Today’s Aldi Shopping Trip (and the most I think I’ve ever spent in one shopping trip!)

We’ve been mostly eating from the pantry and freezer for the past few weeks, so it was time for a big stock-up trip to replenish our bare freezer and refrigerator. I brought a long list and the grocery cash envelope, but I confess that I almost choked a little when the cashier told me my total… I think that’s the most I ever remember spending in one shopping trip!

I did buy a few treats for the kids — they’ve been so great to willingly eat some interesting pantry meals and I wanted to surprise them with a few fun things as a reward. Capri Sun Juice Pouches and Cheese Crackers are just about the best things ever according to my children and, based upon their excitement over them, I’m pretty sure it was $4 well spent. :)

Aldi Shopping Trip

2 bags of oranges — $1.49 each
2 cartons of blueberries — $1.29 each
2 cartons of red grapes — $1.58 each
2 cartons of strawberries — $1.49 each
1 box of cheese crackers — $1.89 (a special treat for Silas — I was thrilled to discover these don’t have food coloring in them!)
4 blocks of Cheddar cheese (8 oz. each) — $1.79 each
1 tub of sour cream — $1.29
1 block of mozzarella cheese — $1.79
1 bag of chicken breasts — $5.99
3 bags frozen corn — $0.95 each
2 bags frozen broccoli — $1.09 each
Capri Sun Juice — $1.95 (This was another special treat for the kids.)
1 bag tortilla chips — $1.19
1 bag corn chips — $1.19
6.72 lbs of bananas — $1.85
40-oz. bottle of Ketchup — $1.29
1 bag of dry pinto beans — $1.79
2 bags of baby carrots — $0.99 each
10 lbs. of potatoes — $2.99
1 bag of onions — $1.69
1 carton of green grapes — $1.58
3 cans of diced tomatoes — $0.59 each
1 dozen eggs — $1.39
2 cans of green beans — $0.49 each
3 cans of black beans — $0.59 each
2 bags of flour tortillas — $0.99 each
3 peaches — $1.17
2 bags of frozen peas — $0.95 each

Total with tax: $68.40

Also shown: 6 grapefruit from the health food store — on sale 3 for $1. I ran by there on the way home, but only found a good deal on grape fruit as the markdowns were all really picked over and there weren’t any other great sales.

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  1. Erica says

    Hello. I new to this site. I have a question about grocery shopping. I know this is going to sound bizarre and I have be struggling to figure out how to go about it. I have been married to my husband for 3 years now. We have a daugher (7). My husband has a big appetite and he is normally the primary cook in the house. Our budget is very tight and I struggle to buy groceries because I do not know much I should buy so the food would last. I am not able to shop weekly and I would like to try to shop monthly. Could you advise me on how I can do this?

    • says

      Can you shop every 10 days to two weeks? I’d start with that.

      I’d also start paying attention to how much you use of items in a week’s time (maybe keep a log)? This way, you can start to gauge how much you should buy for a month.

  2. Jennifer M. says

    With 4 kids ( ages 6, 4, 2, 1,and baby 3 months) my husband and I, it seems like we go through a lot of food. (We will probably go through a lot more in the future as we are planning to have more children if God sends them our way.) We spend about $300 a month on food. That is counting our shopping trips to Aldis, Walmart, and Dillons. Then we spend about $50 a month on Azure standard. Shopping is not easy as we try to save everyway we can. Plus, with one son having kidney disease and a restricted diet of no wheat, gluten, dairy, and soy it can get hard. I myself am limited with wheat and dairy. My husband can have some dairy (cheese, ice cream) We all use rice milk. (Make it myself when I run out if I have too). I make my own gluten free all purpose flour. We make our own laundry soap and handsoap. Planning to make my own laundry softener, cleaners, etc., when I have more time. (Kind of hard with this many little kids and homeschooling the oldest). We always have a garden but we just moved to a bigger house and 3 acres in the end of May so a garden was not possible this year. Next year we will. Though we do have tomato plants in the flowerbed that are producing wonderfully and several pear trees almost ready for picking. Planning on having chickens in the spring and goats eventually! (Want the goat milk for the baby) Right now I’m using organic formula until I can make my own with goat milk powder. Our church has a food drop almost every Friday with bread and organic items either expired or just about to expire for 2.00 a basket. Overall, I think we are blessed but with rising food costs, price of gas, etc., it does seem hard at times but we always seem to manage. God Be Praised!

  3. says

    I could not find dried black beans at Aldi last time I checked. Any clues on where to find some? Walmart has 1 lb. bag for 1.79 but that seems pretty high to me. I made my first batch of homemade black beans and now we are addicted :)

  4. says

    I could not find dried black beans at Aldi last time I checked. Any clues on where to find some? Walmart has 1 lb. bag for 1.79 but that seems pretty high to me. I made my first batch of homemade black beans and now we are addicted :) Thanks

  5. Michelle says

    LOL funny that $68 is the most you’ve spent in a long time on groceries. I spend $125 a week, I live in California and the majority of the food I purchase is organic. o.O

  6. Michelle says

    Here in on the Central Coast of California, I am paying $3.39 ( I use the .35 milk coupon) for a half gallon of organic milk, $5.99/lb for grass fed HB, $1.69 for a whole organic chicken or $6.99/lb for organic chicken breasts. I don’t buy any “prepared foods” (except like cheese, etc) and by time I am done, I have spent $125 a week

  7. Laura says

    Wow! We live in rural Mississippi where there are no bargain stores and only one grocery chain does coupons…the problem there is, no newspapers here offer coupons. The only way to get any is to print, but by the time I print any, my ink costs more than I would save. The closest Sam’s is 80-90 miles away and I’ve never heard of Aldi’s. My groceries are outrageous…feeding three teens and hubby I wish there were more ways to save here. Lol…might be time to move…may be cheaper! :)

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