Swagbucks Helped Pay for Our Wedding!

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Kacie:

I introduced my (now) husband to Swagbucks when we first started dating.

One day we were joking around and talked about how cool it would be if we could save up enough Swagbucks to pay for our wedding. Even though we knew that we would never be able to pay some of our vendors in Swagbucks, we made a list of all of the things we could buy using them and how many we would need to earn to purchase those items.

We gave it all we could over the 9 months we were engaged and eventually saved up enough to pay for all of the gifts for our wedding party as well as some extra odds and ends. It definitely helped cut out a chunk of our wedding budget! We’ve been going strong with the Swagbucks ever since!

Have you saved up and purchased something using your Swagbucks? If so, you could get a $50 gift card just for sharing your Swagbucks success stories with MoneySavingMom.com readers!

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  1. Becky says

    I love Swagbucks. I’ve paid for Christmas presents three years in a row, AND I bought my pressure canner using Swagbucks.
    Total cost for the Pressure Canner was $6 out of pocket, and I’ve used it hundreds of times. I make better food for my family, I know what’s going in those jars, and by using sale prices on fruits, veggies and meat, I’m able to save hundreds.

    I am now saving for a steam juicer to make my own fruit juices, so I can put those in jars too, and use the juice to make easy jelly.

  2. says

    I’m currently trying to earn enough Swagbucks to be able to buy a Garmin GPS watch from Amazon.com. I’m hoping to be able to get it by the end of the summer if not sooner. I’m also taking advantage of Amazon’s trade in program to earn some of the money needed as well.

  3. Amie says

    I am a big fan of Swagbucks, but I’ve been less dedicated to it this year than in previous years. Pregnancy has had me getting a few extra hours of sleep vs going on-line. Together my husband and I saved hundreds in Amazon.com cards that we used for Christmas gifts. After CVS cards became available, I started cashing in for those to help lower my diaper expenses. I would stock up during sales and used coupons, ECBs, and Swagbucks gcs to lower my oop. When I was really dedicated and did a lot of surveys, I could often earn a $5 gift card per week. That really helps out.

  4. says

    Wow, that’s great! I’ve tried Swagbucks, but I must be missing something, because all I can manage to earn even with extensive use is maybe $25 of Amazon gift cards per year. Does everyone who earns a lot have a lot of referrals who sign up with them or is there another way?

    • Jessica says

      Same here. I earn about $5 per month in amazon.com cards. I do the daily survey, capture swag codes and watch their videos and do searches. I have only referred one person… Still it’s $60 per year. I use it for birthday presents for my kids.

    • Sherri says


      I used to earn maybe $5-10 worth of Amazon cards a month, with not a lot of effort, by doing the daily checklist, a few searches (until I won), and playing games (10 per day for 10sb).

      Now, I shoot to hit the daily goal for 14 straight days each month. Some days they have lots of videos available and it goes quickly, or I get lucky and get a survey. Other days I spend 30 min in the morning and then come back in the afternoon for another round, and maybe again in the evening. There are some days when hitting the goal is a lot of work b/c I have to sit through a lot of swagbucks tv for lack of other earning options.

      Now, I am getting 5 $5 Amazon cards every month, and sometimes have enough extra to get a $10 CVS card, too. I do not have any active referrals.

      I hope this helps. Swagbucks is a great tool to get a little extra spending money.

    • Christie says

      I used to wonder the same thing myself. It all depends how much time you want to invest. I’m taking a break now, but when I was actually trying I was able to get $25-$35 in gc a month. I don’t have any referrals so I relied very heavily on surveys to do this. On a good day I’d spend 30 min, on a rough day it’d take me a couple hours, but I would always try to meet the daily goal so I could get bonuses the next month. I would do the daily poll, NOSO, searches(till I won in the am and then again in the evening), then start looking for short surveys, and finally I’d move on to special offers (radium one videos and website visits). When I was truly desperate I played games and did swagbucks tv. Lastly, I print all my coupons.com through them. There’s no telling when they’ll credit (anywhere from next day to 12 weeks), but it’s always a pleasant surprise when they do. Also, keep an eye on their FB page for free codes (and the people there are awesome about answering questions!!!) If you have the time to invest, you can really do well. Good luck!

      • Leah says

        How do you get the surveys? I’ve pretty much given up on swagbucks because I’ve filled out dozens of preliminary surveys only to be told after 5 minutes of my time that I didn’t qualify for the survey. It just wasn’t worth it.

        • Christie says

          They can be very frustrating that way! You can try filling out some of the mini surveys and profile info. That could help filter them so you are more likely to get one you’ll actually qualify for. I personally don’t like to attempt any survey that says it’s longer than 15 min (with rare exceptions for desperation) so if I get dqed halfway I’ve only wasted a little bit of time. Unfortunately the disqualifications are just the nature of the beast and there is nothing you can do to prevent them.
          You can also try surveys through Peanut Labs under special offers. They are fairly reliable.
          I still recommend doing the daily poll, NOSO, and searches. The little points add up. I’ve been doing just that lately. I haven’t been making the big bucks, but I did earn a $5 gc in a month. Not bad for 2 min a day.

        • says

          I’m trying to get started again with Swagbucks, and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to take the surveys, but I never qualified for a single one! Sometimes they let you get pretty far before telling you that you don’t qualify. I’ve decided to quit even trying the surveys.

  5. Mel says

    Amazon has tons of the books my son needs for homeschool. We pretty much paid for kindergarten last year using Swagbucks. Now with the trade-in values plus Swagbucks, his 1st grade is covered already. I love it!!

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