New FREE Budgeting App from Dave Ramsey!

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Dave Ramsey launched a brand-new budgeting software and app this week called EveryDollar. The basic version is free.

Dave Ramsey Budgeting Software

Here’s more information about the app:

The EveryDollar iPhone app makes it easy for you to track transactions on the go or even check your budget at the grocery store—you know, just to see if there’s room for an extra box of cookies.

iPhone App Features:

  • Update your budget quickly. Any time. Any place.
  • Know how you’re doing with your money at a glance.
  • Track new transactions on the go.

Sign up for the free EveryDollar Budget Software and App here.

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2 Free Games of Bowling for Kids Every Day — All Summer Long!

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Looking for a fun and frugal activity during the hot summer months? How about free bowling?

Sign up at to get a voucher for two free games of bowling for each of your children every single day all summer long. Check to see what nearby bowling alleys are participating here.

Please note: Shoe rental is not included, so if you plan to take advantage of this more than a few times, I’d recommend purchasing bowling shoes for your children. You may be able to find a good deal on these at a local sporting goods consignment store. Or, you can purchase them on for around $25-$35.

Register your child today.

Thanks, For the Mommas!

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