The most guaranteed way to live a miserable life

“The most guaranteed way to live a miserable life is to try and please everyone.”

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{Artistic lettering done by my wonderful and creative assistant, Erika.}

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  1. Katherine says

    Beautiful lettering. But the quote should read “to try to please everyone.” As it reads right now you are saying that trying and pleasing everyone is sure to lead to misery. However, I am sure everyone knows what you really mean. :)

    • says

      It was a quote taken from something I was writing recently. So it was from me… though I’m sure other people have said similar things. :)

      My apologies if that wasn’t clear from the post!

  2. Paola Rarick says

    Thanks for this Crystal!!! I have a really sensitive , people pleasing 9 yr old and I just went upstairs to her bathroom and wrote this in her mirror with window crayons!!! Any seed if encouragement and wisdom helps right?