Yesterday’s Dollar Tree Shopping Trip

I ran by Dollar Tree yesterday to see if they had bread in stock since we’re completely out. They did — and they had bagels, too. My favorite Cinnamon Raisin bagels. They haven’t had these for weeks and, of course, as soon as I go off of gluten, they get them in.

Oh well. I guess it’s a good opportunity to practice self-discipline. :)

I bought two packages anyway, since I knew the rest of my family would enjoy them. I stuck all the bread/bagels in the freezer and it should last us for at least a few weeks — especially since I’m not eating bread right now.

I love that Dollar Tree sells Nature’s Own bread for just $1 per loaf. Yes, I can make homemade bread for less than that, but it’s so nice to have in the freezer for sandwiches or to use for making Freezer-Friendly Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

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    • says

      I just sit it out on the counter or in the fridge. We’ve never had a problem with soggy bread, but we have had it get freezer burned if we’ve not used it within 4-6 weeks of freezing it.

  1. Marie says

    I wish our Dollar Tree’s had bread like yours but they don’t. However, Aldi’s will sometimes have bread deeply discounted and then I buy a bunch and stock up. I’m never had an issue with the bread being soggy. Recently, they had there 100% whole wheat bread (similar to Brownberry) that’s usually $1.69 for .69cents. We count our blessings where we can find them. We do have bread outlets but none close by or convenient.

  2. says

    I just went to the Dollar Tree this morning because to get two packs of hotdog buns. Most of the bread is very fresh and I also like to freeze it for another day. You got a great deal on those bagels! I’ve never seen bagels at our local Dollar Tree. Hope you have a wonderful day~

  3. Meredith says

    If the manager at our dollar tree is right, most are going to stop supplying Nature’s Own bread. Ours out here in SC had it for a long time and stopped. I asked why and they said that they dollar tree’s are going to start focusing on the Family Pride (I think) which is their brand instead of having the other. So it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten bread from there! Jealous!

  4. Tara says

    I haven’t seen bread at the dollar stores here but Big Lots has Natures Own. It’s $1.50 per load but better than the $3.79 the grocery store sells it for. I stock up too and buy at least two loaves, and grab any buns too if they have them.

  5. Cathy says

    Many 99 Cents Store here SoCal just started carrying Nature’s Own and I am thrilled. What I love about Nature’s Own loaves and buns (aside from yummy taste and texture) is that they are free of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sadly, most other whole grain breads – even the “all natural” and “healthy” ones – Sara Lee for example – are not.

  6. anonymous says

    I have never in my life seen this bread at our Dollar Tree’s! Consider yourself very lucky!

  7. Laurie says

    I have never seen bread at our DT. I live close to Aldi’s and we love their Oat bran bread for $1.29. I buy 2 at a time and leave them on the counter. It is the freshest bread and we do eat a lot with my kids loving toast and making sandwhichs for school lunches. All our bread stores went out of business and their prices were getting high so I stopped going.

  8. Angie D says

    Funny! I was at Dillons/Walgreens/Dollar Tree yesterday buying the same things. Surprised we didn’t run into each other. Those bagels saved my morning today! =)

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