Study finds Aldi has the lowest prices (I’m not surprised at all!)


Business Insider posted a study citing that Aldi has the lowest prices. I’m not surprised! Here’s part of the article:

The German grocery chain Aldi has the cheapest prices compared to Wal-Mart and Kroger, according to a new study.

Cheapism, a product review site, purchased 37 items from each of the three chains’ locations in the Columbus, Ohio area to compare prices.

Aldi’s basket total came to $72.30, compared to Wal-Mart’s $85.88 basket and Kroger’s $93.73 basket. With savings available from the Kroger Plus Card, however, Kroger’s basket total dropped to $86.78.

Read the full article.

And if you’ve not shopped at Aldi yet, what are you waiting for? Read my article on how we save close to $1,000 per year by shopping at Aldi.

Thanks, Kathi!

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    • says

      I am so grateful for teachers like you who bring math into the real world. What a blessing for your students to know how to comparison shop! It’s sad how little kids today know about how to manage their finances. :-(

  1. says

    I was so excited when I found out there was an Aldi 2 streets away from our new home! There are a few more things I wish they carried (like baby formula) and I *never* buy meat at a store without an onsite butcher (one bad experience. Don’t ask.) but for pantry staples and produce, they’re the cheapest you’ll find anywhere.

  2. Kellie says

    Each store has the pro’s and con’s I never shop walmart for groceries. My main store is Krogers, there are times I do shop at Aldi’s but rarely just because most the things i need they dont have, their produce doesnt stay fresh long enough for me either. However i do buy staples there which I find cheaper, I also get these really inexpensive yogurt tubes for my son and non concentrate orange juice for myself (tasts awesome!) . But the shredded cheese is so much cheaper at Krogers then Aldi’s. I admit I make my rounds when grocery shopping since each store has a little something at a lower price i need :)

  3. Christa says

    I shop Aldi all of the time. There are only a few things they don’t carry that I go to our Meijer for. I have price checked them again Rural King, Meijer, Wal-Mart, GFS, and Sam’s (we dropped our Sam’s membership for this reason. Even many of the bulk things are cheaper at Aldi) and found them to be cheaper for the basket price. Occasionally things will go on sale somewhere else or I have a great coupon but otherwise we just stick to the simple.

  4. Jennifer says

    I shop at Aldi for the cheaper milk, eggs, cheese, and bottled water, but their produce goes bad very quickly (and the bananas often are bad on the shelf!) and their bread isn’t very good at all.

    • Becky says

      Agreed about the produce generally, but it’s a great value if you use it quickly, as it disappears at my place. I love their bread though! I’m sure it depends on which style of bread you like, but we buy the more hearty 12 grain bread, & it’s better than most brands at a “regular” grocery store at half the cost.

  5. says

    I love Aldi. My mother has always shopped at Aldi and I picked up shopping there as an adult. They are always adding new things to the store like new organic items. I stopped at another grocery store yesterday with my kids and they couldn’t believe the price difference. They even know the prices!

    The only way a store can beat Aldi’s prices is to have a loss leader or one day sale. I always factor gas prices to shop those sales. If they have enough items, then I will make the trip.

  6. says

    We just got one! I’m going on Saturday and I’m sooooo excited! It’s a little bit further than my usual trip (by about 15min) but, I’m thinking it’s worth it! A Hobby Lobby also JUST opened behind it, so ya know 😉

  7. Amanda says

    Aldi is one of my favorite stores mostly because of the produce and bread. I find it funny that so many people find those two products “iffy” at Aldi, because those are the top two reasons I shop there! Maybe different areas are better with quality?

    • Tiffany says

      I totally agree Amanda! I find that the produce and bread we purchase from there is always better quality and lasts longer than the other stores in our area! We love our Aldi and do the majority of our shopping there.

    • says

      I agree! We love the produce at Aldi! I am able to afford so much more of it than at any other grocery store, and that’s important with kids that can go through 2 bunches of bananas and a dozen apples in less than a week! I find that it stays good for a long time. The only exception would be that sometimes we have to skip the bananas if they look all beat up in the store.

      • says

        I think some of this depends on the Aldi you shop at and the day of the week that you shop. Our current Aldi has an ok selection of produce, but the one closer to where we used to live had an awesome selection of produce. For whatever reason, it was just better at that store.

    • Julie says

      I mostly shop @ Aldi’s for the produce, due to the great prices. I have not had a problem with it going bad after a few days. Just a suggestion–invest in a BLU APPLE. It can be placed in the crisper or in a bowl on the counter. It helps the fruit last longer. I have been using one for about 7 months now and see a BIG difference. You can get them on line or at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  8. Lee says

    I used to shop at Aldi’s all the time, but actually stopped because I found them to be the same prices as sales I was finding. They do have cheaper items on certain staples but it is farther from my house and I don’t get gas rewards on it. So if I am only going to save $3 but spend at least $1.50 in gas and lose $1 in gas points it doesn’t seem worth it to add an extra stop. I also found their produce at my local store goes bad quickly, when I used to live in a different area I didn’t have that problem. I buy produce to last 2 weeks usually so I can’t keep going back. I do most of my shopping on sales or Costco. I may have to give Aldi’s another shot this summer though and do a price comparison.
    Also dairy products are regulated in our state, so you can’t go lower than a certain price…I think that makes it different too.

  9. Shuwana Yancey says

    love your tips and website! a girl in the grocery store the other day told me to go to your site

  10. Danielle Hull says

    We’re having a big party for our daughter’s 16th birthday on Saturday. We just did some price comparisons at our local Kroger, ALDI and Wal-Mart. ALDI produce prices are amazing! Some items were over half off the price of Kroger. I have had quality issues with our local Wal-Mart and Kroger produce, so ALDI is always worth the trip! And now they’re carrying more organic for cheaper than traditional items!

  11. Tiff says

    ICK! I wish mine was better, but it is awful! The store is filthy and produce is horrible. Never lasts but a day or two after I buy it. I never go anymore to afraid of getting my family sick.

    • Leah says

      Mine’s pretty awful too! The selection is very limited, the produce is awful and my local Bottom Dollar store (LOVE this store!!) has better prices and MUCH better quality. I just don’t see what all the hype about Aldi is, but maybe it varies from place to place.

  12. Bettina says

    We are getting an Aldi here in our town. They should be breaking ground any day now! Whoo Hoo! I currently have to travel to the next town (about 10 miles) to go to Aldi, but I combine it with my weekly Costco trip. I will just be glad when I can run into Aldi to pick up things during the week. We have a new Kroger and it is really nice and have had some good prices on some items, but Aldi still has better prices on average.

  13. Melissa says

    The amazing thing to me is that the Kroger total was not much over the Walmart total. I shop Aldi, Walmart and Kroger and would love to drop the Walmart trip if I thought I didn’t need it for the prices.

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