How to Make the Most of Your 24-Hour Day: Part 1

Time Management

In recent months, many people have asked how I manage my time. While I’ve written on time management fairly extensively in the past, it’s been awhile since I’ve done so. And my season of life has changed quite a bit, which has changed how I manage my time and my days. So I figured it was time for another up-to-date series on the subject of time management.

I want to kick things off with one time management mindset that has radically shifted the way I think and live…

“I don’t have time.”

How often have you heard and said that phrase? I’d wager to guess you’ve said it a lot. I have, too.

But we all have the time 24 hours in each day. We all get to choose how we spend them.

Yes, you have choice.

Remember my post from earlier this week when I said that my was really full for the next few weeks? But I quickly stated that this is the life I’ve chosen.

I’ve chosen to write a book. We’ve chosen to homeschool our kids. I’ve chosen to run a blog.

I could have chosen not to take any one (or all!) of these things. Understanding this and owning this has changed my life.

I am not a slave to life. I don’t have to stay stuck in a situation if I’m miserable.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me, “I wish I could get on a budget.” Or, “I wish we could save more money.” Or, “I wish I could find a way to earn money from home.”

All of those things are possible, if you choose to make them a priority.

And that means you’re going to have to say “no” to a lot of other things. Because you can’t do it all.

How you spend your 24 hours is up to you.

You can choose to be intentional. You can choose to set small goals and follow through with them. You can choose to seize each day and use it wisely.

Or, you can choose to wander through your days, going around in circles, procrastinating, and wasting time.

The choice is yours.

I wanted to start this series with a very foundational principle that has impacted and shaped the way I view time management. Beginning Tuesday, we’ll be diving in and getting really practical — starting off by talking about how I’ve made choices in what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to and why.

Do you have any time management questions you’d love for me to try to answer or address in this series? If so, ask away in the comments and I’ll do my best to work in as many answers to your questions as possible as part of this series.

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Brigette’s $62 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6


Produce and Jams from a Friend’s Garden



2 cartons Oil (@$2.49 each) – $4.98

4 packages Blueberries (@$1.29 each) – $5.16

2 packages Frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts (@$5.99 each) – $11.98

1 package Mini Sweet Peppers – $2.29

1 bunch Bananas (@$0.44/lb) – $1.15

2 bags Carrots ($0.69 each) – $1.38

1 bag Limes – $0.79

1 bag Gala Apples – $3.29

1 package Chocolate Chips – $1.59

1 jar Black Pepper – $1.99

 Total: $34.60

Farmer's Mart2

Farmer’s Mart

4 heads Cauliflower (marked down to $0.99 each)

Total: $3.97

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter

1 gallon Milk – $2.97

10 bags of Shredded Cheese (@B2G3 free) – $11.98

5 boxes Kashi Cereal – $1.99 each, used 2 $0.70/1 Kashi printable (doubled), plus $1.00/2 Kashi printable - $6.20 after coupons

3 boxes Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese (@$1.00 each) – $3.00, used 3 $0.35/1 Annie’s printable - $0.30/each after coupons

1 carton So Delicious Almond Milk – $2.50, used $0.55/1 So Delicious printable, plus receive $1.00/1 Ibotta rebate - $0.40 after coupons

8 individual Yoplait yogurts (@$0.37 each) – $2.96, used $0.60/8 Yoplait printable (doubled), plus $0.40/6 Harris Teeter evic, plus $0.40/6 Saving Star - $0.96/8 after coupons and rebate

Total after all sales, coupons and rebates – $23.01


Bakery Outlet

10 packages of assorted Buns (@$0.10 each!! They expire August 30th, so I will freeze most of them)

Total: $1.00

Weekly Total after all Sales and Coupons: $62.58

Weekly Menu Plan


Oatmeal x 2, Veggie Omelettes, Scrambled Eggs with Toast/Jam, Cereal x 2, Smoothies


