Brigette’s $55 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan



1 head Cabbage – $1.29

2 24-oz jars Spaghetti Sauce – $1.98

1 3-lb bag Sweet Potatoes – $1.79

1 48-oz bag Frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts – $6.69

1 head Cauliflower – $1.99

2 16-oz bags Baby Carrots – $1.98

1 20-oz pkg Zucchini – $1.99

1 bag Sweet Mini Peppers – $2.29

1 6-ct pkg Kiwi – $1.69, plus receive $0.25 back from Checkout 51 – $1.44 after rebate

1 3-head bag Garlic – $0.79

1 16.9oz jar Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $3.29

1 large Bag Kale – $1.99

1 8-oz bag Flat Leaf Spinach – $1.79

1 box Rice Squares – $2.29

1 3-ct pkg Romaine Hearts – $1.99

2 6-oz cartons Blueberries – $2.58

Total: $34.77


Harris Teeter

2 boxes Apple Jacks – $3.94, used 2 $0.50/1 printables (doubled) – $1.94/2 after coupons

1 gallon Milk – $2.99, plus receive $.30 back from Ibotta – $2.69 after rebate

1 French’s Spicy Mustard – $1.67, used $0.75/1 French’s Sweet or Spicy Mustard, exp. 7/31/15 (SS 04/12/15) (doubled) – $0.17 after coupon

2 jars Peanut Butter, reduced to $0.83 each – $1.66

1 jug OxiClean Laundry Detergent (which had a “Try Me Free” rebate sticker on it) – $5.99, used $2.00 coupon (which I am not finding in the database for some reason) – $3.99, plus receive $5.99 back after Mail-In-Rebate – $2.00 MM after coupon and rebate

1 12-ct double roll pkg Fiora Toilet Paper – $3.99, used $0.55/1 Fiora Bath Tissue or Paper Towels, exp. 6/30/15 (RP 05/03/15) (doubled) – $2.89 after coupon

1 6-ct Fiora Paper Towels – $3.99, used $0.55/1 Fiora Bath Tissue or Paper Towels, exp. 6/30/15 (RP 05/03/15) (doubled) – $2.89 after coupon (unlike Crystal, we DO use paper towels at my house…I just can’t convince my husband we can live without them ;))

4 pkgs Frozen Vegetables – $4.00

3 dozen Eggs – $3.75, plus receive $0.30 back from Ibotta – $3.45/3 after rebate

Total after Coupons, Rebates and Tax: 18.59


Flower Foods

4 loaves Bread, reduced – $2.00

Total: $2.00

Weekly Total: $55.16

Weekly Menu Plan


Oatmeal and Strawberries (from the freezer) x 3

Cereal x 2

Veggie Omelettes x 2


Baked Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon, Fruit (we still have leftover fruit from last week to use up), Peanut Butter Toast x 2

Build-Your-Own-Salad x 2 (mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese, sunflower seeds, raw veggies)

Macaroni and Cheese, Raw Peppers and Carrots, Oranges

Leftovers x 2


Three Cheese Baked Spaghetti, Tossed Salad with Olive Oil Vinaigrette, Steamed Broccoli, Easiest Focaccia

Hamburgers on the grill, Grilled Vegetables (peppers, cauliflower, zucchini), Blueberries

Best Chicken Pot Pie, Grapefruit, Brussel Sprouts (brussel sprouts are not a family favorite – but I hope to change that eventually! ;))

Taco Salad (using ground turkey from the freezer, mixed with rice and beans), Fruit Salad

Potato Hash Stir fry (Using my needing-to-used-up potatoes, ham from the freezer, eggs, and shredded cheese), Steamed Broccoli, Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins (modifying this recipe)

Leftovers x 2


Smoothies, Chewy No-Bake Granola Bars, Frozen Grapes, Fresh Veggies

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How We Use Crystal’s Pizza Dough Recipe to Make Easy Frozen Pizza

homemade frozen pizza

Guest post from Katy of Kate’s Great Crafts

To say our family loves pizza might be an understatement. If you ask my husband what he wants to eat, the answer will always be steak, tacos, or pizza.

Our favorite homemade pizza crust is this freezer-friendly one that Crystal shared, because we can get everything ready ahead of time.

The original recipe is set up to make two crusts, which you can freeze as a ball of dough. That works fine, except sometimes we decide we want to eat a pizza around dinner time (or for a late night snack), and we don’t have four hours for the crust to thaw on the counter. So I started experimenting.

First, I wanted to see if we could roll the crusts out ahead of time, and freeze them flat in the freezer.

Yes, it works! Here’s how I do it!

  • Line a jelly roll pan or circular pan (the same one you’ll later use to bake the pizzas) with parchment paper
  • Flatten the dough to the shape of the pan
  • Put the whole thing in the freezer (I wouldn’t recommend freezing a pizza stone, so if you use one of those, find something else flat to freeze your crust on)
  • Once the crust is frozen, remove the pan, and wrap the crust with saran wrap.
  • To bake, simply unwrap and flip the crust onto the pan.

