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It’s back and this is such a great idea for helping your child reach their reading goals in 2015! One of my children’s very favorite magazines is Ranger Rick. They eagerly look forward to each issue arriving in the mail and they all take turns reading it from cover to cover (well, Silas just looks at each page since he’s still working on learning to read!)

Get a ONE year subscription to Ranger Rick magazine for $11.99 when you use coupon code: 34080

*BEST DEAL* Get a TWO year subscription to Ranger Rick magazine for $19.99 when you use coupon code: 34080

Ranger Rick InsidesIf you’re not familiar with Ranger Rick, it’s a magazine for boys and girls ages 7-12. Each issue is packed with full-color photos of animals and stories of adventure. Ranger Rick is published by the National Wildlife Federation and focuses on teaching young kids about wildlife, nature, and conservation. It’s a perfect magazine for children who love the outdoors and animals — which describes all three of my children!

This offer expires Tuesday night 2/03/15 at 11:59 PM EST.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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My 12 Goals for 2015 & The Progress I Made in February

My 12 Goals for 2015

Compared to January, February was a harder month, but it was still a good month.

There were a number of discouraging things that happened and multiple dear friends are going through very painful circumstances/carrying heavy burdens and my heart hurts so much for them, so those two things coupled with a fairly heavy work load and being snowed in for a week, contributed to me feeling stressed, burdened, and discouraged for a lot of the month. You may have felt that some in my writing here.

In the middle of my discouragement, though, I felt so much blessing because some of my dearest friends rallied around me and spent a lot of time talking, listening, praying, and just encouraging me. And by the grace of God, I felt much more peace, calmness, and joy by the end of the month.

I’m also grateful that the sunshine has been out some this week. It’s amazing what a difference that makes!

Here’s an update on how I did on my goals for 2015 in February:

My 12 Goals for 2015


2015 Goals



  • Hire a local personal assistant.
    • Done! And I’m so grateful! My new assistant, Ashley, started last week and she’s already been a huge blessing to my life!
  • Launch 2 courses (we’re planning one for spring and one for fall — stay tuned!)
    • We spent hours and hours of time working on the first course, Makeover Your Mornings. We’re beginning production/filming of it this week and we’re quite stoked. I think you’re going to LOVE it!
  • Launch our new product line (slated to soft launch in the summer).
  • Release my third book (slated to come out November 2015).
    • We’re now in the midst of copy-edits. Yay!


  • Increase last year’s overall giving totals by 10% in 2015.
    • Part of my going to South Africa was to investigate the possibility of our family personally supporting the work of Take Action. After coming home, we both felt this was the direction we were supposed to take and our partnership with them will allow us to meet this goal. We’re so thrilled with what God is doing there in South Africa and, for those who have joined us in this through the #TenDollarTribe.
  • Finish funding our Rental House #3 Savings Account (we’re beginning the year at 35% funded).
    • This goal is currently on hold while we’re in the process of saving up enough to fully fund both of our IRA’s for this year.

How are you doing on YOUR goals for 2015?

If you set goals for this year, I’d love to hear how you are doing on them! Leave a comment telling us about your progress on them or leave the link over to your blog post about them. Here’s to a year of living with purpose, intentional, impact, and meaning!

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Earn Money from Home via


Guest post from Sarah

About one year ago, my husband and I began experimenting with ways to supplement our income. As a long-time follower, I felt that I had a pretty good handle on a number of legitimate money-making ideas and began trying them, with varying degrees of success.

However, since I work full-time as a middle school teacher and am a mother to three children under the age of six, time is at a premium. I really wanted a more passive stream of income that would allow me to spend my evening and weekend hours how I wanted to — with my family.

That’s when I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), a website that allows teachers to sell lesson plans, worksheets, and more. Teachers earn 60% of the profit off each item they sell. If they choose to upgrade from a Basic Seller account (by paying $59.95 a year), they can earn greater profit. Teachers are paid each month through a PayPal account.

Aha! I already had boxes and computer files full of worksheets, quizzes, lesson plans, and novel units that I had created over my years of teaching. Why not turn them into passive income?

teachers pay teachers

I did… and have learned a few things along the way:

1. Strive For Quality Not Quantity

This may seem obvious, but it is actually the most important tip. Make sure that your products are high quality, interesting, user-friendly, and kid-tested. Check for spelling and grammar errors. No one will want to buy a worksheet with typos on it!

2. Create Unique Content

Try to find a niche area. Do a quick search of the TPT site and see how many items come up that are similar to yours. If the market is already flooded with “Frozen” themed addition practice, this may not be a good money-maker.

I’ve personally had success with novel units. For example, I had previously created a novel packet for the book, “A Boy At War”. A search showed that there were only two other unit packets for the novel, so I tweaked mine and posted it. It has been one of my biggest sellers.

3. Choose The Right Price

Pricing can be tricky. You want to demonstrate confidence in the value of your product, but you don’t want to scare customers away. First, search for similar products to see how they are priced.

Next, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. How much would you be willing to spend on your product?

Finally, adjust. If something isn’t selling, have a sale to see if customers will buy it at a reduced price.

4. Utilize Pinterest

Whenever you post a new product, there is a sidebar that asks if you would like to Pin it. Always say yes! This allows your product to enter a new market and attract more customers.

There are also Collaborative Pinterest Threads on TPT. You pin another seller’s items to your board, and they will do the same for you.

I have found that, with a little up-front work, Teachers Pay Teachers is a great way to utilize my talents and gain a passive source of income.

Sarah Wright teaches middle school on purpose and loves it! She is wife to Dan and mom to three children under the age of six. In her spare time she loves to read — setting a reading goal of 100 books this year. She encourages her students to set their own “ridiculously big” goals and chase after them.

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Free Ebooks: City Preppers, Organize Your Home in Five Days, Family Matters, and more

NOTE: The price of these ebooks is currently $0.00, but that could change at any time. Be sure to verify before checking out that it is still free.

Unless otherwise noted, these ebooks are specifically for Kindles, but you can go here to download a free application that enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your PC.

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Thanks, David C. Cook!

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