PB&J/Carrots/Bananas, Tuna fish Sandwiches/Pepper slices/Apples, Leftovers x 3, Baked Potatoes with Cheese/Oranges, Build-Your-Own Salad Bar/Roasted Cauliflower


Taco Salad, Steamed Cauliflower

Grilled Hobo Packets, Easy Whole Wheat Bread, Blueberries

Slow-Cooker Barbecue Sandwiches, Fresh Veggie Tray, Homemade Applesauce

Baked Macaroni and Cheese (meatless night), Roasted Cauliflower, Tossed Salad

Homemade Pizza, Steamed Broccoli

Dinner at a Friend’s House – I am bringing Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies and Ice Cream

Classic Grilled Chicken, Cucumber and Tomato Salad, leftover Macaroni and Cheese, Blueberries

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Kiwi Crate: Get a sample project box for $3.95 shipped!

Just a few days ago, my friend, Jessica who blogs at The Mom Creative, was asking me if I’d tried out Kiwi Crate before. She was telling me how much her kids love it and how much her readers love it, too!

This is a bit of a different offer than I typically sign up for myself or post about here, but because she spoke so highly of it, I decided I’d check it out.

Well guess what? I discovered that Kiwi Crate was offering a free Sample Box right now — for just the price of shipping ($3.95). This sample box has all of the materials and instruction for you to make one fun project with your child.

This sample box’s project is to Make a My Glowworm Friend. You’ll create your very own snuggly glowworm friend that really glows. Your kids will learn all about the glowing animals that light up the dark.

The Glowworm Friend Kiwi Crate Sample Box includes:

  • All the materials to build your very own glowworm
  • Set of fabric markers to decorate your snuggly friend
  • One-of-a-kind glow in the dark sock
  • Bonus firefly foldout project with set of glow sticks
  • 16 page explore! magazine filled with puzzles, DIY activities and kid-friendly recipes

This is a great way to try out Kiwi Crate for just a few dollars out of pocket.

But here’s the catch: You have to cancel your subscription within 14 days after your Sample Box ships or you will be charged $19.95 per month to receive a sample box of 2-3 projects similar to this one.

Except for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, I usually don’t post offers that require you to cancel after your first order ships. Why? Because I don’t want some of you to forget and then get charged for something you weren’t expecting to pay for.

So promise me that you won’t sign up for this unless you also will cancel it if you don’t want to receive the monthly boxes, okay? I want to help you save money not cause you to spend money unnecessarily!

I’m signing up to try it out with Silas. He LOVES these types of educational crafts and I thought it would be a fun Kindergarten project to do together. I plan to post a review after I receive the box to let you know my thoughts on Kiwi Crate and whether it was worth the expense or not.

Have you tried Kiwi Crate before? If so, I’d love to hear your honest thoughts about it.

Go here to sign up for the Kiwi Crate sample box for $3.95.

Your free trial project will ship within two business days. You will have 14 days after your trial project ships to cancel your subscription. If you choose to not cancel, you will be charged $19.95/month (see our FAQs for details) and receive 2-3 new projects per month with your Kiwi Crate monthly subscription. You may cancel at any time. Offer only available to U.S. residents.

(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here.)
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Get the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for FREE!

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale

In case you missed my post earlier this week, I wanted to let you know about this really cool offer going on for a very limited time.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale — a sale offering over $1,000 worth of products for one low, low price — is going to be available for 5 days only in the next few weeks.

And they are offering something really special this time around: You can get all of the resources in this bundle + the really fun bonus offers for FREE if you refer 10 friends to sign up for the Ultimate Bundles email list!

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale

When you enter you email address here, you’ll be redirected to a page with your referral link on it. Just share that link with your friends — either by email or on social media — and if 10 friends enter their email addresses, too, you’ll earn a completely FREE bundle.

Healthy Living Bundle

The fun thing about this promotion is that when your friends sign up, they’ll get a referral link, too. And they can share their link with ten friends and earn their own bundle, too!

