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Muddy feet, messy rooms, and the seemingly mundane

Embracing the muddy feet

It’d been a busy morning and afternoon I hadn’t sat down once for hours as I’d been homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the details of life. It was late afternoon and I’d finally gotten all the necessary things done, homeschooling was done for the day, and the kids had gone outside to play.

I made myself a cup of coffee and went upstairs and sat down in my comfy chair, anxious to have a few minutes to get some blogging done and take a little breather. The house was quiet and there was nothing pressing to do… and I was ready to soak it up for a bit.

And then I heard a child come back inside and excitedly call up to me, “Mom, would you come outside with us?”

Truthfully, I heaved a little sigh. Here I was going to relish a few minutes of quiet and tackle some things on my list.

Immediately, I knew that I had a choice: I could do what I wanted to do and regret it. Or, I could get up out of my comfy chair and choose to bless my kids — something I wouldn’t regret.

My kids won’t always be begging me to come play with them. Someday, they will be busy with their own lives. Someday, they will be all grown up and well past the play outside days. Someday, the house will be quiet and I will miss these days.

So, I got up out of the comfy chair, went outside, and threw myself wholeheartedly into my kids’ world. They were thrilled. I was blessed by their excitement for life.

And you know what? When bedtime came, not only did I not have any regrets that I was too busy to take time to play, but everything that needed to get done on my list had gotten done.

A reader sent me this above video recently and I thought it’s such a great reminder to us moms — especially those of us who have young ones. Some day, all too soon, these years will be over. Today, let’s embrace the muddy feet, the messy rooms, and the seemingly mundane.

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  1. Sarah says

    Just this past weekend my mother in law shared something her Aunt always used to say to her…”When you look back, you won’t remember how much dust you collected or how many things you cleaned, but you’ll remember when your kids were little and wish you’d had more time with them.” It really struck a chord with me and I know I’ll be repeating that to myself frequently over the years.

  2. Mandy Germain says

    Thanks for sharing this post and the video. It was a blessing to this mom’s heart (mom of 7; ages 3-19) and a reminder to not miss those precious times for they grow up so fast.

  3. Lisa says

    Yep, so true! They grow up so fast! If you blink, you’ll miss it! Mine are now teenagers and have such busy lives outside the home. So glad to not have regrets about investing time in them when they were little – well worth the time and energy! And yes, the house will be quiet one day, and you’ll get to sit and enjoy that cup of coffee . . . don’t rush through whatever stage you’re in now!

    • Monica says

      I completely agree! I can’t watch videos without tearing up and my kids are only in middle school. =)

  4. Monica says

    My kids are 11 and 13 and I miss those days of taking them to the park, playing with them, brushing their hair. I can go one and on, but the fact remains the same. They will grow up and soon they won’t call you over to play anymore. =( Take it from from a tearful momma who looks back and wishes she could re-live those days.

    • Joy says

      My three boys are same age and I feel same way. I was so sad at Easter when only one of them wanted to dye eggs with me.

    • Catherine says

      My kids are 11, 12 and 13. This video made me cry. The grow up so fast. Having my kids later in life and so close together has been “challenging,” but looking at this video (which has made me cry) makes me miss those younger days. I’m sure ten years from today I’ll miss THESE days! Don’t blink.

  5. says

    “My kids won’t always be begging me to come play with them. Someday, they will be busy with their own lives.” Wow, this gave me chills. It is so true. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. says

    Its so important to cherish these memories, and to encourage to take stock in those memories as well! I was raised by my grandmother, and now that she has Alzheimer’ s Disease, and lives with our family, I now have taken on the role as her storyteller, the carrier of her memories. This role might sound strange, but at 31, I feel so blessed to be able to recant to her every fun detail of my childhood, can now be recanted back to her, to let her know just how much I care. Just as children grow up, loved ones grow older, and need to be cherished just as much!

  7. Leona says

    Thank you for posting. What a beautiful song and message!!! It seems like the clock keeps ticking faster and faster and our lives filled with so much that isn’t truly important. Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

  8. Kathryn M says

    Oh yes, I very much agree.

    Be still in those wonderful moments.

    I homeschooled my boys for 14 years. Both now out of college and pursuing careers. This momma’s heart misses those years so very much! Now looking forward to cradling grandbabies. :~)

  9. says

    I had a day just like this one today. Only when the excited, “Mom!! Come push me on the swing!” came, I chose differently than you. Let’s just say the kids and I were not best friends at bed time. :/

    Now I do think that there are many times when it’s ok to say, “I’d love to join you, but I need to ______________”. Even if that blank is just some peace and quiet to fill our souls. But I’m finding more and more that if there’s already tension between me and them, it’s always better to just go have fun for even 10 minutes to remake the connection that the stresses of the day may have broken.

  10. amy h. says

    Makes me want to call my mom and ask her to play outside with me. Maybe I’ll pick her some dandelions, too.

  11. Dawn W says

    So good to hear you (back) again! Thanks! I love to hear your HEART!
    How pointed and gentle is our God who gently leads us along! That song is a Keeper! Sooo glad to hear how the children have adjusted…He is able 😉
    God Bless you all in all your new doings!

  12. Sissy Sweet says

    This really chocked me up. My kids are older now, and I really wish I could turn the clock back. I miss those days, when they were so little. Time flew way too fast.

  13. Amy R says

    My “baby” girl will graduate from kindergarten next Wednesday. My oldest finishes middle school this year and heads off to high school. My little guy will start school in the fall. This video made me cry! My house can be the cleanest house on the block and still not be a HOME. This was a great reminder to cherish every moment God has given me with my kids at home!

  14. says

    This doesn’t just apply to little ones – our older kids need us, too! Every once in a while, I find my teenager sort of hovering around me in the kitchen, and I can tell she needs to “connect”. I could continue to rush through my “To Do’s”, or I can take a little time to talk, share a snack, listen to the new music she’s composed, check Pinterest for hairstyles. I think those moments help to keep us close at a time of life when teens tend to drift emotionally from their families…

  15. Nancy Thyfault says

    This post made me pause. My oldest is 22, youngest 14. The days are long, but the years are short. I keep telling myself that, when my kids want me to do something with them ( that is getting more and more infrequent though). Thanks for the reminder.

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