How I Saved Today: Mending My Favorite Green Sweater (and share how you saved today and you could win a stack of books I loved!)

Mending a Sweater

See my green sweater above? I ordered it sweater awhile back — I can’t even remember from where. I think it was from credit I’d earned by sharing a really hot deal to ThredUp?

At any rate, I’ve fallen in love with it. I love the color green, it fits me perfectly, and it’s a great way to add pop to a few of my outfits.

Well, we went on a double date with some new friends of ours here the other night and I wore it with my navy and white polka dot dress. I thought it looked so cute.

Mending My Sweater

Then I got home and discovered that the sweater sleeve had a huge hole in it. And I’d worn it like that the whole night long. Yes, I’m such a fashionista. ;)

Mending My Sweater

Even though I have limited sewing skills, I decided to try to mend it. I didn’t have any green thread, so I just used the grey thread I had on hand.

Mending My Sweater

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It only took me about 10 minutes total to fix (and I played Swagbucks videos and earned some Swagbucks while doing so because I’m all about multi-tasking like that!)

Win This Stack of Books

Share How You Saved a Win Some Books!

How did YOU save today? I recently cleaned out my books and came up with a stack of books I have duplicates of or have gotten through PaperBackSwap that I’d like to pass onto a good home.

In this stack of books:

  • The Saturdays
  • Rhinestone Jesus
  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle
  • Mom’s Night Out
  • What’s In the Bible? DVD #12
  • In This House, We Will Giggle — I ordered a copy of this book and then the publisher sent me one, too! I haven’t read this yet, but am looking forward to soon!
  • Say Goodby to Survival Mode — This is an extra copy I had that is a little scuffed up.
  • Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  • It Will Be Okay — We love this book!

So, just for fun, one person who leaves a comment sharing how they saved today will win the stack of books shown above. I’ll choose and post a winner tomorrow.

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Sally {sallycoupons@}

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How We Earned 83 Swagbucks Today (plus some quick tips!)

How We Earned 83 Swagbucks Today

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the Swagbucks tips. Keep them coming! You all are a wealth of secrets and insider tips!

We earned 83 Swagbucks so far today. We’re slowly getting closer and closer to our 100 Swagbucks per day goal! Here’s the breakdown of what we earned:

How We Earned 83 Swagbucks TodayHow We Earned 83 Swagbucks TodayI’ve been paying attention to the quick and easy offers on the homepage, trying to play videos on my phone and computer while I’m working online, always doing the NOSO, Daily Poll, using the Toolbar, and adding in Swagcodes when the toolbar alerts me that they are available.

The kids are so excited that we are getting closer and closer to their first $5 Amazon gift card. :)

Two quick Swagbucks tips:

1) Always check your Swagbucks inbox. I’m noticing that every day, there is usually one offer in there for a quick 2 Swagbucks.

2) Take a few minutes to check out the Book Excerpts. These are located under the Discover tab. There are 6 book excerpts there right now. Click on the book cover, click on Book Excerpt, and you’ll earn 5 Swagbucks per book! That’s an easy 30 Swagbucks! {Thanks to a few readers for tipping me off to this and giving me step-by-step help to figure out how this works! They’ve told me this section usually updates twice a month.}

How many Swagbucks did YOU earn today? What are your favorite ways to earn Swagbucks?

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Why You Should Stop Saying “I Can’t Afford That”


I loved this post from Andrea Dekker and thought it was so thought-provoking:

About 2 months ago, I shared a post about one of my pet peeves — when people complain about “not having enough time” for various activities.

The point of that post (which you can read in its entirety here) is that I almost never say “I don’t HAVE time for ______” because I know that if I really wanted or needed to, I could MAKE the time for that activity.

Instead I say, “I’m choosing not to MAKE the time for ___________ right now as I have other priorities.”

By simply changing the way I phrase things, I feel much more empowered, more in control of my time, and less defeated by everything I don’t get done each day. I know that I made the choice to do something else — whether it was tending to a sick child or taking advantage of really nice weather instead of doing my work or opting to make a big fancy meal instead of enjoying more free time — it was my choice.

Similarly, I almost never say, “We can’t afford that.”

This is not because we are “loaded” or have unlimited financial resources. It’s simply because I know that in almost every situation…”

Read the full post here.

Personally, I think that while there are legitimate things we cannot afford and in the early years of our marriage, there were many things we didn’t have room for in our budget, we’ve found that saying “We’re choosing to spend our money differently” helps us to remember that these are choices we are making based upon priorities we’ve pre-determined. And this causes you to approach your finances with a completely different mindset.

In addition, I agree with Andrea that it makes you feel empowered. Your money is not in control of you; you are in control of your money. You are choosing how to spend it. Even if you only have a little bit of money to spend, you still can choose to spend that little bit as wisely as possible.

Do you agree with this article? Why or why not?

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How I Saved Today: Simple ways we earned over 40 Swagbucks today!

We save quite a bit of money at our house by finding creative ways to earn gift cards.

My kids are saving up money for Christmas presents and one way they are doing so is by helping me earn Swagbucks. I’ve promised them they could have part of the earnings from gift cards if they help out.

Our Swagbucks earnings today

I’ve been making more of an effort to have Swagbucks TV running while I’m working. It’s amazing how the Swagbucks add up by doing so!

And then I’ve been taking 5-10 minutes to answer the daily poll, do a few activities on their site, and input the codes that they release 1-2 times most days (if you download the toolbar, it will alert you when there’s a new code).

How we earned 40 Swagbucks today!

My kids love to play games on my phone and they each get a short time to do so every day. I showed them some of the games on Swagbucks and they’ve been playing those instead of their usual games.

All totaled today, with very little effort on my part, we earned over 40 Swagbucks and counting.

My goal is for us to be earning close to 100 Swagbucks every day. We’re slowly getting better and better at getting closer to that goal. At that rate, we can earn around $30 in gift cards every month. Not bad for very little time investment and my kids are having fun in the process! :)

And now I’m going to teach them how to use SuperPoints and Bing Rewards. :)

So that’s one way we saved today. How did YOU save?

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How I Saved Today: Goodwill 50% off sale + my favorite way to eat oatmeal

Goodwill 50% off

My neighbor had told me the week we moved here that all Nashville-area Goodwill stores run a 50% off everything in the store the first Saturday of every month. I’ve been meaning to check it out every single month since we moved, but it finally worked out for it to happen today.

Silas had an early soccer game and Kaitlynn had ice skating at the same time, so I took Silas to his game and Jesse took Kaitlynn and Kathrynne to ice-skating. After soccer, Silas & I went over to Goodwill (it was right on our way home!) to check it out.

The store was quite crowded — and I could see why! The prices after the 50% off sale made most items less than $3, with many as low as $0.99! For the most part, almost the entire store was at garage sale prices or better.

The only downside? There was a LONG line at checkout. Even though they had multiple registers open, I guessed that you’d probably have to stand in line for at 30 minutes just to make it to checkout. So I decided that there wasn’t anything I needed enough to stand in that long of a line today. But it was fun to check it out and I hope to go back some other first Saturday of the month when I have more time and am prepared to stand in a long line! :)

How I Love to Eat My Oatmeal

One way we save a lot of money is by eating oatmeal. We typically eat it at least 3-4 per week. Usually for breakfast, but sometimes for lunch or a snack.

Today I had oatmeal for lunch. I cooked it my favorite way — just a little crispy on the stovetop and then added a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil and a half teaspoon of vanilla. It’s plain and simple, but it’s filling, nutritious, and inexpensive. Plus, it’s a quick and easy meal or snack to make!

How did YOU save today? I’d love to hear!

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