“Dancing” To a Successful eBay Business


Guest post by Kimberly of Garage Sale Heaven

My online selling success story began with a “dance”. Prior to selling online, I was working as a part-time writer and full-time homeschool teacher to my three children. My husband’s job as a public employee paid the bills, and the little bits of cash I made here and there for writing gigs paid for our little extras.

My oldest daughter, Madison, has danced since the age of three and in February 2013, she was accepted into Nashville Ballet’s Summer Intensive Program. Dance is her passion. She eats, sleeps, and breathes dance.

Needless to say, she was beyond excited to get this opportunity. The only problem was that it was going to cost over $3,000 to attend the 3-week program.

My husband and I knew what an incredible opportunity this would be for her, and we wanted her to have it, but we didn’t have an extra $3,000 sitting in the bank to pay for it.

While brainstorming different ideas, my husband remembered that he had several boxes of toys in the basement from his childhood. Since they were just collecting dust, we decided to try and sell them on eBay.

To our surprise, the toys sold quickly, and for great money! And to top it off, I really enjoyed selling and interacting with customers. After our success with the toys, we wondered what else might sell.

In June of 2013, I opened my online store, This and That Shack. In July 2013, Madison attended the Nashville Ballet Intensive, where she had the opportunity to follow her passion thanks to my eBay sales! And by a happy dance accident, I also found my passion. I haven’t looked back.

Since that time, I’ve expanded my sourcing to garage sales, auctions, antique malls, and the clearance racks of brick and mortar stores. I work, on average, about 25 hours per week. My sales have continued to grow, and I’m earning about $2,500 profit each month after expenses!

While dance is my daughter’s passion, eBay has become mine. I love sourcing and listing cool stuff, and I love hearing from happy customers that I helped them find exactly what they were looking for. This is definitely the most enjoyable and lucrative part-time job I’ve ever had, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

My family is grateful, too. They are enjoying many more little extras since I started my new endeavor. We’ve enjoyed a few small vacations, and Madison has since attended another Ballet Intensive in Michigan.

For those of you who might be interested in selling on eBay too, here are a few tips:

1. You will need to set up a PayPal account. All payments on eBay are done via PayPal.

2. You’ll need to register as a new user on eBay. Just click the Sell your item button on the eBay home page, and you will be walked through this relatively quick process.

3. As far as tools/supplies, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access, a digital camera or phone that takes good pictures, a shipping scale, shipping tape, bubble wrap and boxes. You can order free Priority boxes from USPS.com.

4. You will need a space to keep your inventory neat and organized. Once you sell something, you don’t want to have to dig to find it.

5. If you’re wondering what sells on eBay, the answer is practically anything. The trick is always to buy low and sell high.

6. It’s a good idea to get the eBay app on your phone. When you are at garage sales, thrift stores, or auctions, you can easily look up items you’re interested in to see what they are selling for. Keep in mind that eBay and PayPal fees will take about 10-13% of each sale.

Any other tips from experienced eBay sellers?

Kimberly is a wife, mom, teacher, and eBay Top Rated Seller. She created her blog, Garage Sale Heaven, in order to share her frugal finds and reselling adventures. She loves a good garage sale! If you feel the same way, she hopes you’ll stop by.

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Part-time Virtual Assistant Position Available

Part-time virtual job opportunity with Michael Hyatt and Platform University

Platform University — Michael Hyatt’s online membership community — is hiring a part-time virtual Communications Assistant.

Here are some of the details of the job opportunity:

The position of Communications Assistant is a part-time employee position and it is a virtual position. The employee will start at 20 hours per week but will likely grow to full-time status as the position continues to develop. Hours are somewhat flexible, as this position is more about accomplishing certain tasks and objectives with a high level of responsiveness than adhering to a set clock in/clock out time. Occasionally, there would be the need to work additional hours on evenings and weekends during a launch or other event which happens a few times a year.

Due to the high-growth nature of this business, the duties and responsibilities of this position will likely evolve and expand over time, so we are looking for someone who has the capacity and desire to grow with the position.

