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Meijer: No more double coupons in some markets (effective March 30, 2013)

photo credit: Bargains to Bounty

Effective March 30, 2013, Meijer will stop doubling coupons in some of their stores. Here’s the notice posted on their Facebook Page:

“…We are eliminating double coupons in our Battle Creek, Lansing, Ft. Wayne and South Bend Markets. As a course of business, we will continue to evaluate other markets to determine the appropriate coupon strategy for that specific market based on our opportunity to reinvest in low prices across all of our items. Double coupons only affect a certain percentage of items. We believe that investing in lower prices across the store is more of a benefit to our customers. We will still accept coupons at face value, and are still offering great savings with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons.

Thanks, Saving Dollars and Sense!

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  1. Debbie L. says

    I live in the Chicago area and our Meijer has never had double coupons (barely any stores do in this market) but bummer for those who do have them!

    • Toni says

      That’s what my Kroger’s official response was to me. “We hope you’ll appreciate our better pricing structure” or words to that effect. In reality, the pricing seems to be exactly the same. We just shop Aldi as our main store now.

  2. Debbie says

    I have trouble with some of those mperks coupons. I feel like I need to print out the list and take it with me. One of the employees told me that sometimes the coupons don’t get deducted. I think Meijer needs to make it easy for the consumer, otherwise, the consumer isn’t going to bother. And if couponing becomes more and more difficult, I will stop shopping at some stores or buy fewer items/spend less money.

  3. Julie C says

    <> God is bigger than double coupons….God is bigger than double coupons…. Reminding myself instead of giving in to worry.

  4. Lori Ewart says

    How sad! I saved a lot of money at Meijer when we lived in Indiana… I hope the days of big savings with coupons is not a thing of the past!

    • says

      Power of consumer definitely does work. My local store Giant Eagle tried to stop doubling of coupons. After hearing from many upset customers and the fact that other stores still doubled, they changed their decision.

  5. cheryl says

    I can’t do their Mperks because I do not have texting on my phone. I don’t like that that leaves a large part of their customers out in the cold.

  6. cheryl says

    Thank you. when I tried to sign up before I thought that it said that I would get 10 or more texts a week. I will try again.

  7. Debbie says

    First Kroger in Ohio’s southern cities now Meijer in Michigan and Indiana. I feel like this is the beginning of the end of all double coupons for all stores. I’m not fond of Meijer ever since they just up and moved from my neighborhood to leave a huge, ugly building to rot away (and helped bring my property value down even more). They did the very same thing across town. Now I hear they’re going to close an older store in a neighboring town. They’re just a big corporation making big bucks and don’t care one red cent about their customers!! I rarely shop there now because it’s quite a drive. But I will when I have a fist full of coupons and they have a good sale. But I’ll not darken their door if they stop doubling coupons!!

  8. Joy says

    I live in Grand Rapids, MI, the home of Meijer, no double couponing here! I often wonder what that would be like.

  9. Christy says

    Stupid Question, but How do I find out what market I’m in? I’m here in NW Ohio..Like someone else said…back to Walmart I go, if it happens here :(

  10. Lynn says

    Can’t help but blame Extreme Couponers a little and the negative attention the show brought… Our Kroger stopped doubling and it stinks.

    • Bridget says

      I completely agree with this! The couponers on the show benefitted by increased traffic to their blogs and/or higher fees to their coupon classes. TLC benefitted with rating and ad revenue. The rest of us lose out with lower value coupons, tighter coupon policies and now the end of doubles 😉

      But as an earlier commenter said and I co-sign:

      God is bigger than double coupons! Amen.

  11. Jessie says

    Figured this was coming. We are still mourning the loss of double coupons at Krogers here in Cincinnati, so as of now Meijer still has my primary business. Guess it’s just a matter of time before Meijer takes them away here, too… Bummer!

  12. Rebecca says

    When our local store stopped doubling coupons, I just took my business (and coupons) elsewhere. If all of us couponers would no longer shop at the stores that used to double coupons, maybe they will eventually take notice and do something to get us back into their stores. Just a thought.

    • Shere says

      Well, this really stinks-my market is impacted :(

      I really love(d) Meijer for their double coupon policy! I hope my Kroger doesn’t start too, but usually I still got better deals doubling at Meijer (in most cases).

      Why would they take them away and upset customers?

      • Eric says

        Most people don’t realize that once the dust settles the grocery industry makes less than 2% profit in most cases. So with suppliers upping their cost to do business, that really puts the companies in the industry in a hard spot. They could keep doubling coupons but then eventually they would have to raise prices to cover that cost. For the same reason when you walk into most grocery store and Wal-Mart especially you only see maybe 5 to 7 lanes open at a time and sometimes less. Some customers would ask, “Why not keep all the lanes open during the day and evening hours, that would be great for customers?” Well, they probably could but then the milk that you buy for $2.99 on sale, would probably go up to around $4.99 or higher to cover that extra expense of having more labor on the floor. (cashiers)

        It is just a sign of the times, as food prices increase over the next several years. (One report stated that we could see a 200% increase in 2013) Companies are going to do all that is in their power to not only stay competitive but stay in business. We will probably see more self check out lanes in the future (less cashiers), as companies try to cut cost and keep food prices low as possible. We seem to always grip about our local grocery store, but if we had to make or produce everything that we brought home every week, I doubt we would do it. So don’t bite the hand that feeds you, because they are here one day, and could be gone the next… and you will be left to defend / feed your family on your own… Just my 2 cents.

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