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My Aldi Shopping Trip This Week: Spent $27.98

My Aldi Shopping Trip

I stopped in for a quick trip to Aldi yesterday and here’s what I got:

1 can pinto beans — $1.19
2 cans of pumpkin — $0.89 each
1 can of chicken broth — $0.69
1 pomegranate — $0.49
1 bag of baby carrots — $0.99
3 blocks of cheese — $1.79 each
1 bag of apples (not pictured — I forgot about them when I took the picture!) — $1.88
1 bag tortillas — $1.69
1 jar salsa — $1.69
2 cans of tomatoes –$0.59 each
1 can kidney beans — $0.59
1 bag dark chocolate chips — $1.69 (I was excited to find these!)
1 can black beans — $0.59
1 bag of frozen chicken breast — $6.29

Total with tax: $27.98

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    • says

      No, this was just my Aldi trip for this week. We’re mostly eating from the freezer and pantry this week, but we’ll also buy milk, eggs, and more produce at Dillons. :)

      I often stock up on things, but Aldi didn’t have any spectacular sales this week, so I just stuck with getting what I needed to buy for some recipes this week.

  1. Julie V. says

    Aldi just opened a store this month in my town. I was excited to try shopping there after reading so many great things about it on your website. For the past two weeks, I did my regular weekly shopping at Aldi first and then at my regular supermarket. As I shopped at the supermarket, I wrote down the price of each item I had already bought at Aldi. When I got home, I figured out how much I had saved by shopping at Aldi. Last week I saved $19.43 and this week I saved $33.66. I was completely shocked and my husband called me “the best wife ever”. So thanks Crystal, I don’t think I would have been so motivated to try Aldi if I had not read about it here on your website.

  2. Amanda L says

    I love seeing these posts. It’s always enlightening to see prices. Some things there, like the apples, are much cheaper. But the tortillas are almost double what we pay. It helps others to see the differences I think. Some areas will pay much higher for all the items, even at an Aldi store. It helps me remember to not stress if I can’t get my budget as low as yours. There really are some price gaps I just can’t overcome to get there!

    • says

      It’s always interesting to see the price differences from Aldi to Aldi, I agree. All the prices on this list are less than at our local store (FL). I would have paid between .20c – 2x more for each item.

      • Beth says

        Same here in SC!! Aldi is cheapest by far … but I agree – I spend $.20-2x prices listed here as well. So, you are not alone :)

      • Joanna says

        I’m in Miami and moved from IL last fall. I was pleased to find out that the Aldi prices in IL and down here were nearly identical. Even the items she bought were all about the same as here. Interesting!

  3. Jen says

    Oooh! Those dark chocolate chips are the best. I need to stock up for the holidays. They taste just as good as the Ghirardelli ones.

  4. Kathy says

    I do most of my “pantry” shopping at Aldi. I have found that I like their products more than the name brands, and for the most part can’t tell the difference. Produce is so much cheaper, as is dairy, bread, frozen pizza (which my teenagers love!), canned vegetables, eggs, and coffee creamers. Carving pumpkins were $2.29 this year! You can’t beat that! They were double that at the grocery store, and more than triple at the pick your own pumpkin patch.

    You have to know your prices. After my Aldi run I go to my big name grocery store in town with my coupons in hand. I’ve been doing this for years. This is what allows me to be able to afford other things that I normally wouldn’t be able to buy or save for.

  5. Rebecca says

    I never knew about Aldi until I saw everyone talking about it on your website. I didn’t think we had one in New York City but I looked them up and found one in Brooklyn and was so excited! Their produce is so cheap! Apples, potatoes & onions especially! Also the low sodum organic chicken broth in a carton was very inexpensive. Unfortunately we don’t buy most canned goods because of the BPA health issues, so we couldn’t take advantage of those deals. Crystal–your website has been a lifesaver for us! Thank you so much!

  6. says

    I just want to say that my husband is really picky about salsa, as in, Pace Picante or nothing, but he LOVES Aldi’s salsa.

    Also, I hope our Aldi has dark chocolate chips next time I’m there! :)

    • Angie D says

      I ditto this!! My husband has been raving (to other people!) about the chipotle salsa that was a special item the past couple months. He is a total salsa snob, so I was kinda excited. =)

  7. vkruddy says

    I love Aldis. Theres one right next door to me. I can find good bargains. The only thing I dont like is there Mama Cosies frozen pizza

  8. trish says

    I wish our apples were that cheap. The grocery stores are 1.69 a pound or .99 per pound at the apple produce shacks. We dont have an aldi, sadly. I have never even heard of them before this blog.

