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Cherishing the moments


Yesterday, we were driving to an appointment when one of my children piped up from the back seat, “Is it okay if I start calling you Mom instead of Mommy?”

The question caught me a little off guard.


It reminded me, yet again, how much my babes are growing up. I told the child that yes, they were more than welcome to start calling me “Mom” if that was what they felt most comfortable with.

Much as I wish I could, I can’t keep them little. As I read in a book recently, “Parenting is one of the few jobs where you work to make yourself obsolete.”


I’m excited to see each of my children growing, maturing, and learning so much. Their excitement about life blesses and inspires me.

And even on the difficult and exhausting days of motherhood, I’m so thankful to be their mommy… er, mom. :)