How I bake it as a frozen crust.

If you’re putting the pizza in the oven right out of the freezer (after topping it with all of your yummy favorites), bake at 425°F for 18 minutes. This allows the pizza dough to come to the right temperature without heating up too quickly. Otherwise you’ll end up with a burnt bottom and a doughy middle!

IMG_1896 (1)

How I make it a thin crust.

If you’re looking for a thinner crust, you can split Crystal’s recipe into three crusts. The method is the same, but the baking times change slightly. To bake right away right after you mix the dough, bake at 450°F for 10-12 minutes. To bake right away from frozen, bake at 425°F for 15 minutes.

These baking times and temperatures are based on my oven, which cooks a little bit hotter than the temperature it says. You might need to adjust a bit according to your oven, but once you figure it out, you’re all set for easy frozen pizzas!


I like to freeze a few of these crusts, a batch of homemade pizza sauce (which makes enough for 3 pizzas), and a few containers of toppings. With all that done ahead of time, all I have to do is pull out a crust, defrost the sauce and toppings in the microwave, and top with shredded cheese. The whole process takes about 5 minutes — perfect for a busy weeknight dinner!

Katy is a pastor’s wife in northern Iowa. You can find her blogging about food, crafts, life with four kids, and even the occasional craft project at Kate’s Great Crafts.

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Brigette’s $87 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6

Since I was under-budget last week, I decided to go ahead and take advantage of a decent sale on ground beef this week. I try to stretch ground beef as much as possible (or mix it with turkey), so this will probably last us for around 6 weeks. I also couldn’t pass up buying more cheese for that price. :)



1 2-lb bag Lemons – $2.49

1 3-lb bag Oranges – $2.99

1 head Cabbage – $1.29

1 head Cauliflower – $1.99

1 12-oz jar Almond Butter – $5.49

1 bag Kale – $1.99

1 20-oz pkg Zucchini – $1.99

1 3-lb bag Fuji Apples – $2.99, plus receive $0.25 back from Checkout 51 – $2.74

1 3-ct pkgs Romaine Hearts – $3.98

3 14.75oz cans Salmon – $6.87

2 dozen Eggs – $2.78

1 bag Mini Sweet Peppers – $1.69

1 1-lb bag Tilapia Fillets – $3.49

1 8-oz can Cocoa – $2.19

1 3-ct bag Avocados – $1.99

1 18-oz box Corn Flakes – $1.49

1 24-oz container Cottage Cheese – $2.29

1 8-oz can Baking Powder – $0.99

Total after Rebate: $48.73


Harris Teeter

1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter – $1.27

4 boxes Horizon Macaroni and Cheese – $5.00, used 2 $0.75/2 printable (doubled) – $2.00/4 after coupons

8.14lbs of Ground Beef ($2.99/lb) – $24.34

2 Softsoap Liquid Handsoap – $2.00

1 Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste – $2.00, used $2/1 Colgate Optic White Express White, Optic White Platinum or Enamel Heath Toothpaste, exp. 5/9/15 (SS 04/26/15) – FREE after coupon

2 2-lb bags Carrots – $1.94

1 bag Simply Potatoes Hash Browns – $1.64, used $0.50/1 Simply Potatoes Hash Browns, exp. 05/23/15 (SS 03/29/15 R) – $0.64 after coupon

2 16-oz containers Friendship Cottage Cheese – $3.98, used 2 $0.55/1 printable (doubled) – $1.88/2 after coupons

2 16-oz packs Harris Teeter Bacon – $4.99

5 8-oz bags assorted Shredded Cheese – $6.50

1 gallon milk – $2.99

3 bags frozen Vegetables – $3.00

used $10/50 Publix Coupon (Competitor)

Total $38.84

Weekly Menu Plan


Oatmeal with Strawberries (from the freezer) x 2

Smoothies (using frozen fruit and cottage cheese – sounds weird, but tastes great!), Toasted Easy Whole Wheat Bread x 2

Cereal x 2

Veggie Omelettes


Macaroni and Cheese, Apples, Carrots x 2

Build-Your-Own-Tossed-Salad (salad greens, veggies, shredded cheese, sunflower seeds, hard boiled eggs, salmon) x 2

Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches, Oranges, Fresh Veggies with Dip

Leftovers x 2


Lasagna Casserole, Tossed Salad, Easy Italian Breadsticks

Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry, Rice, Oranges

Breakfast for Dinner: Fluffy Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon

Pan Fried Tilapia, Grilled Vegetables (cauliflower, peppers, zucchini), Grilled Three Cheese Potatoes

Meat Potato Quiche (using ham from the freezer), Broccoli, Easy Whole Wheat Bread (I will make a double batch of this to use for breakfasts too)

Leftovers x 2

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