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I have a confession to make…


The view from my balcony on Captiva Island this morning

Um, about that freezer cooking [2] I was supposed to do on Wednesday and blog about yesterday? Well, I had grand ambitions, but I ran out of time and steam on Wednesday since I was getting ready for an early flight to the BEECH Retreat [3] yesterday morning.

So the freezer cooking just didn’t get done. Such is life sometimes.

Thanks for your patience and understanding when I’m not always able to follow through with everything I plan to do. If anything, I hope it encourages you to know that I so do not have my act all together and I definitely drop the ball on things sometimes — or other times I just choose not to do them in favor of sleep. :)

But I’ll do my best to actually do my freezer cooking plan [2] next week. :)

In the mean time, I’m enjoying a wonderful few days staying on Captiva Island. It’s gorgeous here — cold and windy, but beautiful. My keynote was last night and so now I get to soak up the wisdom from the other speakers (like Michael Hyatt [4] and John G. Miller [5]!) today and tomorrow.