Homemade Dill Bread

Dill Bread

Guest post from Brigette Shevy

Dill Bread is one of our favorite bread recipes! This flavorful loaf is perfect for Fall, since it goes fabulously with hearty soups and stews.

My Mom often served it with Italian dishes like spaghetti and lasagna, and there were rarely any leftovers (probably because some of us children liked this bread even more than the main dish – and we love lasagna!).

The original recipe comes from a church cookbook published many years ago. I’ve adapted the dough for the bread machine to make it easier (it actually turns out even better for me that way), but I’ve also included the original by-hand instructions.

Dill Bread

While it’s absolutely amazing fresh from the oven slathered with butter, it also makes incredible grilled cheese sandwiches the next day!

Dill Bread

Brigette is a full-time wife and mother who is blessed with three amazing bundles of energy (ages 6, 4, and 2). She enjoys music, experimenting in the kitchen, homeschooling her children, finding great deals, long-distance running, and anything chocolate.

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  1. Mary G. says

    This looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this and for providing a bread machine option, too. I work full time (from home), and having bread machine recipes makes it easier for me to make my own bread.

  2. Becky says

    This looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. I love all of your recipes you have posted here.

  3. Laura says

    Thank you for including the “hand” instruction as I do not have a bread machine! :) Looks incredible!!

  4. Beth says

    Just came on looking for a bread recipe to go with our dinner tonight – and here is a new one; perfect timing! It is mixing in my bread machine now, I can’t wait to try it!


  5. Sandy B says

    I didn’t even finish reading the post…I printed out the recipe and it’s in the bread machine now. :) I have pea soup cooking on the stove and this sounded like the perfect bread to complement it! Thanks for posting!

    • Brigette says

      I use dried. Fresh would probably work, but you would have to google it to see how much fresh dill = 1 1/2 teaspoons dried.

  6. Desiree says

    Could you just continue to bake this in your bread machine or is it recommended to remove it and bake it in a regular oven?

    • Brigette says

      I can’t say since I haven’t tried it. If your bread machine is able to bake a loaf with 4+ cups flour using other recipes, then it would probably work. My personal experience with actually baking bread – any recipe – in my machine, is that it turns out drier than the same recipe in the oven. (I’ve tried taking it out sooner, and then it is usually unevenly cooked.)I’ve experimented with both a cheap bread machine and an expensive one, and never achieved “perfection.” :) However, if you have had good success with baking bread in your machine, there’s no reason why this recipe shouldn’t work!

  7. Addie says

    I accidentally used bread flour. :(. It’s mixing in my bread machine right now… Will it turn out okay?

    • Brigette says

      Well, you already know the answer to this by now :), but I’m guessing it turned out just fine!

  8. Lauralli says

    Tried it and loved it! 5 thumbs up in our house (out of 5)! But, please note that this makes one seriously large loaf of bread! I made it baguette/french shaped to easier make sandwiches with later. Wish I had made 2 loaves instead. Could have easily shared one with a friend. I will use the leftover bread to make croutons though, so it will get put to good use! Will definitely make again! Thanks for the recipe!

    • Brigette says

      Glad it was a winner! You’re right about the loaf being seriously large… you have to remember that I come from a family of 9 – so when I say “one large loaf,” I should probably further clarify that for the average American. :) Ha! Croutons would be fabulous. It also freezes well, which is often what I do now – cut it in half and freeze half. Two loaves is a good idea, although I’m guessing they would cook in less time.

    • Brigette says

      Hmmm…mine doesn’t crumble. Maybe it got overcooked? Is it fresh out of the oven or has it sat overnight? You could always try freezing it for 30 minutes or so before cutting it to see if that helps it hold its shape better.

  9. says

    I made this to go with Tortellini Soup and it was delicious. I agree with the other poster who said it yielded a very large loaf. I had a crowd of 10 people and we were able to eat it all, but in the future (for my family of 3) I’ll probably do two smaller loafs and give one away. Thanks for the yummy recipe!

    • Brigette says

      You can also freeze one of the loaves (or just cut the one large loaf in half, and freeze half of it – which is what I do for our family right now).

  10. Rae says

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe Brigette. I made it tonight and it is delicious. I split it into two loaves as suggested below and will send one loaf with my husband who will be gone for a few nights starting tomorrow (he can share it with his coworkers if he doesn’t think he can finish) and kept the other loaf for the kids and I to have with homemade soup tomorrow night. It is also good to know that it freezes well for future reference (for when my husband is going to be home and we won’t need the two loaves).