Why I’m Not Going to Become a Drill Sergeant About Nutrition (+ win a free Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!)

Healthy Living Bundle Sale

As I’ve mentioned here recently, I’ve made some fairly significant changes to my eating in the last few months. And I’ve noticed such a difference in how I feel. Honestly, it’s been downright amazing to me!

Rest assured, I have no plans to become a drill sergeant about nutrition here on the blog. I fully believe in every family and individual doing what is best for their needs and situation when it comes to eating and healthy lifestyle habits. I also believe that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.

However, for those who want to feel better and baby step their way to better health, I want to encourage you to purchase a copy of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. It’s available for the next 6 days only at the low, low price of $29.97.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a sneak peek at the ebooks, e-courses, and free bonuses and have gleaned so much from what I’ve read and learned.

Now please note: There is a LOT of information in this bundle. It could feel overwhelming if you were to try to read all the ebooks, go through the ecourses, and implement all the changes the authors tell you to make.

I want to encourage you to NOT read all the ebooks. That information overload could just produce major stress and guilt.

Instead, I encourage you to look at the list of ebooks and e-courses and pick 10-15 that you feel would be highly beneficial. For instance, here are the ebooks I picked to read the last few weeks (or have read in the past and recommend — look for some book reviews on these coming in the next few days!):

There are many more ebooks that I hope to read in the future, but I’m trying to pace myself and not be overwhelmed with ideas and information.

It’s better to baby step your way along and actually make small and steady changes, than to try to overhaul your life overnight and end up stressed and burnt out.

Want to win a FREE bundle?

To help you baby step your way to better health, I’m going to give away an Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle to two readers here in the next 24 hours. Here’s how to enter to win:

1) Head over here and pick out two ebooks in the bundle that you’d love to read.

2) Then, come back here and leave a comment on this post telling me which two ebooks you’d love to read.

I’ll choose and post two winners tomorrow afternoon and will buy you each a copy of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

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Weekend Giveaway: The Type-B Homeschool Mom’s Planner (5 Winners)


Note from Crystal: This post is very different than the types of posts I usually run here, but I thought it would be an encouragement to other Type B homeschooing moms. And if you are a Type B homeschooling mom, you’ll definitely want to check out the giveaway at the end of the post! :)

I was done.

I thought, “Why am I homeschooling?! I am no good at it, I’m undisciplined, and I’m not one of those crafty, awesome, Type-A moms. Maybe I should just put my kids in school.”

Done, I tell you. I had had it, and I had decided that I was not fit to be my kids’ teacher. I wasn’t made for it. I should be doing something else with my time.

So why did I feel so crummy about letting go of homeschooling? I decided to call a dear friend who would understand, a friend who had homeschooled her children, then put her daughter in school, then took her out again.

I dialed. She answered.

“I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure I should still be homeschooling. Help?” I talked, and talked, and talked, and she patiently listened.

Then she asked me some questions, one of them being, “Why did you decide to homeschool in the first place?” I gave her my reasons…the main reason. And with that I was reminded of my why, and that yes, I wanted to homeschool.

I had just lost my way a bit; I had forgot why I started. And the main reason I forgot is because I started to look too much around me, comparing myself to other homeschool moms, particularly Type-A ones.

While I love my Type-A friends, and I admire them and am grateful that God wove together different personality types, I had to finally accept that I am a Type-B woman. And that’s good, and beautiful, because God made me who I am.

But let’s be honest, us Type-B personalities, we can be, oh…just a bit…slacker-ish. Yes? I know I can be. Also, details? No. Organization? Now you have me laughing out loud. And yet, here I am, a homeschool mom to three.

A Type-B homeschool mom who has learned a few things about keeping on and keeping sane in homeschooling.

Here are five specific things I’ve learned that might be helpful to you:

1. Be You!

Okay, so you’re not organized or particularly detail oriented, and hey, taking your sweet time in the morning to get homeschool started is the norm. That’s okay! There is no manual on how to do homeschooling the right way, and if there is, ignore it. Because there is no “right” way.

And furthermore, there is no right personality. You know what the “right” personality is? It’s anyone who is committed to homeschool, who has a why.

It’s just a bunch of wasted time and heartache to try and be someone you’re not. And here’s another furthermore: if you’re pushing who you are out to make room for someone who doesn’t fit, not only will you be miserable, but your kids probably will be as well.

God made you, beautiful you, with the personality you have. So friend, when it comes to homeschooling style, there is only one fit for you. You.

2. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Why do you want to homeschool? What are your reasons? Hang on to that, because that’s your big picture.

That’s your anchor when you start feeling lost. For our family, it’s about discipleship. That’s our why, the big why of our homeschooling. Yes, we want our children to have a stellar education so they can communicate and live and work and serve in this world well, but that’s not our driving force.

