How to Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons

Frugality Gal has a great post up on How to Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons.

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    Good post!

    I find that most coupons are for products that don’t interest me. I don’t see the point of knocking myself out to get 70% off an item that I never would have bought in the first place. Frankly, I think it is wasteful.

    If I am curious about a new product, a coupon might entice me to try it out. This is a rarity, however.

    If I come across a coupon that I know that I would use, then sure, I’ll use it. Most of the time I am satisfied with stocking up on loss leader sales for items I regularly use. A price book is extremely helpful, especially starting out, to find the patterns of these sales.

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    She is now spending $400 on the two of them for a month? Whoa, even $200 a month for the two of them seems like a lot since her husband gets lunch at work daily. Am I missing something?