told and more!

We were incredibly impressed with all the great books they have. My kids were especially stoked to find so many Adventures in Odyssey books/DVDs!

I’ve been so happy to see my kids in various parts of the house with their noses stuck in books today. As a lifetime lover of books myself, it just makes me so happy to see my kids becoming such bookworms. :)

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