New Feature: Coupon Database (and how you can add it to your site, too!)

Have you tried out our new Coupon Database? It’s an incredible way to be able to quickly and easily find all available coupons for products you’re planning to buy.

So many people have written in to ask how I find all the coupons I post. Well, the coupon database has become my number one go-to source!

Whenever I find a great deal and am wondering if there are any coupons which could be used along with the deal, I just hop over to the coupon database page, do a quick search and — tada!any and all available printable, magazine and insert coupons for that product show up.

You can easily access the coupon database any time you’d like by clicking on the “Print Coupons” link in the navigational bar in my header. For more details on how to utilize the coupon database to maximize your savings, check out this video:

A coupon database was something I had long hoped to add to my site as I’d received many requests for it, but I didn’t have a clue how to pull it off. Thanks to the hard work of Andrea from MommySnacks, Briana from BargainBriana, Marcy from StretchingaBuck and my friend, Yvonne, this long-time dream of mine has become a reality.

If you have a frugal blog or deal blog, you can add the coupon database to your site, too!

You can set up a very simple version and add it for free. Or, you can purchase a subscription and add all your own affiliate links.

We’re running a special discount of almost half-price through May 24, 2010, so if you’re interested in adding this to your site, I’d encourage you to check it out before the price goes up. It’s a great way to add value to your site and help your readers quickly be able to find coupons they are looking for. Go here for all the details and pricing.

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FOR MORE COUPONS, search our comprehensive Coupon Database for manufacturer coupons, printable coupons, eCoupons, and more!