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This week’s menu plan


Homemade Freezer Biscuits [2]

We’re supposed to get quite a bit more snow today and have blizzard-like conditions for the next few days. I went ahead and planned a full menu, but if our electricity goes out like they are predicting is possible, we’ll fall back on PB&J and cold cereal. We stocked up on some no-electricity-required staple meal ingredients just in case. :)


Oatmeal, Cereal, Eggs, and/or Fruit


Mac & cheese, fruit
Snack-y lunch
PB&J, carrot sticks, apples
Cheese quesadillas, carrot sticks
Scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit
Leftovers x 2


Chocolate Cranberry Energy Bites [3]
Apple Butter Muffins [4]

Freezer Cooking in an Hour (stay tuned on Thursday when I’ll share a play-by-play on how this goes!)

Homemade Freezer Biscuits [5]
Barbecued Beef in the Crockpot
Chocolate Cranberry Energy Bites [3]


Dinner with extended family
Spaghetti Pie, Homemade French Bread [6], steamed veggies, fruit
Chicken Noodle Soup, Easy Whole Wheat Muffins [7], fruit/veggies
Vegetable Beef Stew in the Crockpot, Homemade Bread Sticks in the Bread Machine [8]
Barbecued Beef in the Crockpot, baked potatoes,
Homemade Pizza [9] {we’re hosting our couples’ group this week and everyone else is bringing the sides}
Dinner out

What’s on your menu this week? Share details and/or your link to your menu plan in the comments.