Reader Tip: Using Listia to Shop for Free

How to Use Listia
Jane emailed in the following tip:

I recently came across Listia, an online auction site that uses points instead of money.

Listia works very much like Ebay, but you bid on auctions with points instead of money. You can earn points by posting things that you want to give away, and spend those points on things other people are giving away. Some auctions include free shipping or free local pick-up, while others charge for shipping.

As a buyer, Listia is very cool. I earned 600 points in the first half-hour just by signing up, watching a tutorial video, and listing an item for sale. There are many other offers you can do to get more points — like signing up for (and then immediately canceling) the free trial for Lumosity, or signing up for Spotify, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway.

If you are a parent or teacher, there are lots of items with free shipping that you can win for around 100 points, such as stickers and other small rewards.

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  1. Deidre says

    A quick review of Listia… I’ve been using it for about a year and really like Listia. I’ve only had 2 bad experiences where the person did not ship the item, but I got all my credits back. I have had plenty of great experiences and definitely recommend using this site.