Reader Tip: Check your Kroger account for My Best Customer Exclusives


Lauren emailed in the following tip:

I logged into my Kroger account this morning and discovered “My Best Customer Exclusives” under the “Coupon” section. I was pleasantly surprised to find four “free” coupons! I have been following Kroger’s weekly Free Friday Download and was a tad disappointed not to find a coupon in my inbox last week. Well, this discovery more than makes up for it! If you have a Kroger account, I definitely suggest checking your account for freebies in the “My Best Customer Exclusives” tab in the coupon section.

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  1. Jessica says

    It is a category under coupons. If you load coupons from the “All Coupons” category, it has been there all along. Those coupons are included. I still get additional in the mail. I don’t really keep track of my electronic coupons (they’re more of a bonus), but using the paper coupons will often double my savings because the cashiers will zip them right through! Unfortunately, I’ve noticed the electronic coupons don’t multiply even if I buy multiples of the same item. In this post, I’m not sure if the author is referring to the coupons allowing her to get items free or the coupons themselves were “free”. . .

      • Amanda says

        Make sure they have your address under account settings. I remember checking a box to receive mail at home at one point, but didn’t see it to tell you where to go for sure. Hope that helps.

    • Jessica says

      There is also a “rewards program” in addition to the Kroger Plus card. The website says it is in certain areas: “The rewards program is available in Kroger stores located in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Garner, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and Greenville NC..” But, I’m in Indiana. . .
      I don’t remember if I signed up for something like this at one time or another. I know I do get occasional personalized coupons which are great value (sometimes for free items) and are always for brands I purchase. (thanks to their tracking all my purchases-which is how the stores benefit from these cards). I’d ask at customer service if there are any additional programs available that you could sign up for.
      FYI-all the Customer Exclusive coupons have orange type that says “Exclusive Savings” with a star on the description.

  2. cyndi says

    I’m signed in and there is no option listed on there for my best exclusive coupons. I find the Kroger site frustrating. Even though I have checked for newsletters and special offers and my e-mail is correct, I get nothing from them. My mother, who has also registered and buys maybe $25 a week from Kroger is inundated with e-mails and postal mailings from them. Go figure ….

    • Kathy says

      I read somewhere that if you go in and change your mailing address it helps you get coupons in the mail. You don’t really have to change your address just go through the steps. I did this a few months ago and got my first two mailings this month. Not sure if that really worked or not.

  3. Jessica says

    Sweet! I got a free DiGiorno personal pizza and a free box of Cheerios. I was planning to stop in there tomorrow anyway, so I’ll add those freebies to my list!

  4. Joanne says

    No freebies in my account’s best customer exclusives – just all coupons for Kroger brand (Private Selection, Simple Truth) products, however, I will definitely keep my eye on it.

  5. Heather says

    My dad got a free coke today and asked my husband why, he works with corp, and he said its a random promotion. Some get stuff some don’t. some get free items some get extra off their gas…I didn’t get anything though! It’s kinda like looking for the golden ticket, its nice to get something unexpected!

  6. Patty says

    I received coupons in the mail today from them. A couple of them were freebie coupons including free dozen eggs! I’ll have to check my online account and see if there are any additional items there. These were a nice surprise. I love free. :)

    • Jenna Zimmer says

      Holy Cow! I have 4 free items waiting for me and a few fabulous coupons! Thank you so much for sharing this, I’d have never known about this feature even with as much time as I spend on their site loading coupons!! Free eggs, carrots, peanut butter and pop tarts. Squeeeeeeeee!!!

  7. Mug says

    I can not find any where that says : My Best Customer Exclusives. I looked everywhere, even under the coupon section. HELP!!

    • Jenna Zimmer says

      On my screen under the Kroger logo is the “home” button, directly under that where I have the coupon screen open…I see on the left, ” my coupons” and under that “My Best Customer Exclusives” followed by the categories of coupons you can choose from.

      I hope this helps!

  8. Heather Seratte says

    Does anybody know if the Kroger site work for Dillons cards too? We only have Dillons here and I use their site for e-coupons, etc., but don’t see any exclusive coupons there. Since Kroger is the parent company, I was wondering if it would cover Dillons too.

  9. Anna says

    I’m interested in this. Are the electronic coupons loaded onto your card and you just remember they are there when you go shopping, or do I have to print them out?

    • Jenna Zimmer says

      They are loaded to your card but you can print a list of what coupons are loaded so you know how many items of each you need to get, etc.

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