The Ten-Item Wardrobe

You need to go watch this short Tedx Talk on the 10-Item Wardrobe. It’s really inspiring and motivating — and just might challenge you to re-think your wardrobe and how many clothes you own.

As you probably well know, I’m a big fan of the minimalist wardrobe. Not only does it simplify my life, it requires less space, it makes packing for travel so simple, and it also saves money since you are shopping much less often, only owning things you love, and wearing the same things over and over again.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that I think it makes me more relaxed and able to just focus on people in a situation versus worrying about my clothes since I’m wearing something I love, look good in, and (usually) have worn many times before.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video. Did you agree with the idea? Did you think it was crazy? Did it make you think of your wardrobe in a different light?

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A peek into our Summer Schedule

We got a free Frosty at Wendy's!

So, I skipped doing a Cleaning Project and Daily Plan yesterday because it was Memorial Day.

While we did our usual homeschooling and daily cleaning chores, we got done early so we could enjoy a fun outing to a movie with free tickets we’d been given from friends and then to hit up Wendy’s for a free Frosty. We’re all about Frugal Fun here. :)

Some of you have asked for more details about our summer schedule. So I thought I’d share a peek into what it looks like. Do remember that it changes a bit each day depending upon what’s going on that day, but the bones of the schedule usually stay the same.

5 Things You Should Do Every Single Day

Need some ideas for how to get started creating a daily routine? I encourage you to start very simply — with just a few things. Read my post on 5 Things You Should Do Every Single Day for a great starting point.

A Peek At Our Summer Schedule:

  • Me up/quick morning routine — I try to do this Morning Routine here.
  • Blogging/business work — usually for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Kid’s up — baths/dressed
  • Breakfast — I usually start in with our Bible and memory work while they finish eating breakfast.
  • Morning homeschool time — we’re doing Sonlight Core D so our together time usually takes around 1.5 hours.
  • Reading time — we all sit on the couches in the living room and read our own books quietly for 20 minutes or so.
  • Morning chores — This consists of: Rooms clean, beds made, trashes emptied, house picked up, bathrooms quick-cleaned, floors swept, and laundry started.
  • Kid’s work on independent work while I work on laundry + extra cleaning projects (Today’s project: declutter 2 rooms)
  • Me — quick run/shower, if I didn’t get it in before the kids got up.
  • Lunch/Latin
  • Jesse take over with the kids’ school/activities/dinner prep while I spend the afternoon on blogging & business work — our kids have activities almost every afternoon (swimming/figuring-skating, etc. and Jesse’s in charge of those).
  • Dinner/family time — 6:30ish
  • Quick house pick-up/finish laundry — I try to do this Evening Routine here. — 7:15ish
  • Kids to bed — 7:30 to 8 p.m.
  • Time with Jesse/read
  • To bed by 10:30 p.m.

Later today, I’ll share a post about how our day went and give you an update (with pictures) on how our day went and my progress on decluttering to give you a real-life peek into a day in our life.

If you have a routine that you follow at your house, I’d love to hear more about what that looks like. If you’ve blogged about it, I’d love to have you leave a comment with your link.

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