Brigette’s $46 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

We got back from a wonderful vacation with extended family last Saturday, and my husband made an emergency trip to Aldi for a few basic perishables to hold us over until Monday when I could go grocery shopping. I was just SO happy to have survived the long road trip with 4 littles (and multiple stops for carsickness, a diaper explosion, and a 4-hr flat tire incident) that I forgot to snap a picture or save the receipt. He spent around $20 and bought milk, eggs, frozen vegetables, romaine, fruit, and frozen chicken breasts.


Harris Teeter

I bag Organic Limes, reduced – $1.00

1 bag Peaches and Nectarines, reduced to $0.59/lb – $1.67

1 bag Oranges, reduced – $1.00

1 bag Avocados, reduced – $1.00

1 16-oz container Mushrooms, reduced – $1.00

1 bag Apples, reduced to $0.59/lb – $1.30

2 Annie’s Bunny Grahams (@$1.99 each) – $3.98, used 2 $0.75/1 Annie’s printable (doubled) – $0.49/each after coupons

2 bags Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chip (B1G1 @ $3.59) – $3.59, used 2 $0.75/1 printable (doubled) – $0.59/2 after coupons

2 Vidal Sassoon Shampoo – $4.98, used $3/2 Vidal Sassoon Shampoo or Conditioner, exp. 8/31/14 (P&G 07/27/14), plus $3.00/2 Harris Teeter evic – $1.02 MM after coupons

Total after Sales, Tax and Coupons: $8.87



2 5-lb bags Flour ($1.68 each) – $3.36

1 lb Ground Pork – $2.37

1 Onion Powder – $3.00 (this is what it my receipt shows, but this seems high for this brand!)

1 Hunts Ketchup – $1.00

2 pkgs Salad Mix (price-matched Aldi) – $0.59/each

1 Cucumber (price-matched Aldi) – $0.39

2-lb bag Red Onions (price-matched Aldi) – $0.89

2 bags Baby Carrots (price-matched Aldi) – $0.69/each

2 pkgs Grape Tomatoes (price-matched Aldi) – $0.99/each

Total: $15.55


Harris Teeter (Super Doubles #1 Trip)

2 Pantene Hairspray ($4.00 each) – $8.00, used $2.00/1 Pantene printable (doubled), plus $3.00/2 Harris Teeter evic - $3.00 MM after coupons

1 40-ct box Truvia – $4.45, used $2/1 printable (doubled), plus $0.55/1 Harris Teeter evic – $0.10 MM after coupons

1 box Multigrain Cheerios – $2.50, used $0.75/1 Multigrain Cheerios printable (doubled), plus $0.75/1 Harris Teeter evic, plus $0.75/1 Saving Star – $0.50 MM after all coupons and rebates

1 box Trix Cereal – $2.50, used $0.85/1 Trix printable (doubled), plus $0.75/1 Harris Teeter evic, plus $0.75/1 Trix Saving Star – $0.70 MM after coupons

2 cartons Breyers Ice Cream – $5.14, used 2 $1.50/1 printable, NLA (doubled) – FREE after coupons

2 pouches Starkist Tuna – $2.50, used $0.75/2 Starkist pouches printable (doubled), plus $1.00/2 Harris Teeter evic – FREE after coupons

6 Vintage Seltzer Waters (B1G1 @ $0.95) – $2.85/6, used $1.50/6 printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons

3 Naked Coconut Waters ($1.99/each) – $5.97, used 3 $1.00/1 printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons

1 Axe Deodorant – $3.99, used $1.00/1 Axe printable (doubled), plus $2.00/1 Harris Teeter evic – FREE after coupons

2 pkgs Bird’s Eye Recipe Ready Vegetables ($1.67 each) – $3.34, used 2 $1.00/1 printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons

2 pkgs Hillshire Farms American Craft Sausage (B1G1 @ $5.99) – $5.99, used 2 $1.00/1 Hillshire Farms printable (doubled), plus $1.00/1 Harris Teeter evic – $0.99/2 after coupons

2 Chex Mix – $2.79, used $0.50/2 Chex Mix printable (doubled), plus $0.50/2 Harris Teeter evic, plus $0.50/2 Saving Star – $0.79/2 after all coupons and rebates

1 bag Pampers Diapers – $8.99, used $1.50/1 printable (doubled), plus $2/1 Harris Teeter evic – $3.99 after coupons

1 Arm and Hammer Toothpaste – $2.50, used $0.75/1 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste or Whitening Booster, exp. 9/30/14 (SS 07/27/14 #2), plus $0.75/1 Harris Teeter evic – $0.25 after coupons

Total after Sales, Tax, and Coupons: $0.88, plus receive $2.00 Saving Star rebate


Harris Teeter (Super Doubles Trip #2)

3 Cesar Top Sirloin dog foods (I will find a friend with a dog who can use these) – $2.10/3, used $1.00/3 printable (doubled), plus $1.00/3 Harris Teeter evic – $0.90 MM after coupons

1 Tampax Pearl Tampons – $5.19, used $2/1 Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampon, exp. 8/31/14 (P&G 07/27/14) (doubled), plus $2/1 Harris Teeter evic – $0.81 MM after coupons

3 Laughing Cow Cheeses (B1G1 @ $3.99) – $5.99, used 3 $1.00/1 printable (doubled), plus submit for $1.00 Ibotta rebate – $1.00 MM after coupons

1 16-ct box Lipton Tea Bags – $1.50, used $0.60/1 Lipton Tea Bags, K-Cups, Tea & Honey or Iced Tea Mix Product, exp. 8/24/14 (RP 07/27/14 #2 R) (doubled), plus $0.60/1 Harris Teeter evic – $0.10 MM after coupons

