It’s never too early to start teaching wise money management!

Teaching Wise Financial Money Management From a Young Age

I walked into our bedroom this morning and the above is what I saw.

My husband was patiently explaining to Silas how much cash to put into each of our cash envelopes and then having Silas count it out. It melted my heart to see father and son working together on our family’s finances.

Truly, I am so blessed to be married to a man who is committed to not only being wise and intentional in how we spend our money, but who is also committed to passing on money management skills to our children.

Oftentimes, people will ask us when they think you should start teaching your children about good money management. My answer? It’s never too early to start. It’s amazing what children pick up from a young age.

Talk to your children about sticking with a budget. Let them see you paying with hard-earned cash. Explain why you’re waiting to purchase something until you have enough money to pay for it.

Give them opportunities to earn and spend money. It’s never too early to teach them to be wise with their money. It’s an amazing gift to give your children that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

And also? They can pick up some great math skills in the process!

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My Monthly Menu Plan

month of meals

Ashley emailed the following tip:

I recently explained how I put my menu planning on auto-pilot, and some of you were interested in seeing my monthly menu plan.

This list of recipes below is one month’s worth of dinner meals for my family. On weekend evenings, we have frozen pizza or deli sandwiches. For lunches, we eat leftovers or macaroni and cheese.

1. Chili
2. Tuna helper
3. Quesadillas
4. Mushroom casserole — 9.55
5. Saucy chicken — 5.116
6. Spaghetti hotdish — 2.121
7. Chimichangas- 2.129 or Chicken enchiladas — 1
8. Tilapia — 1
9. Fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes
10. Creamy hashbrowns- 5.216
11. Pesto-mozzarella chicken breasts — 1
12. Tacos
13. Pasta with white beans — 1
14. Southwest chicken & rice — 1
15. Pizza casserole — 3.49
16. Chicken breast w/ cheese & spinach — 1
17. Tuna helper
18. Baked potatoes
19. Bacon-wrapped chicken — 1
20. Ranch potato salad — 2.106

After most of the recipes you will see a number that tells me where I can find the recipe.  The number in front of the decimal point stands for the cookbook the recipe comes from (I know which book is which number), and the number/s after the decimal point are the page number.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have 3 monthly menu plans and after 3 months, I start over again with the first month — which means I never need to make a weekly meal plan or stress over “what’s for dinner”.

I also have 3 monthly shopping lists made up with all the non-perishable ingredients I need for each of the month of meals. I do one large shopping trip each month and then pick up a few perishable items like milk, eggs, and fruit on the other weeks.

This meal-planning method has worked very well for our family and I hope it might help you, too!

Have you ever tried monthly menu-planning? How did it work for you?

photo source

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ALDI: Make 25 Meals for a Family of 4 Under $150!

25 Meals from ALDI for $150 total!

So yes, I sorta, kinda, really like Aldi. You may have noticed that. :)

At any rate, I was pretty excited to see that I Am That Lady had put together a complete menu with 25 meals for less than $150! This menu plan includes main dishes, side dishes, and vegetables for a family of four.

Get the complete menu and shopping list here. (You can purchase the printable pack for $1.97 if you’d like to have all the details on the menu plan and shopping list. However, all the basics you’ll need to know are in the blog post free of charge.)

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Our First Trip to a TN Library = Success!!

Trip to the library

Yesterday, we took our first trip to the Williamson County library and it was a HUGE success! We’d heard great things about the library here and we were so happy that the library lived up to everything we’d been told and more!

We were incredibly impressed with all the great books they have. My kids were especially stoked to find so many Adventures in Odyssey books/DVDs!

I’ve been so happy to see my kids in various parts of the house with their noses stuck in books today. As a lifetime lover of books myself, it just makes me so happy to see my kids becoming such bookworms. :)

Related: 7 Ways to Save By Using the Library

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Frugal Fun: Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!

Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts

It was National Doughnut Day today and we celebrated by getting FREE Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Because who can resist free Krispy Kreme??!

It did my heart good to see so many other local folks crowded into Krispy Kreme getting their free doughnuts, too. And the staff at Krispy Kreme was doing such a fantastic job of warmly serving all the customers who were waiting in line to get free doughnuts. Based upon how many people who were there when we were, it had been a very busy day for them.

Did you stop by Krispy Kreme or Lamar’s for free doughnuts today??

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Tonight’s ALDI & Kroger Shopping Trip (I stayed under budget — yay!!)

ALDI & Kroger Grocery Shopping Trip

So this may seem a little silly, but I practically floated home after my shopping trip tonight… because I stayed under budget and found some pretty good deals! Not anything downright and utterly amazing, but SOOO much better than my first TN shopping trip.

I’m making headway — huzzah!!! Next week, I might just be brave enough to try using coupons at Publix. :)

Here’s what I bought:


Whole Milk — $2.99
2 packages of Tyson Bacon — $2.99 — I was so excited about this price!
1.73 lbs. of Angus 93/7 ground beef — $9.50
1 lb. ground turkey — $3.99

Total with tax: $24.09


6 cucumbers — $0.33 each
1 bag of potatoes — $2.99
1 bag of onions — $1.89
2 colored peppers — $1.99
Blueberries — $1.99
Cabbage — $1.29
3 garlic cloves — $0.99
2.73 lbs. of bananas — $1.20 {I will not covet my sister’s 43-lb. box of bananas for $5 find. ;)}
1 bag of tomatoes — $1.99
2 bags of baby carrots — $0.99 each

Total with tax: $19.62

And if you missed it, here’s our simple menu plan for this week.

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