Swagbucks Paid for My Pressure Canner

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Becky:

I love Swagbucks! Not only has it helped us pay for 3 Christmases, it also helped me purchase my (normally over $100) pressure canner for just $6!

I have used my Pressure Canner hundreds of times now — it’s amazing. I know what’s going in those jars, and by utilizing sale prices on fruits, veggies and meat, I’m able to save hundreds and make healthier food for my family.

I am currently saving for a steam juicer. I can use it to preserve my own fruit juices to easily make jellies and jams.

My 2 favorite ways to earn extra Swagbucks are:

  • The short videos — they are easy for stay-at-home-moms to watch when I only have a minute or two — and the 1 or 2 bucks that I get for each video really add up during the course of the day.
  • The toolbar and search feature — it’s right there, and it’s easy to use.

Of all the online rewards programs I’ve ever tried, this one is the best and the easiest for me. I love Swagbucks, and am so glad I was referred to it.

Have you saved up and purchased something using your Swagbucks? If so, you could get a $50 gift card just for sharing your Swagbucks success stories with MoneySavingMom.com readers!

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    • says

      It really slowed down my laptop. After a few weeks, I had to uninstall the Swagbucks toolbar. Once it was off, my laptop was back up to speed. And frankly, the quality of the search results was not up to par either. I got much different results when I would do the same search using Google. I really wish Swagbucks had worked for me because I’d love to earn free gift cards!

  1. Anne says

    my 3-week old new smart phone isn’t so smart yet, due to operator error. 😉

    does anyone here run the swagbucks TV on their smartphone? if so, any directions or suggestions or useful feedback?


    • Katie says

      I use the Swagbucks video app on my phone. You can run the videos all day long if you like! I just keep the sound on silent, and it will cycle through the videos. It’s great! And it will rack up your Swagbucks.

      I’ve also found with the online surveys, my chances of qualifying and completing a survey are higher if I check first thing in the morning, before quotas are met.

      • Anne says

        Does the video app originate from the phone or from the SB website? see? I hope this phone brings me into this century!

        • Katie says

          I added the app via my phone… just searched for it and downloaded it. You can sign into it with your Swagbucks user name and password, and that’s how it should log your Swagbucks to the right account. :) It does tend to drain the battery, so I usually make sure my phone is charging while I’m running the videos.

  2. Paula says

    Oh – you’re gonna LOVE the steamer juicer! Makes so many things quickly and less prep work. Get the hand crank food strainer and sauce maker too, we make enough applesauce and apple butter all canned up for the year in one day for family of 6!

    • Becky says

      I read that you can “juice” chicken in it too, and make easy stock– I already have an old fashioned hand crank strainer, so I think I’m gonna be all set.
      After I order the juicer, I may start to use my SB’s for jars…. can never have too many jars.

  3. Chris says

    Becky, maybe I’m missing something, but how can you make $1-$2 by watching videos on Swagbucks? The only videos that I see on Swagbucks are the 2 minute ones that you have to watch 10 of and then you get a measly 3 swag bucks. You can earn up to 150 swag bucks a day, but that means you’d have to watch 500 videos (50 times you’d have to watch 10 videos each)! That doesn’t even seem possible. Please advise!

    • Katie says

      I might be wrong, but I think when she says she makes “1-2 bucks” per video, she’s referencing Swagbucks and not dollars. :)

  4. Kim in Cali says

    I tried doing swagbucks andmy Internet security software went absolutely crazy saying all of the trojan horses were trying to download to my computer. It crashed 3 times in one day. It had never crashed before. Uninstalled swagbucks and stopped searching through them and no trouble since. Too bad too becasue I’d love to earn the extra perks! :(

    • Vanessa says

      You might try mypoints, I use them and find them easier to use than swagbucks. Points for “reading” emails (link clicking) points for using coupons from coupons.com and searching. Its a lot like swagbucks but less time consuming IMO and you can do as little or as much as you like.

  5. Ginger says

    I love swagbucks. I save my swagbucks all year and then buy paypal that is converted to cash that I give to my 2 grown children for Christmas. I’m disabled and this helps me greatly as I’m not able to get out much to shop

  6. Karen says

    Can you search for swagbucks on an ipad or iphone? I don’t use swagbucks much anymore because most of my online time is on my ipad or iphone now.



  7. Renee says

    Swagbucks helps me throughout the year. I cash out every time I have enough to get a $50 Walmart gift card – usually every other month. Since I do a lot of grocery shopping at Walmart, this really comes in handy.

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