Kroger Central Region Ending Double Coupons

I shared happy news about Aldi carrying organic, grass fed beef earlier today and I wish I had more happy news to share. But unfortunately, this piece of news isn’t so exciting…

Kroger Central Region (stores in Indiana, Illinois, some stores in Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio) will be ending their Double Coupon program as of July 31, 2013.

There are still many ways to save without double coupons. Be sure to check out the series I ran on this topic called In the Land of No Double Coupons.

Thanks, For the Mommas!

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  1. says

    You were so lucky, our stores down here do not double or triple coupons at all. I would have saved way more. But, what i save is better than not saving at all. Sorry for your loss :)

  2. Jennifer says

    Well, I am in the Southern (Atlanta) region now and hope that the competition between Kroger and Publix keeps the doubling going.

  3. Kathleen says

    Our Kroger near Dayton, Ohio has not done double coupons for a couple months. They “tested” out a new program that has lower prices in general. On one hand, I do really miss the free/nearly free items (but I can still get them at Meijer — which is a better Grocery store anyway — and still doubles coupons), but IN GENERAL, the new Kroger program is better. Staples and produce are lower priced in general. For example, tortilla chips that used to be over $2 are now only $1 — and my family LOVES tortilla chips! LOTS of produce is on a GREAT sale weekly (vs. just an “ok” sale prior). Last week, Raspberries were $1! The sales are really good — and easier since you don’t HAVE to buy 10 of a group of items to get a discount. That always really bothered me and I steere away from Kroger because of it. Too hard to HAVE to get 10 items to get the deal. Herb bunches are cheeper now than any other store. Honestly…the produce is so good now, I do a lot more shopping at Kroger than I did before. Hopefully, like I found, the new program (though dissapointing) will come with a few perks. :)

    • Jen says

      The jonesboro Arkansas store is delta region, and as of the 10th of July they are no longer doubling. Very sad last week when I saw the sign….not much notice IMO. But they have the signs up for the new lower prices….not sure if I will be back that often since its 27 mile drive one way for me. Not a Walmart fan, but I can comp Kroger and use the same coupon at face value since that’s what it would be a Kroger. Hope your delta store doesn’t stop……

      • adriana bedwell says

        sadly our stores in MS are also going to stop as of midnight tonight :( not a happy person at all. I can usually get groceries for 50-80 a week and save over that much if i do it right. my husband laughed and said ” i’m sorry hunny but its a sad sad day for you and fellow couponers” I just walked away

      • Lisa says

        Delta store in Poplar Bluff, Mo (just up from Jonesboro) is stopping doubles tomorrow (July 10th). I only hope we see some of the prices mentioned above!

    • Paula says

      Hate to dash your hopes but the Delta Region ends double coupons on July 11th. Hurry up and use those good bargains you have! I am looking forward to better prices on meat and produce. I don’t need a lot of stuff from the middle of the store (even with coupons).

    • HokieKate says

      Yup, signs are up in Mississippi (Kroger Delta) that coupons will only be redeemed at face value beginning July 12th.

  4. JD says

    I have lived with virtually no stores doubling coupons. The price totals that I have read from other regions are not doable for me. Shopping sales, markdowns and buying in bulk has proved to be a savings.

  5. Megan says

    They took away double coupons on the East Coast about a month ago and then today they bought up my favorite grocery store (Harris Teeter)…..I wasn’t much of a Kroger fan to start with and now I’m really not amused!

  6. Lucy says

    I like meijers prices and double coupons. I only run to krogers when I have to as it is the closest grocery store to me. I stopped shopping there when they stopped letting you use an ecpn with a manufactured cpn.

  7. says

    Meijer in N IN stopped doubling recently so I anticipated Kroger doing the same; unfortunately I just started shopping at Kroger again for the doubles deals. :(

  8. Melanie says

    I’m in Michigan and Kroger has not had double coupons at my local store in a very log time … actually NO local stores do at all and haven’t in a while …

  9. says

    Defintely write corporate and complain. Giant Eagle tried to do this a couple of years ago and because of the negative response they received, they reversed it. Today the double coupons are still going strong!

  10. Kara M says

    Today is the last day of double coupons at my Kroger here in Arkansas. The local chain of Harp’s still does though, so guess who will be getting more of my business? Nicer store too.

  11. Meredith says

    Get this one…Kroger just bought our area grocery store, Harris Teeter. In case you don’t know, we get triple couples and super double coupons (up to $2.00) on occasion and always double. I have a feeling that’s about to change. I have found myself in Aldi and Target plus we just got a Publix. I’ll just keep my head up!!!

  12. Carole Scandrol says

    Here in Georgia Kroger’s & Publix both double coupons. My gues is that if Kroger quits, so ill Publix. Believe me, if that happens, there will be a customer revolt!

  13. J in VA says

    The Kroger in VA recently stopped doubling but our Martin’s /Giant still does double. I find though, that because I mostly buy ingredients and only rarely things that have a coupon, coupon saving aren’t really an issue for me.

    I find Kroger has better prices on the things I do buy at a grocery than Martin’s. Mostly though, I shop at a bulk store, farm meat stores, in bulk from co-ops and Dollar General.

    • Juli says

      I haven’t heard anything about them stopping the doubles here in Tennessee yet. I was just there yesterday, and there were no signs anywhere. I’m sure it is coming, but where did you here that it is starting now?

  14. sarah says

    o boy, NOT GOOD. only one store within an hour of me will double coupons now, ((((unless you count Fred’s on saturdays, limit one like coupon per transaction))) they have changed their rules too ( TOM’s price right, our nice and friendly very helpful local small town grocery store!) but kroger ad is one they will still match. but they dont take printables anymore cause somebody was copying them. one bad apple spoiled it for the rest. im in southern illinois. Mcleansboro

  15. Lesley Paul says

    You should consider yourselves lucky. Most grocers don’t double or triple any more. The east coast hasn’t had this luxury for years now.

  16. Amy says

    My Kroger in Central IL has already stopped doubling as I noticed on my last receipt. I didn’t see any notice on it or anything.

    • Susan says

      Amy, where do you shop? I live north of Chillicothe, IL and as far as I know, the Chillicothe Kroger still doubled my coupons when I was there two weeks ago. I am SO sad about this! I have double couponed at Kroger for the last 25 years since I got married. Really, really sad about this, and am rethinking my shopping strategy. My loyalty to Kroger has ended, I think. Not any reason to go there over anywhere else!

      • Amy says

        I shop in Washington, IL. Just last week my coupons did not double. They are doing a remodel at the Washington Kroger and are putting up the new signs for the new lower prices that goes along with quitting double coupons. So maybe the other stores in the area are still doubling. I did notice that some of their prices are now lower and may be a little better. I may not get as good of deals without the double coupons, but I am hoping for maybe better sale prices. I guess we will see. I moved to the area 3 years ago and had never had double coupons before so it was a treat and a learning experience. I do most of my shopping at Aldi and I don’t think that will change for me.

  17. Chris Benge says

    Well down in Somerset, KY they’re still doubling. We’re in the mid-south region. But all of the stores North of us in KY are part of the central region. I wonder if they will be stopping? Anyway, Kroger is filled with competition for groceries in this market. Plus, KMart here just started raising all coupons under $1 to $1. That means all of my coupons under 50cents will be one dollar and all of them over 50 cents will be worth $1 as well. I’m definitely going to be looking for a lot more items at KMart to match up sales with coupons.

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