  9. Kim D. says

    Our local Aldi’s had pumpkin spice yogurts marked down to 15 cents last week. I bought 12! Love the bargains and savings at Aldi’s!

  10. kari says

    i was just wondering how big of bag the frozen chicken is. i like aldis but since its in the next town over from us i can never justify the gas money of going there being worth more of a savings to just following sales at meijer, kroger or walmart.

  11. Jennifer says

    It know it sounds funny, but I’m so jealous of that pomegranate for 50c! Down here (Perth, Western Australia) I recently bought one for $3.50! And that was cheap since they are in season. I have picky eaters and we are currently on the road to trying new things, so when my daughter saw one she asked to try it – so I agreed. Yeah, didn’t like it. But I enjoyed it, every.single.slow.bite over my yogurt and homemade granola in the morning!

  12. Robyn says

    I was at Aldi yesterday, too, and picked up the fancy chocolate chips. They also have bittersweet chips, which make the MOST AMAZING chocolate chip cookies. Seriously. The best you will ever eat.

    I bought five bags! :-)

  13. Taryn says

    As a child our Aldi was 45 minutes away. I remember going there once a month to stock up on stuff. Now that I’m grown and moved away my Aldi is an hour away. My son has an appointment every two weeks about 15 minutes from the Aldi I always stop and stock up. His appointments are ending next week. I’m really sad about this. Not sure if it will be worth driving an hour to just to shop there. I might have to do a once a month thing like my mom used to do.

  14. Siobhan says

    I just don’t know if I could buy meat there again… I tried the ground turkey once and it was horrible.

    The Fit&Active cheese string is the best though.

  15. deanne says

    I love Aldi’s and wish I had one closer to me than Sioux Falls, S.D. which is 3 1/2 hrs. from where I live now. Used to live in Indy., IN. and had one on the other side of town. Was worth going there once a month to stock up. And then they added one 5 min. from my house. That was wonderful. If we had one within an hour of us, I would definitely make the effort to get there once a month like before.

  16. Lesley says

    I love aldi for the cheese prices. They are very tasty and much less expensive than our other local grocery stores. The milk price at our Aldi is $1.59, so I only buy it there. Thankful you don’t have to wait for a “sale” to stock up on some items. Thankful we have an Aldi close to home.

  17. Angi says

    I just love Aldi! I buy 80-90% of my grocery list there twice a month. The cashiers are sooo nice and the stores are clean. I’ve never met a grumpy Aldi employee. I used to go to Aldi several years ago when my kids were small, then stopped going for some dumb reason. When I started going again about 2-3 years ago I was pleasantly surprised at the updates (fresh meat, for example). :)

    • Rebecca Dula says

      I agree! Our Aldi’s has the nicest employees. They are so sweet and if you go in alot like I do, they remember you. If the prices are great and the staff is nice, why would I want to shop anywhere else.

  18. Rebekah says

    Honestly, I used to snub my nose at Aldi, but then I read all of your posts and followers posts, so I educated myself. It’s a great company, sister to Trader Joe’s! Gave it a shot and was so impressed! Awesome prices and great products, including specials. When they had the organic carrot cake and apple crumble granola at 2.99 a bag, I bought several and was grateful I did, they sold out fast! I’ve tried many of their products and have no complaints. I cannot wait until summer, do the seasonal artichoke salsa comes back. Right now they have amazing pancake and bread mixes, I picked a few up for Christmas gifts!

  19. Liz says

    Last night, I bought a gallon of milk, eggs, oats, cookies, a thing of cream cheese, two bags of chips, and a package of American cheese for $13.27! I would have bought more, but I couldn’t find any quarters for the cart so we just got what we could hold! (: Everything was $1-$2 less than what I normally pay so, it was amazing savings! The store is about 30min away so we don’t go often. But, my husband works close by and he even offered to stop by there if I gave him a list (that’s how I know he’s excited – he normally tries to get out of going to the store!)! Also, as we were bagging our items another customer was doing the same and dropped a gallon of milk. Instead of purchasing another, an employee said they could grab a gallon for free! I was happily surprised! I LOVE Aldi’s!!

  20. Cyndi Lewis says

    I shopped at mine today and found Chili Style Diced Tomatoes for .25/can! Stocked up on those for sure! Love chili this time of year!

  21. Katie says

    Wow! That’s a great price for pomegranates. At our Aldi (south-central PA), I bought pomegranates for 1.33 each, and thought it was pretty good compared to Giant and even Walmart. I wonder why such a price difference between Aldi’s?

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