6 Vintage Seltzer Waters (B1G1 @ $0.95) – $2.85/6, used $1.50/6 printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons

3 Illy Issimo Iced Coffee ($3.99 each) – $11.97, used 3 $2/1 Illy printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons

1 L.A. Looks hair gel – $1.50, used $0.75/1 printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons

1 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios – $2.50, used $1.00/1 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios coupon cut from back of a Cheerios box (doubled) – $0.50 after coupons

2 6-pk Zevia Sodas ($5.99 each) – $11.98, used 2 $2/1 Zevia printable (doubled), plus $2/2 Harris Teeter evic – $0.99/each after coupons

Total after Sales, Tax, and Coupons: $0.86, plus receive $1.oo rebate from Ibotta

($20 Post-Vacation Essentials Shopping Trip to Aldi, not pictured)

 Weekly Total for all Groceries: $46.16, plus receive $2.00 back from Saving Star, $1.00 rebate from Ibotta

Weekly Menu Plan


Cereal x 2, Oatmeal x 2, Scrambled Eggs and Veggies, Smoothies, Fried Eggs and Toast


Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese/Carrots/Peaches; Grilled Cheese Sandwiches/Cucumbers/Apples; Baked Potatoes/Oranges; Build-Your-Own-Salad Bar; PB&J Sandwiches/Carrots/Apples; Fried Egg Sandwiches/Peaches/Peppers; Tuna Fish Sandwiches/Nectarines/Carrots


Freezer Friendly Barbequed Meatballs (using a ground venison/ground pork mix), Tossed Salad, Steamed Carrots, Make Ahead Butterhorns

Bratwurst on the grill, Homemade French Fries, Grapes, Steamed Broccoli

Venison in the Crockpot, Creamy Milk Rice, Homemade Applesauce, Green Beans

Pakistani Kima (my mom’s recipe) over Rice, Homemade Naan, Tossed Salad

Mini Pizzas (using leftover Naan as individual crusts), Fresh Veggie Plate

Leftovers x 2

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  1. Missy says

    A quick question, on your second Harris Teeter trip, why did you buy three Laughing Cow Cheeses instead of four, if its a bogo promotion; if it’s $3.99 bogo for each pair wouldn’t you buy four?

    • Busy Mama says

      She got 3 for $5.99. It looks like the third one only rang up at half price, and it appears she only had three coupons to apply to the product. Had she gotten 4, she would have been $1.99 OOP.

    • Christy says

      HT only doubles 3 like coupons. BOGO in SC really means half price so you can buy an odd number.

      • Missy says

        Oh okay, I didn’t realize that. I grew up in Virginia, and at Harris Teeter, BOGO meant buying items in pairs, and then we could pair coupon, up to four of any like item, per promotion; maybe they should mark their items as B2G1 half-off then. Perhaps the chain has regional differences. :)

        • Brigette says

          Yes, exactly what they said. B1G1 at HT actually means 1/2 price. :) Great question, though!!

  2. Jessica says

    Wow! I miss double coupons. My main store stopped doubling a year ago and another chain stopped on May 1st, leaving just one store that still doubles and that is the highest priced store in the area.

  3. says

    I have that same brand of onion powder in my cabinet and I think you’re right. I can’t imagine it cost more than $1.

    • Brigette says

      I know – wierd, right? I am going to check the price again the next time I am there, just to make sure I am not going crazy. :)

  4. Missy says

    I almost forgot. I saw bay leaves, onion powder, and chili powder 2/$1.00 at Save-A-Lot, if that helps others!

    • Lindsay says

      I LOVE Aldi’s spices!! They only have the more common ones so if you need something unusual you have to go somewhere else but I know they have onion powder and they are always super cheap!

      • Brigette says

        Thank you, ladies! We do have a Save-A-lot close, so I will have to check into their spices. And thanks for reminding me about Aldi spices!!

  5. says

    Pakistani Kima sounds amazing. One of our all time favorite recipes is Butter Chicken and if I feel motivated I make naan to go with it. So good!

  6. Amy says

    I think I need to move to South Carolina just for the grocery prices! This is amazing!!! Where else is Harris Teeter located?

    • Brigette says

      Harris Teeter is hands down my most favorite grocery store EVER – I wish everyone had one. :) Although their everyday prices are expensive, their coupon events are amazing, and often, and their customer service is incomparable!! I just looked up where they are located: NC, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, and Delaware.

  7. ClareC. says

    We love Pakistani Kima, too! I use the recipe from the More with Less cookbook, one of my fave cookbooks of all time!

    • Brigette says

      Ooooh! That’s the one we use too (I grew up with my Mom making it, so I think of it as “her” recipe – but it came from the More With Less Cookbook)!!!

  8. JennyW says

    What do you do with venison in the crock pot? I get game from my father in law, and though I cook a LOT, I am not sure how to make the meat taste not to gamey – so my 3 small kiddos will like it. I only have about 2 recipes – would love more!

    • Brigette says

      I cook it on low for a loooong time, and spice it as I feel like (sometimes I do barbeque flavors, other times Asian spices, sometimes savory garlic/rosemary kind of thing, and sometimes more Mexican flavors). I always add some fat (like butter or olive oil). It ends up tasting like a tender pot roast, and no gamey flavor at all. I do think some of the flavor is decided by the deer, though. Old bucks with huge antlers are tougher and gamier. I’ve finally convinced my husband to go for the younger, smaller does and just forego the bragging rights that come with the “bigger is better” hunter mentality. :)