Skills & Abilities

  • Communication Skills: The Assistant must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes high proficiency in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Organization: Our Assistant needs to be highly organized and detail-oriented. We need someone with the ability to think at a big-picture level— looking at our annual content calendar — and then break those large projects down into actionable steps including production deadlines, posting schedules & corresponding calendar items.
  • Discretion: Since our Assistant will sometimes be working with high-profile individuals, discretion and sensitivity regarding confidential information is a must.
  • Technologically Proficient: While experience with some or all of the technology platforms that we use is ideal, including InfusionSoft, WishList Member, Rhino, WordPress, etc., we are willing to train the right candidate. However, the ability to embrace and learn new technology quickly is an absolute must. We also prefer someone who is an Apple computer and software user.
  • Copywriting and Editing: The Assistant should possess supreme copywriting skills. The ability to communicate effectively in the Platform University brand voice is critical to this position.

Read more about this position, the qualifications, and how to apply here. 

Update: Michael’s team reached out to me today to clarify a few questions readers had in the comments regarding the StrengthsFinder test you are required to take in order to be eligible to apply. Here’s what they said:

  • A quick and inexpensive test called StrengthsFinder is a required step in the application process for this position.
  • We are in no way affiliated with that test and don’t stand to gain anything by requiring you to take it.
  • We just believe in intentionally designing our team so that each member can work in their sweet spot & we need to know your strengths in order to do that.
  • We think you’ll really enjoy learning about your own strong suits through this test. It’s been hugely helpful for every member of our staff who’s gone through this same process.
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Learn How to Take Photos That Stand Out on Social Media (free download)

Update: I thought this was a full ebook, but just discovered that it’s only a portion of the ebook you’ll get as a download. My apologies on incorrectly understanding what this offer was.

If I’ve learned anything about social media and how to market well on social media, it’s that photos make all the difference in the world. Good, eye-catching photos can result in literally thousands more views and clicks on a post.

Which is why I’m excited about this free Photography Ebook to teach you how to take photos that stand out and get more engagement on Facebook and other social media outlets. I definitely am checking it out as I have a lot to learn when it comes to photography!

Go download this free ebook here.

Psst! Find out how to set up your own money-making blog in just 8 simple steps here.

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Do You Ever Think About Quitting Your Blog? (podcast interview)


I was honored to have the opportunity to record a very authentic and vulnerable podcast on What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting Your Blog. If you’ve ever felt like quitting your blog or something else you’ve poured a lot of effort into, I think this will encourage you.

In this podcast, I share:

  • My journey from pre-social media blogging to a site that has close to 2 million unique visitors a month
  • Why even the most successful bloggers still think about quitting
  • 5 questions you should ask yourself when you want to quit blogging
  • How a snub from Facebook helped me be more at peace with blogging
  • Why I gave herself the freedom to write about everything I was passionate about, even if it wasn’t in my niche
  • How being inspired by someone and trying to copy their success are different
  • When to step back and ask “What is working?”
  • Finding a healthy balance of sacrifice during your journey toward success
  • Practical suggestions for what to do when you are overwhelmed by the urge to quit

Listen to the podcast here.

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How to Make Money as a Proofreader (free 7-day course)


Looking for a way to make money from home? If you are a detailed and thorough person, proofreading might be a great option to explore!

Sign up for this free 7-day course on how to get started and make money as a proofreader.

A reader wrote in and said: “I just have to say, thank you for posting the pages from Caitlin at ProofreadAnywhere! I did her free course, and her full paid course, and now I have a great work-at-home gig. I’ll probably make the money I paid for the course back in my first full month of proofreading. I’m so happy I found it and thanks for being a trustworthy resource for so many!”

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5 of My Top Tips for Successful Blogging

My Top 5 Tips for Successful Blogging

I was honored (and surprised!) to be featured on Success Magazine’s site yesterday with an incredibly generous write-up, as well as some of my top tips for successful blogging.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog or just want a peek at the behind-the-scenes on how this blog got started, be sure to read the article here on My Top 5 Tips for Successful Blogging.

For more helpful ideas, read my post on How to Make Money Blogging.

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