Best of all: No one has to purchase anything and you can unsubscribe from the list at any time. You can track how many friends you’ve referred on the page that has your referral link.

If you get 10 friends to sign up, you’ll receive on email on September 10 with details on how to claim your entirely FREE Healthy Living Bundle.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up to get your referral link and start spreading the word!

Some of you have already taken advantage of this offer and have already earned yourself a completely free bundle. And that makes me so very happy… especially because I’ve seen a sneak peek at what the contents of the bundle are and it’s GOOD stuff.

(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here.)
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HUGE List of Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources


This is the weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Jamerrill from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.


Have you ever wondered What Free Templates to use for homeschool Lesson Planning? Thankfully, someone else asked on question of the day. Now you can ask any homeschool or frugal living question, and see all the great answers from people who have been there.

In the meantime, here are more great freebies!

Preschool and Kindergarten

This week our preschool and kindergarten list is full of goodness! For all you starting preschool at home this year, here are FREE Transportation Toys Dot-a-Dot Printables for a fun way to start slow.

If you are ready to jump into lessons, try these FREE Bob Books Lesson Plans and this Letter Recognition Assessment. Then move onto a Free Teach Me Sight Words “SAID” Audio & Interactive Book.

A FREE Princess Learning Pack will get your little girl excited about school, while these FREE Preschool Activity Mats are a blast for all.


Work on letter learning with these FREE Preschool Color Letter Worksheets {subscriber Freebie}, these FREE Lowercase Handwriting Worksheets, this FREE Letter Sounds with Beginning Sound Blackout, and a FREE Letter G Worksheet.

For those kids who are ready for more, these Free Kindergarten Add-A-Vowel Spelling Practice Cards will be a challenge.

Writing, Reading, Spelling, and Copywork

Combine Bible and writing with this FREE Praise Verses Copywork, or learn about labor Day with this Labor Day Writing Prompt Freebie.

FREE Community Workers Copywork teaches both writing and social studies, while FREE Minecraft Spelling Worksheets focus on spelling. FREE Reading Comprehension Worksheets will improve reading comprehension in your child.

Printable and Fun Pack Goodness


Printable packs are a fun way to learn. This week we have a FREE “When I Grow Up” Printable to help your child think about what he wants to do when he grows up.

There is a FREE Build Your Own Town Printable to help your child make an entire town using printables and a shower curtain.

Ocean themes are a popular choice – since it’s still August. This FREE Shark Pack Updated Version teaches all about sharks while this FREE Printable Pirate Fun Pack {Subscriber Freebie} will be a fun follow up.

Here is a free Bible resource so you can Pray for the Persecuted (Printable) with your children during Bible time.

Unit Studies

A Free Gladys Aylward Unit Study is an excellent resource to teach your child compassion.

Here are FREE Science Unit Studies: Mammal, Fish, Reptile, + More! for you to choose from.



FREE Skip Counting Puzzles and a Skip Counting Mazes Freebie are perfect to work on skip counting.

Use these FREE Math Problem Solving Activity Cards and these FREE Printable Math Brainbuster Cards to challenge your child to think through math problems.

Here are 10 FREE Math File Folder Games and FREE Addition Worksheets Sums to 5 for the elementary child.

How cool are these FREE Football Math Lessons and Printable? I was impressed with how she combines math and football- geometry at that!


FREE Presidential Copywork Pages focus on Gilbert Stuart’s famous paintings, but teach your child about the presidents, too.

This FREE Trail of Tears Printables is sensitive to the subject while teaching your child what it was like to be on this heartbreaking journey.

Planning and Organization


Use these FREE 2014-15 Blank Calendar Pages to plan your homeschool year. There are various ones to choose from. If you are looking for a planner that incorporates family too, then this FREE Homeschool Daily Planner: Family Pack is what you need.

Love to organize your homeschool supplies? Here are FREE Printable Supply Labels, and if you are not sure where to start here is A Light and Organized Homeschool Room tour for you to learn from.

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