Know your driving force, write it down, and hang on tight.


3. Work Hard

I once said to my mentor, “I now know what you mean by ‘hard work’. You mean it’s HARD and it’s WORK.” Light bulb moment for me, folks!

Oh, was it obvious to you? Well, not to me.

It is hard work to invest in my children day in and day out, and make sure they are getting what they need when it comes to education and filling their hearts and minds and souls with goodness and beauty and truth. Hard work, people. You can’t slack.

Not if you want to parent with excellence and intention, not if you want to look back on your life and say, “I did my best with who I was and what I had.”

So yeah, work. It’s hard. Not perfect. Not crazy standards. But what you’re compelled to do, what you believe your children need, do that with all you’ve got.

4. Have Support

You know that friend I called when I thought I was going to stop homeschooling? She is a lifeline to me. And she’s not the only one. I have surrounded myself with people who are like-minded and who will encourage me and support me through my homeschooling years. I do that for them as well. Because us moms, we need each other.

Everyone needs support, and the homeschooling mama is no different. You can find it in a co-op, in an online community, in mentors, and, hopefully most importantly, in local friendships.

5. By Faith and Grace

Homeschooling for me? All faith and grace, and lots of it.

My ideal is that I will homeschool all through high school, but I hold that ideal with open hands, because maybe that will change, or maybe it will have to change. We don’t know what is around the bend, but we can do this homeschooling thing by faith, doing what we can the best we can and letting grace cover the rest of it.

Grace to mess up in a million and one ways; grace to fall apart on the hard days; grace to knock down pride when I get self-righteous; grace to know that each family is different and has to figure out there own way. Faith and grace. All the way.

Now, there is one thing we haven’t talked about, and that is how difficult it can be for a Type-B person to plan homeschool lessons. For some of us, the very words, “lesson-planning” can send us to the closet, huddled in the dark, swaying back and forth.

Or perhaps you don’t huddle, you just freeze. You get excited about planning, you have vision, but the details? You don’t even know where to begin. Oh friend, if that is you, I get it. It’s me, too.

The planners out there are great, but there not great for me. I need guidance. I need examples. I need…TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Here’s the catch: I like picking and choosing from different curriculum; I don’t use a one-stop shop. Therefore, I need to plan. And also? I don’t want to just plan for education, I want to plan for discipleship.

So you know what I did? I made my own planner. I spent over a month on planning, but I did it. I made it for myself, and I made it for you.


You can peek at the inside of the planner here, check out a some sample page here, and see what people are saying about it here.

It is not only a full-calendar with daily planning pages, it also has a 14-day guide to homeschool ready, which includes how to lesson-plan without breaking a sweat!

It’s 233 pages and includes wisdom from moms who have homeschooled their children all the way through, how to homeschool multiple children, and encouragement from homeschool graduates (including Crystal!).


The best part? The eVersion of this planner (PDF) is only $0.99 cents for YOU, for TWO DAYS ONLY! It’s normally $9.99, so this is a steal (the physical planner is also available, and if you get it instead, you get the PDF version for FREE right away).

To get the planner for only $0.99 cents, go here and use code: MONEYSAVINGMOM

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48-Hour Giveaway: Dig In! Family Devotional (15 Winners)


Looking for a devotional to go through as a family? Dig In! Family Devotions to Feed Your Faith was written to encourage you to get into God’s Word with your kids and feed them the spiritual nutrients they need to live faith-filled lives.

These family devotions were written especially for 8- to 12-year-olds, but the insights into God’s Word are nutritious for all ages. In Dig In! Family Devotions to Feed Your Faith, author Linda Buxa teaches Bible concepts and God’s Word in terms that are not only easy to understand but as very engaging.

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Modern Prairie Girl giveaway

Abi from Modern Prairie Girl is running a fun giveaway this weekend! She’s giving away two copies of her new book, Modern Prairie Sewing, and two handmade bags.

She sent me a copy of her new book and I was so impressed and inspired by it… and I’m not even someone who really sews! Abi also sent the materials for me to make two of the projects with Kaitlynn. Look for a post in a few weeks with pictures of our adventures in trying out hand at making these two projects!

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48-Hour Giveaway: $50 Marie-Madeline Credit (5 Winners)


Marie Madeline Studio is one of my very favorite companies in existence. Run by a very talented and creative mother and daughter team, they design sewing patterns, sell fabric and offer ready-made items which are handcrafted right in their home studio.


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And this weekend, I’m so excited because five winners will get a free $50 store credit to Marie Madeline Studio. You can use this to choose from their patterns, fabric and sewing notions, or have something custom made!


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